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OMFG!  Not backdating!! ;)

Monday.  Slept ok.  Ok day I guess.  In the evening I got up to labelling the photo of sad bean!  This was a baked bean Stu had at breakfast one morning on our UK 2010 holiday.  It had a crease and a couple of specks of pepper at just the right spots to make the bean look like it had a sad face.  Stu couldn't bear to eat sad bean, and I don't like baked beans, so that poor little bean didn't get eaten, which was even sadder!  I might have had a little sad ten years later just labelling the photo I took of it :(:(

Sad bean is sad!

Up to episode 7 of Against the Wind.

Tuesday.  Hurty woke me up and kept me awake for an hour and a half.  But otherwise slept ok. 

<work rant snipped>

But look!  Itty bitty Cape Weed flower!

Itty bitty Cape Weed flower

Leftovers for dinner, UK labelling and episode 8 of Against the Wind.

Wednesday.  All the stoopid.  I don't even remember what now.  I ranted to Stu over a drink at Beirut Bunker Bar and pushed it from my memory.  

Beirut Bunker Bar Canberra

Stopped in at the markets on the way home to go to the chemist, and the sweetie even cooked dinner! :)

I thought this looked pretty cool - looks a bit like the Matterhorn!
Markets Matterhorn?

Thursday.  Filled with rage at someone watching Bathurst near me at work without a headset - not even at their desk, but in our area because their own desk is outside the exec offices and that would look bad.  And three or four conversations going on around me meant for NOISE and I seriously nearly lost it.  Fortunately I have the bestest boss ever and he went and muted Bathurst for me so I didn't go postal.  Watched the second episode of the French sun documentary.

Neil and I saw these at lunch on Thursday.  Not a huge amount of information on the Beam website, you need to download the app to find out useful stuff, you know, like where you can ride them.  45c/minute introductory rate to ride one.  Wonder how well they'll last.  I wouldn't mind taking one for a trip around the lake :)
Beam scooters

Friday.  Deleting all the things!  Did a massive cleanup of routes in the morning, and cleared out a big decommissioned app in the afternoon.  In between I had lunch at Herbert's with Tony and the Chrises.  Big lunch, so dinner was a small serving of popcorn (needed some fibre to counteract all the meat I had at lunch).  Watched Arrietty in the evening, which we last (first) saw at the movies in 2012.  The movie is based on the "The Borrowers" books which really annoys me as a title because they're not borrowing, they're *stealing*.  Just sayin!

Saturday.  Slept well.  A day of All The Things.  We did do a quick Bunnings run and food shop.  I'd already voted during the week so didn't get a democracy sausage (I think a lot of places aren't doing them anyway), but Bunnings has started up their sausage sizzles again, but they load the sauces for you.  So not quite as pretty as a photo as my actual democracy sausage featured on Atlas (Gastro) Obscura :)

Bunnings sausage

Stu cooked dinner which was lovely of him - grilled eggplant with a sauce of miso, mirin, and sake.  Quite yummy.

Sweetie's eggplant

In the evening we watched the first episode of season 3 of Discovery.  I enjoyed the first season, but the second season just got way too convoluted and hard to follow.  The first episode of this season was fine, hopefully this season won't be as complicated as the last.  Up to episode 9 of Against the Wind.  

Sunday.  Today.  For once I'm not backdating.. craziness I know!  Woke up at 3:45 to go to the loo but didn't get back to sleep for hours.  At 4:51 I got up to have some cheese because I was hungry.  Apparently just a little bit of eggplant and rice isn't enough to keep me full all night.  I did eventually get a bit more sleep, including have a dream that I was staying at Dooce's house, and it was *massive* and Stu for some reason was sleeping in some other building on the *campus*, and I was talking to Leta about what life was like being the daughter of such a famous blogger.  So a pretty slow start.  Did a few things on the todo list.  I was going to do some more Lego part picking of Vic's sets, but by the time I'd gotten the files organised and found the sets and gone through them for what they had already it was after lunch.  Then we went and visited Annie/Stu/Immy, and then came home and did cooking and photo processing and blogging and suddenly it's nearly dinner time.  Hrmmmmm.

I think I skipped a week.  These were from last Thursday.

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

More flower porn ;)

Evil periwinkle

Maple flowers

Nasturtium flowers

Thyme flowers

Poppy flower


Banksia roses

Banksia roses


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Thirty years ago Mum took this photo of the big wisteria plant we had growing along our side fence.  Lovely lovely thing.


Floriade Nightfest

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Backdating to the night I took these.

I don't think there even was a Nightfest this year.  But if you're in Civic and night and there's flowers and pretty lights, you take photos right? :)

Floriade Nightfest

Floriade Nightfest

Floriade Nightfest

Floriade Nightfest

Floriade Nightfest

I see this tiny little patch of Floriade on my walks.  There's a sign which casts a shadow over it most of the time, but I've still gotten lots of pretty photos.  These are photos from the past couple of weeks.

