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Last week Aunty Di and Uncle Graham were in town, so went over to Chrissie's on Wednesday night for wine and fondue!

Grate up a bunch of gruyere and swiss cheese (Westfield Belconnen has NO delis now, so no emmental was to be had #epicfail #westfieldau).

Fondue grated cheese

Mix with some corn flour and nutmeg

Mix in corn flour and nutmeg

Add to a cup or two of heated white wine and stir

Stir til thick

Scoff the whole lot in short order



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Last week Aunty Di and Uncle Graham came down to visit Chrissie, so I went over and we had a fondue night which was a lot of fun.

We did a cheese one that could have been a tad less runny but was still good

Cheese fondue

And a chocolate one (with cointreau) that Chrissie wasn't as fond of (next time we'll use a different liqueur) 

Chocolate fondue

Little Nathan at seven weeks

Nathan seven weeks

The sweetie and I had the leftover chocolate fondue for dessert last night.  It was a bit watery reheated.

Chocolate fondue leftovers


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Tonight (after a fairly quiet day and a quick trip to the markets) we went over to Windy's for a bit of a birthday gathering.  

They did a meat fondue which was pretty cool.  A pot of heated oil that you dip chunks of raw beef into to cook, then a few sauces to dip the meat into.  Was lots of fun and a bit chaotic, and the BIL asked if we were doing any swinging ;)
Meat fondue
Gingerbread cookies
After dinner was much Singstar to be had :)
Including a variation I'd not heard of before - reverse Singstar - where you're not allowed to look at the screen!  Freaky!  Really only works with songs you know really well though. I had a go at You're The Voice, which I know all the words for, and did ok at it :)
Davids doing Singstar

A few more days

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So the weekend.  Where was I?

Saturday (as usual) was mostly a cleaning/tidying/organising/shopping day.  
Cooked a nomm roast pork and potato bake and had Julia and Paul over to enjoy it.  They brought their PS3 and Queen Singstar over, but their PS3 wouldn't talk to our TV, so most disheartened about that.  So watched Rockwiz instead.  Dessert was a chocolate fondue with strawberries, banana, rockmelon, and biscuits to dip. 
Fondue night
We were very full by the end of the night :)
Sunday was fairly quiet.  Stu went out for a bit, which left me alone to tidy up, and then feel a bit down.  Not really sure why.  Maybe all the rain.  
Sunday arvo I got NRMA to jump start my car.  Really need to drive it more often.  Every three or four weeks is just not enough.  Took it for a drive out to Mitchell to dump some speakers, a (working) CRT monitor and a few bits and pieces.  I decided it would be better to go late in the day rather than early. WISE DECISION!  We were in and out of the place in about two minutes (whereas people who went early Saturday were waiting in traffic for an hour or more).  The piles of CRTs (monitors, tvs) and computers were amazing.  Would have been good to take some photos, but we were in and out so fast and I was driving so didn't have the chance.  The guys were having fun throwing things around on the piles to smash them heh.
Geotagged just about all my Japan Day 2 photos, most of them to within a few metres of where they were taken.  
And then it was Monday.  It really felt like a Monday too :/  Got home, had dinner and watched a special on the Lockerbie bombing, and suddenly it's nearly 9:30 .. how??
And the interwebs is broked.  So think will just go to bed and read some more of The Daily Coyote.  .. Edit, internet is back.  Posting, but then going to bed anyway.

To all those people who keep not coming over, this is what you've been missing out on ;)

Fondue for two
Fondue for two
On account of having been stood up two weekends in a row, we decided we'd do our own fondue anyway.  It was fricken awesome! ;)  Altho I did mean we ate over half a block of chocolate each .. oops!! ;)


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Last night a couple of Chris' and families and Neil and I went over to Windy's for a fondue night.  It was a lot of fun but I ate and drank entirely too much!  Mainly ate too much - was still feeling bloated at 4am .. whoops :)

After we were completely stuffed silly a few of us played Singstar, which was also a lot of fun, but it meant rather a late night.  Stu bailed and went to bed, so had to get a lift home - thanks Chris!
Beginnings of the cheese fondues
Starting to melt
Windy stirring the fondue - nice strings on the swiss one!
Let the dipping begin!  The Leicester didn't really go stringy unfortunately 
Chocolate fondue!!  So much yummy food, it was evil!
Windy has a Trekkie uniform!!
Windy has a Trekkie uniform!
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