Floriade site

My local floriade

My local floriade

My local floriade

My local floriade

My local floriade

My local floriade

My local floriade

My local floriade

My local floriade

My local floriade

My local floriade

Backdating cause I'm an epic slacker!

Monday.  Slept well.  Should have been a good start to the week right?  Except I logged onto work and my Notes profile had been completely blatted which made me all kinds of grumpy.  Then I bit my mouth *hard* while eating an apple for morning tea.  Too many stoopid useless waste of time meetings.  Stu had some Ikea shelves delivered, but turns out he'd mixed up the height/width measurements, so they weren't going to fit like he thought.  Yeah I was pretty pissed off by the end of the day.  David and Stu built the shelves.  The third one in the set didn't fit there, but we did find another spot for it in the room which actually works out ok.

New shelves

There were fields of yellow though..

Golden fields

And storms and rainbows and stuff..

Double rainbow


Double rainbow

This was more like the real colour of the sky

Double rainbow

Tuesday.  Slept well.  Actually had a good day at work.  Got a bunch of tickets done, decided I was going to build some servers, did up all the doco/paperwork for them, got them built and configured, ready for Neil to play with.  David also went to Fyshwick and got me a new fish tank lid to replace the one I smashed - bestest brother ever!!!   But $25 for a single piece of glass though - ouch!  I remember when you could get whole tanks for that price.  He also mowed some of the lawn until the bin got too heavy.  Have I mentioned I have the bestest brother ever??  He and Stu also had a fiddle with the stoopidly expensive 4' fish tank LED lights - one of the transformers had gone POP the other week.  Completely non-standard of course and irreplacable.  

Wednesday.  All the stoopid.  

Thursday.  Actually went to work.  Pot Belly for drinks.  They really need to open up work drinks again - $39 for a round for three people *hurts*.  Came home and watched the Simpsons episode on video game violence, followed immediately by the High Score episode on video game violence.  heh.  Finished Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo.

Friday.  Thoroughly grumpy with the world.  Had been fighting all week with Dream11 - some sports betting company in India.  Some retard signed up with my gmail email address and I couldn't get it shut down and I couldn't get onto their support forms because they either redirected away from the form depending what option you tried, or the captcha wouldn't load, or if it did load the form wouldn't actually submit.  I was getting more and more frustrated and angry.  But I finally finally, after a week, managed to get the form to submit.  They wouldn't remove my email address from their systems no no no, buttplugs, but they did at least suspend the account and promise not to ever spam me.


We might have made evil nachos for dinner.

Evil nachos

Watched Tales from Earthsea in the evening which I quite enjoyed.  Stu had read all the books.  I wouldn't mind reading them.

Saturday.  Housework and slide scanning in the morning.  Mostly finances in the afternoon.  Cooked epic beef brisket all afternoon.  

Watched the last episode of High Score in the evening.

Sunday.  Productive day doing All The Things.  Well not all.  That never happens.  But a lot.  Roast lamb for dinner, but hardly any leftovers, whoops.

Not as many photos this time, promise ;)  Also backdated to the day I took them.

A week later and more of the tulips are out.

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

Backdating, story of my life ;)

So where were we?  I'd been sick.  Starting Friday afternoon, most of Saturday in bed or sitting in the car.  On Sunday I felt a little better although super tired on account of very little sleep.  I decided it would depend how much sleep I got whether I would feel up to going to work on Monday.

Monday.  I actually slept really well - and for nine hours!  I was feeling a lot better, so thought I'd go to work, and go have a lie down if things got too much.  But I was actually ok all day so that was nice.

Front door view

Had all my UK photo labelling done before dinner which was good.  Had a bit more of a think about hosting and gallery apps.  Had a serious meltdown because I was feeling underappreciated for all the cooking and cleaning I do.

And the kitchen light fitting caught this epic centipede.


Tuesday.  Woke up at 3:30 and never got back to sleep *sigh*.  Did a bit of UK photo labelling but stopped at Stonehenge - because a couple of hundred photos will basically just be a copy/paste so will be very quick to do.  Instead I was looking at cameras (mmm Sony A7C) and playing with Geosetter (see Geosetting for Fun and Pleasure).  

Wednesday.  Slept well.  Seems I can only sleep well every other day.  Got myself a gmaps api key (see previous geosetting link).

Thursday.  Slept well.  Two nights in a row!  Went into work for the day - six months to the day that I started working from home.  Went up to Pot Belly for drinks after work.  Watched the second episode of the Netflix show "High Score" (watched the first one the other night, not sure when).

Friday.  Woke up at ~1am til well after 4am *sigh*.  I'd planned to take a random day off, which was going to be a bit sucky to be so tired through.  Had a bit of a slow start then got stuck into my day.  I thought I'd do some fish tank stuff in the morning, then maybe some tax stuff in the afternoon.  Well the fish stuff took All. Day.  I started with the upstairs two foot (and managed to smash the lid in the sink when I was cleaning it :(:(:( ), moved onto Chrissie's tank after a break, then the angel tank (with no angels in it), and finally the downstairs two foot.  With an hour at work in the afternoon for a meeting.  I had plans for the other tanks too, I just ran out of time. 


I also took photos of the new bracket David installed out the back for the clothes line.  This way you can extend the line only half way out - where it's all under cover - so if it's going to be rainy it'll stay out of the elements.  Have I ever mentioned I have the bestest brother ever?  And this was after he mowed the front lawn as well.  He's just too awesome :)

Under cover line

Under cover line

Caught a bus into town (second bus in six months).  Met up with the sweetie and Damien who were having a drink, then we went to Happy's for dinner.

Stu at Happy's

Came home and watched third episode of High Score.

Saturday.  Slept well!  Hurrah!  I didn't think I would on account of all the meat I had for dinner at Happy's.  Stu was still sick though.  He had a full week at home off sick, then all this week he was still coughing and spluttering, but his work would still rather he went to the office than work from home and keep his germs to himself.  Silly people.  

Just a man and his lizard

Did quite a lot of stuff on the todo list - which worked out to mostly fixing up slide scanning (the dust and scratch filter is sometimes a bit too enthusiastic and blats out real details, so have to redo those with no filter), photo processing, and blogging.  We felt like wedgies for dinner, so that's what we had!  With lots of sour cream and sweet chili sauce.  Watched the fourth episode of High Score, then Spirited Away, which I first (and last saw) in 2005 in Brisbane.  I had no memories at all of it.  Hurrah for dementia.  Hrmm.

Home made wedgies

Sunday.  Hurty kept me awake for hours in the middle of the night so that sucked.  Bit of a nothing day in the end.  Did a bit of blogging.  

Petal snow

David brought home a packet of Dinner Winner, so I had to make that for our dinner :)  Watched a documentary on Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the evening.

Dinner Winner

Back when Covid-19 was first ramping up, the organisers of Floriade decided to pull the pin early and cancel the whole event.  But they decided to plant all the bulbs all around Canberra.  There's little patches of Floriade everywhere in Canberra, and I'm *loving* it!  I haven't been to Floriade very often because of the crowds and pain it is to get there.  So when Floriade is in your local area with no crowds, I'm sold!

This was in the Belconnen town centre (backdated to the day I took these photos).

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

It's that time of year

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(backdating to the day I took these)

Aquila posted some flowers on Instagram with the caption "It's that time of year".  A few days later I was out and about and took a few photos of flowers on my walk.  And the flowers in the front garden at home.  And ended up with photos of twenty-four different flowers.. whoops!!

It's that time of year

It's that time of year

It's that time of year

It's that time of year

It's that time of year

It's that time of year

It's that time of year

It's that time of year

It's that time of year

It's that time of year

It's that time of year

It's that time of year

It's that time of year

It's that time of year

It's that time of year

It's that time of year

It's that time of year

It's that time of year

It's that time of year

It's that time of year

It's that time of year

It's that time of year

It's that time of year

It's that time of year

Not backdated, but no photos, will update with photos later.

Monday.  Noticed the sucking cat fish hadn't moved from yesterday.  I put my hand in the tank to poke it to see if it was alive, and it was COLD!!  15C!!  Fricken heater must have died.  No wonder the angel had died.  And the cory looked pretty sick too, and they hadn't eaten the algae wafer I gave them on Saturday.  Brought up a little heater from the empty two foot from downstairs.  But after being plugged in and running all day, the tank had only risen a couple of degrees in temperature.  Did my quota of UK labelling, washing up and finished a jigsaw by 19:30, so on to cull Tumut photos for the blog.

Ya great galah

Tuesday.  Had to go into work - first time I'd done any work in the office since May.  I'd rather be at home.  But did go and have Kingsleys with the guys which was nice.  After lunch was a very draining meeting with vendors.  Blerf.  Meanwhile it's all happening for Kit and Pete - sold two houses and bought another in the space of a couple of weeks!  Cooked Coles chicken kievs and home-made wedgies.  Got quota of UK photos labelled (finished day 22), but didn't have the energy for Tumut photo culling.

Wednesday.  Turned the heater on in the morning but nothing happened.  It's been so warm these past few days.  It was still 19 in the house (heater was on 17).  Fish tank still slowly warming up.  However it was a cold day, and the house didn't warm up at all from the sun, in fact it kept getting colder, so turned the heater on (up to 18).

When you open your front door and this is what you see...
Front door view

Thursday.  Scanned the 100th box of Dad's slides.  The fish tank had actually cooled down again overnight :(  That little 25W heater is just not up to the task.  I found a bigger one downstairs, but it hadn't been plugged in in forever, so wouldn't trust the seals on it, so mounted it so it wouldn't be submerged.  It managed to heat up the tank quite nicely.  Also after relative peace and quiet for the past month or so, one of the neighbours dogs has started barking on and on and on again.  Epic #grunt.  Went to the chemist at lunch, and did a couple of hundred dollars worth of shopping while waiting.  Whoops.  Watched start of Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo.

I didn't buy this but maybe I should have!
Smells like burnt rope doused in seawater

I did actually buy this because Scott and Dee had some at the club back in July - very nice!
Dead mans fingers spiced rum

Friday.  Morning was fine.  But afternoon was crap.  Couldn't get stuff to work, stoopid firewall is still being stoopid, and had that telltale feeling of getting sick - sore throat, coughing, just not feeling right.  I should point out that Stu came down sick on Sunday, four days after last contact with David, but he hadn't had contact with anyone else since then.  So we knew it wasn't going to be covid, but he was so sick he ended up taking the entire week off.  And he got a covid test.  And it was negative.  Like we knew it would be.  But it was fairly inevitable that I'd get sick too.  And I did.  Sigh.  Stu cooked dinner - some of my mince mix with peri peri sauce for a nice warmth, on toast with cheese.  Watched The Cat Returns which was a bit of fun, and the return of The Baron!

My local floriade

Saturday.  Woke up very early.  But my body is allergic to actual sleep.  Lay in bed all morning, alternating between pretending to sleep and colouring in Happy Colour.  Went back to bed for a bit after lunch.  The sweetie felt like going on a drive, so sat in the car and we drove around Denman Propect and the Cotter and came back via Uriarra Crossing.  Nice drive with the sweetie. 


Denman Prospect

Coppins Crossing

Denman Prospect

Denman Prospect



Cotter Dam

Cotter River bridge

Cotter picnic area

Cotter Dam

Uriarra Crossing

Canberra sewage treatment plant

Stu cooked dinner using some more of my mince, cabbage, sushi rice and seasonings.  He called his Japanese inspired chop suey.  It was tasty and everyone went back for seconds.

Stu's Japanese inspired chop suey

Sunday.  Went to bed early, but only managed an hours sleep by 3:30.  Got a few hours after that.  My body refuses to sleep at the best of times, but add not being able to breath and a sore spine and I've got no hope.  Another day of laying in bed all morning not sleeping.  David cooked ham and cheese panckes for lunch.  This afternoon was just blogging and we have a lamb roast in the oven for dinner.

Ham and cheese pancakes

Roast lamb

Backdating, and also no photos yet, I just haven't processed them yet.  At some point you should reload the September page, as there's going to be a bunch of backdated posts and updates with photos.

So Monday had peeps over for pizza for Stu's L'th.  So no UK photo labelling.

Tuesday.  Back to work.  Sigh.  Also.  David is sick with a cold.  Spent the entire night processing photos and blogging for previous weeks, so no UK photo labelling.

Wednesday.  David went for a covid test (it's not going to be covid), picked up supplies, then went home.  Once again photo processing and blogging so no UK photo labelling.

Thursday watched Herbie Rides Again, which was very silly, but the best part was Helen Hayes playing basically the same sweet little old lady as in Flying High.  David's covid test was negative (we knew it would be).

Friday.  Awake for hours in the middle of the night.  Hurrah.  Ok day.  Watched Princess Mononoke, which I found really quite irritating.  Normally there's good guys and bad guys in a story, but in this one everyone is a bit of both, so it's like, do we like these characters or not?  And ultimately no consequences for being evil, the "bad guys" (if you can call them that) win and carry on as before.  Urgh.  So annoying.  

Saturday.  Ploughed through the todo list.  Lost the my angel fish which was pretty sad.  Happy one day, dying the next.  Sigh.  Watched the original Mulan (we don't have premium so can't see the new one yet).  

White pea plants

Sunday.  Ploughed through the todo list. 

Blue tongue in the back yard

Dragonfly in the back yard

In the afternoon cooked for three hours straight.  Cooked up taco mince for during the week.  Cooked up a kilo pack of mince with onion, garlic and bacon to be used with whatever takes our fancy.  Cooked up some chicken thighs to have with Pataks later in the week.  And also cooked the sunday roast - tuscan drumsticks, potato bake, roast pumpkin, zucchini and carrot. 

Cooking all the food

Tuscan drumstick roast

In the evening watched My Neighbours the Yamadas.  Man the Ghibli films keep going downhill.  Not even a movie as such, just an animated comic book where each character gets a chance to show how it sux to be them.  I had restless legs the entire way through, and made the sweetie come sit with me instead of just playing his game so he could see what I had to suffer through.  Yeup.

A pig's gotta fly

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Still backdating ;)

Tuesday.  Slept ok, woke up on time. 



Tree guys came in the morning and trimmed our hedge back.  I told them to be brutal.  They complied.

Hedge before

Hedge after

Insanely crazy busy the rest of the day.  Although maybe I wouldn't have felt so bad if I'd been able to do my work in peace without ten different people talking to me non-stop all afternoon.  Sigh.  Watched the very last episode of Fuller House.  It was such a pity they could never get the Olsen twins to put in an appearance, because they had the rest of the cast which was just amazing to have the same group of people still working together for well over thirty years.  I don't know of any other show like it that has done anything remotely like what they did.  Just amazing.  Loved it.  Finished Day 19 of UK photo labelling.

Wednesday.  Slept ok.  Tackled the ticket queue I'd been ignoring yesterday afternoon, and played whack-a-mole with it most of the day.  Super heavy rain a couple of times during the day.  It was like night time, day time, night time, day time.  I watched the last two episodes of The Miraculous Mellops - and I was right about who the new Grand Baby was ;)  We also started on The Simpsons on Disney+.

Floriade site

Thursday.  Rage quit over people hassling me to do stuff.  I have this irrational rage at people that hassle me to do stuff while I'm literally doing stuff for them.  Then there were the people who hassled me in one system, and not five minutes later hassled me with direct messaging as well.  Drives me nuts.  Watched Derren Brown's The Push.  The whole Weekend at Bernie's reference had me cacking myself.  But I can't believe it could all be real.  Those people weren't showing any remorse or trauma at all.  If it was real, there should be arrests.  Seriously.  

Friday.  Up to episode three of The Simpsons.  But getting really annoyed at the cropping they did to get it onto 16:9 screens.  So I Googled that crap.  As of May, Disney+ had set a toggle switch so you can watch it the original aspect ratio.  Much more betterer!  Then watched Porco Rosso which I actually really enjoyed.  It has flying in it, but it's more realistic.  

Saturday.  Housework.  All.  Day.  Stu found a recipe for a vegan lasagna that said something like twenty minutes prep time.  It took him three hours.   !!  Craziness.  Had Nelson and Susan over for dinner.  Had a game of Roborally which Susan won, and a couple of games of Fluxx.

The sweetie making vegan lasagna

Not actually a vegan cake - they used eggs from chickens they knew
Not vegan cake


I won this game of Fluxx

Sunday.  Bit of a late night but not too crazy.  But woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep.  Hardly did anything all day.  Roast pork for dinner.  Watched Pom Poko in the evening.  OMFG what a completely bizarre movie.  Really didn't like this one very much.


Epic pork crackling

Charred brussels sprouts

Monday.  Woke up at 5:59 - right on time!  Ok day for a Monday.  Spent all evening trying to sort out accomodation in Tumut for the next weekend.  The problem with small places is their websites are very amateurish.  Sefton House said there were three different queen rooms, but it really wasn't clear which ones had ensuites and which had "exclusive" bathrooms.  And they never answered the query I sent them.  The caravan park looked like they had some lovely cabins by the river, but it was basically impossible to tell which cabin you were trying to book on their online web form.  At least they did respond (eventually) to my query, but the ones we wanted were all booked out.  I actually didn't want to commit to anything too far in advance - I didn't want to be up for a few hundred dollars if one of us got sick and we had to cancel.  So that was all very blah.  And didn't get my quota of photos labelled.

Backdating, because I'm a slacker... ;)  Also I think there was an entry or two in the July archives you might not have seen if you don't use an rss feed reader.  

Monday.  5am wakeup.  Sore spine, numb hands, full bladder.  Sigh.  Tired all day.  Hid out in do not disturb mode all morning and caught up on all Thursday and Friday's tickets.  Long weekends are never long enough!    Tried to read stuff but too many interruptions in the afternoon.  Got my UK photo labelling done a bit early then went into battle with Apple to get the movie files off my phone.

Tuesday.  3am wakeup.  Didn't get back to sleep til probably 5ish for another hour.  Even tireder than yesterday :(  Stayed in DND all day.  Got a bit more than my quota of UK photos done.  Two episodes of BBT, but far too tired to blog.

Wednesday.  Yayyy 9.5 hours sleep!!!  Tried a pulled beef recipe - which was ~1tbs brown sugar, smoked paprika, garlic powder; ~1tsp salt, pepper.  Rubbed some mustard on the meat, covered with the dry rub, then chucked in the slow cooker (with some leftover lamb jelly and some liquid smoke in the bottom) and left it on high all afternoon.  Possibly could have been done a bit longer, it wasn't quite pull apart.  Also should have used a fattier cut of meat.  But it was still pretty good.

Pulled beef

Pulled beef

Thursday.  Ok sleep.  Work ok.  Caught a bus into work in the afternoon, went and picked up a new pass (the old one had expired), went and said hi to the team, then headed up to Pot Belly.  First drinks with work peeps in five months!  So that was nice.  Picked up pizza on the way home then watched the last four episodes of Big Bang Theory.  Took us a bit over a year to watch through all twelve seasons.

Friday.  Wouldn't be my birthday if I didn't end up in tears over *something*.  In this case trying to understand our crazy networking.  David took me to KFC for lunch (it's tradition!) but we couldn't eat in so had to bring it home. 

KFC lights

KFC birthday lunch

Blerfy afternoon fighting with stoopid firewall which is doing stoopid things that noone can explain.  The plan was to catch a bus into town and have dinner somewhere with the sweetie, but I was so late getting away he just came home and picked me up and we went to Chong Co, which was lovely as always.  

47 selfie

Thai fish cakes - famous spicy Thai fish cackes, served with sweet chilli sauce ($12.00)
Crispy crab net rolls - crab meat, shrimp, fish mixed with water chestnuts, and taro delicately wrapped in crispy net roll ($9.50)
Chong Co entrees

Prk Pao Moo Grob - stir fried mild chilli yam sauce with capsicum, onion, shallot, mushrooms, corn and basil leaves ($25.00)
Chong Co prik pao moo grob

Duck salad - sliced roasted duck with coconut shredded, chilli jam, coconut milk, cucumber, mint, shallot, coriander and cherry tomatoes ($23.00)
Chong Co duck salad

Came home and watched Shakespeare in Love.

Saturday.  Awake from 2-5am, then broken sleep til 8am.  So a bit of a zombie day.  Went to Michelle's in the evening for her birthday party.  They have a karaoke machine and a subscription to an online karaoke website, which is pretty good - it has all the original audio - but it doesn't have the original videos like Singstar had.  Not that anyone really needed the karaoke machine, everyone was just singing.  I only joined in for a few, was elsewhere chatting to people and standing in front of the fire for a fair bit of it.  I did get to sing Let it Go right at the end of the night which was fun though ;)  Too late a night though for me.

Funky cheese board

Hamburger station

Michelle's birthday cake

Sunday.  Slept ok, including a bit of a sleepin.  Mostly housework in the morning.  Had lunch then cooked dinner (beef cheeks).  Need moar slow cooker recipes so we don't sick of things.  Watched penultimate episode Fuller House.

Monday.  Slept ok, and slept in til nearly 7am - whoops!  Super productive morning getting things done while scanning slides.  Went and took some photos of the daffodils out the front, and saw a cold wild blue tongue lizard.  So caught it (it wasn't happy haha) and had it pose for photos.  And its little claws are *sharp* - so much sharper than Stumpy's!



Wild blue tongue lizard

Wild blue tongue lizard

Had a two hour long demo from Sharpie which was quite useful, but I need to see something like ten times before it will sink in....  And stoopid firewall is still being stoopid. 

So last Sunday night was epic lasagna night with Lana's recipe.  

Lasagna ingredients

Lasagna ready to bake

So awesome!  Although baking dish doesn't *quite* fit into the new oven! :(  Had to tilt it slightly.

Lasagna cooked

I didn't have the energy for greenery, but we did have greenery with the leftovers ;)


Monday David went home for the week - his knee had been giving him grief for a week.  Maybe gout from all the tomatoes I've been feeding him recently??  hrmmmm.  It was a glorious autumn day and went for a walk at lunch (I've been going for walks most days, and the weather for the most part has been amazing lately).  I've also been getting through the lemon "tea" (just flavoured sugar) I got in Turkey in 2014, having it in our pretty Cunard tea cups we got for Christmas on our last cruise.  

Cunard lemon tea

Last of the chrysanthemums

I also started the next section of the Disney Behemoth jigsaw - The Little Mermaid section, and got stuck into labelling UK 2010 photos.

Thursday morning I finished scanning roll 21 of Dad's slides - that was three boxes in one week!  Epic!  At lunch I cut up some potatoes to dry out for the afternoon, so that we could pretend to be a bit healthy and have potato wedges instead of pizza for dinner.  Then we watched the CGI Lion King.  Gosh CGI is amazing these days.  The movie was *very* similar to the original, some things were shot for shot exactly the same.  It wasn't quite the same without Jeremy Irons and Rowan Atkinson, although John Oliver was ok.

Friday Stu had an appointment so dropped me at work so I could copy and clear everything off my old laptop so I could give it back.  

Cirrus is coming along slowly.  Much *much* slower than Geocon.  I can't help thinking these are likely to be better quality than Geocon, as it seems like they're taking their time to do things properly.  Who knows..
Cirrus Belconnen

In the evening the sweetie had a hankering for Crust.  So much for a pizza free week! ;)  Then we watched the original Lion King because the sweetie had never actually seen it!!  *gasp*   If I'd known that we could have watched the original first.  

Saturday I spent the entire day alternating between the jigsaw and cleaning the house, with a little computer time in the mix as well.  In the evening EffanC came over - first time we've had anyone over for dinner in months!  (good incentive to clean the house!)   We had bubbles and cheese, epic roast pork and potato bake with veggies, Gluhwein and cinnamon scrolls for dessert that F made.  A lovely evening.

Wine and cheese

I didn't get a photo of the pork, whoops!
Gluhwein and potato bake

I'm super lazy with the gluhwein - rather than fussing about with the stove or slow cooker, I just nuke it.  A whole bottle will fit into four glasses, and I microwaved for about three minutes.

Gluhwein microwave

Cinnamon scrolls

Today I pretty much just did the jigsaw all day, and watched stuff on the internet.  Nice lazy day :)

Wednesday last week.


Miniature roses


Saw Stumpy for the first time in ages.


Had leftover lamb for dinner.  I cooked it with broccolini, snow peas, dark soy sauce and some brown sugar, served with rice, cashews and sesame seeds.  For something so random it turned out ok.  Well Stu really liked it and he even went back for seconds.  Looked like crap but hey :)

Lamb and broccolini

Then spent a good chunk of the evening blogging.

Thursday.  Slept well!!  What a refreshing change.  Beer, pizza, and Naked Gun 2 1/2.

Autumn is pretty

Stumpy kept Stu company for a while at work
Stumpy keeping Stu company at work

Friday.  Slept well!  (with assistance).  Finished scanning box 14 of Dad's slides (three this week!).  It takes about ten minutes to scan a batch of four slides, but I can do other things while it's going.  Had a productive morning churning through tickets.

Did our food shopping at lunch.  OMFG Coles had toilet paper!!  First time I've seen toilet paper in Coles since the beginning of March.  Still depleted on the flour/rice/pasta/tomato section though.  

OMFG toilet paper in Coles!

Had a pretty stressful afternoon.  Trying to help someone fix something at work.  Couldn't figure out why it had broken - by rights it should never have worked.  Came up with a workaround, but then had to go with David to get new taps.  Remember a few years back the shower was leaking, and I took a year to regrout and seal it?  Well the shower was still leaking.  Not as much, but it was still dripping downstairs.  And the bath had mismatched taps after our last attempt to get the vanity working, and the vanity taps (at least the cold water) was broken as well.  So really we needed to replace everything in the bathroom.  So David finally had some time to replace the taps, and normally I'd could flex off an hour or two with no problems.  But with the issues at work, plus all the other work I needed to do that afternoon, I was feeling super anxious about being away.  Never a good start to a shopping expedition.  So we went to Reece's first.  They have quite a large supply room, but you can't look at that, you can only look at the show room...  which only had a couple of different options, and we couldn't get any service.  The only person in the room was on the phone (on speaker phone no less) and wasn't going anywhere.  We waited about ten minutes before giving up and going to Bunnings.  So we found a bunch of taps but when we went to check fittings, realised the gooseneck for the vanity is a couple of millimetres too big for the new fittings.  ie, a new gooseneck would be too small for our current t-piece.  #grunt.  So asked someone if we could speak to a plumbing expert.  They called someone and they said he was with a couple of customers.  So we waited.  Eventually he turns up, says, oh there's more options at the back of aisle 58, and I'm leaving for the day, bye.  Great.  So sure enough, the back of aisle 58 has more options.  But the why the #$^@ couldn't all the taps be together???  Idiots.  So looked at the options.  Not really all that many.  Especially because I wanted those fancy taps where you *know* the tap is off, you don't have to grind into the washer to turn it off.  They're called half turn taps, did you know?  But there was only one gooseneck available that was "guaranteed to fit" - because it had the two different sized fittings - we could see it through the plastic.  But it didn't have the half turn taps.  We tried again to get a plumbing expert.  Eventually one came along.  We told him the gooseneck was a different size now.  And he was like.. oh..? really..?   So much for an expert.  Can you tell I was having fun being there just waiting around and not knowing if we were even getting the right thing?  hrmm.  So in the end decided to forego the gooseneck and just get three pairs of taps - two wall mounts, one vanity top.  All the same half turn style.  And also.. OMFG Bunnings was *packed*.  It wasn't even after hours, but I guess because of the long weekend everyone was there trying to get stuff for their home improvements.  Busier there that it normally is even on a weekend!!  Craziness!!

So got home, and I got back into work.  Figured out how/when/why aforementioned problem had occurred (the shopping break was probably good for that).  Ploughed through my work for an hour, then gave David moral support in the bathroom.  The new flanges don't quite cover things on the vanity, we'll need some extenders, and the old ivory gooseneck does look a little odd with the chrome finished taps.  But it does seem that the leak has stopped!  And the new taps are *amazing*.  You can turn them off with just a finger.  Bestest brother in history! :)

David changing taps

I told him he could have anything he wanted for dinner (that was practically possible) .. takeway, delivery, or I could cook anything we had in the house.  He chose the butterfly lamb roast :)  So it was a late dinner, but very nice.  Photo makes it look scary, but it was pomegranate and rosemary marinade, so looked very pink even when cooked.

Butterfly lamb roast

Saturday morning I woke up at ~1am.  Lay awake for two hours.  Got up for a while.  Still couldn't get back to sleep.  So Saturday was a zombie day.  

First real fog of the year
First fog of 2020

I was too tired to concentrate on anything much.  Did a couple of loads of washing, did a bit of tidying downstairs, and a bit of time on the jigsaw (annoyingly there's places where the picture on either side of the jigsaw is almost identical, and because the cut is identical either side, you can actually put in pieces that are wrong, and it takes a bit of effort to figure out which bits are right).  

I got this book when I was a little kid..

Out of Doors book

When I got to this page I literally blew on it!

Out of Doors book

Progress shot on the dungeon.  See that floor?  So can I!  First time since 2014 I've been able to see that corner.  It's been filled with Dad's slides, DVDs and records.

Dungeon partly cleared

Oh, and I made Anzac biscuits.  Photo was a bit of an afterthought, but they were pretty awesome, and still chewy, despite looking brown in the photo.

Anzac Biscuits

Had a few drinks with EffanC before they Zoomed someone else, then had a blissfully early night (asleep by 9pm).

Going to have to call it there for now.  Need to wash my hair.  With any luck I'll finish this tomorrow :)

Backdating this because I'm a slacker .. again..

As of Tuesday last week I'd slept ok the past couple of nights.  Although I realised I probably shouldn't say such things as I'm likely to jinx myself.  I'd been stressing on the weekend about the neverending housework and how many times a day I cleaned the kitchen and I'd had to run the dishwasher *twice* on the weekend and again that Tuesday night, but then the little brother cleared the floor for me and the sweetie did some washing up and I felt better about life again :)  I cooked a bunch of veggies for dinner (a tomato bake - roasted halved tomatoes topped with basil and melty cheese at the end, asparagus caesar (asparagus, butter, lemon juice, parmesand cheese) and carrots).  And I made a Yum! Delicious! cake because David and found me self-raising flour.  


Yum delicious cake

Wednesday I finally finished part picking the six sets I started on the weekend.  Sometimes it really does take all weekend (and then some) which is why I stopped for so long - if we had anything at all on the weekend I didn't commit to starting, because there'd be a good chance I wouldn't finish.  Cooked some pork leftovers up with some broccolini which was quite nice.

Pork leftovers

Thursday turned up to problems with SSO in the morning, and having to fight with router ACLs in the afternoon, so pretty crappy day.  Had some Corona with the sweetie.

Corona beer

We were going to try and get Chong Co delivery but their website wasn't showing up as available, and they didn't answer the phone either.  So had more deep pan pizza (getting a bit thicker) - but the second pizza that week - blerf.

Dominos deep pan pizza

And then watched Prisoner of Azkaban.

Tell me what this reminds you of..


Good Friday I started on Vic's Life on Mars part picking.  I thought there were twelve sets.  Turns out there was 22.  He had many copies of some of the smaller sets - eight of one of them!  Spent time on Saturday and Sunday doing that as well.  Also made some good progress on the big jigsaw we've had going since January.  It took us about three months to do half the jigsaw, and we did the second half pretty much over the Easter long weekend.  Helped by Ravensburger very nicely using the same cutter on either side of the jigsaw, so I flipped the top (mostly sky) round, lay it over the bottom, and smashed it out.  

On Friday we went for a walk around the block.  People were actually really friendly, everyone smiled.  I saw happy tree a bit closer up, but it's in someone's back yard, so can't get close.  Cooked sausages for dinner and watched the 1970 Airport movie.

Happy tree close up

Took ages to get to sleep Friday night - super restless.  House stuff, food shopping, jigsaw and Lego.  I went food shopping fairly early on Saturday, but Coles was depleted of different thing.  Like there was hardly any orange juice, frozen food, or bananas.  Still no toilet paper or liquid soap available, but I did manage to get some paper towel, garlic/echinacea/zinc/C tablets, and some brown rice.  And then felt like I was getting a sore throat all day.  Cooked pork leftovers red curry, and watched Airport 75.

Pork red curry

Pork red curry

Sunday, mostly just Lego and jigsaw.  There may have been pizza scrolls for lunch.  

Pizza scrolls

I took a "before" photo of our dungeon room.  It's not before Stu started pulling out books to give away so that's why there's an empty few shelves.

Dungeon April


Watched Airport 77 in the evening.

Monday was mostly just house stuff and rearranging shelves.  I put out a fun jigsaw for David to do to have a break between one hard one and the next.

David doing cupcake jigsaw

And then made runny poo for dinner!

Actually beef stew, which looks digusting but tastes amazing

Runny poo beef stew

Runny poo beef stew

Finished up the Airport box set with Airport 79 - the Concorde.  The Concorde they used in the movie was the same one that crashed - so sad!!

Tuesday I woke up at Dentist Time and never got back to sleep :(:(  Started on the next section of the Disney behemoth jigsaw.

Wednesday was cranky day due to Skype sucking donkey balls.  I hate being on the phone at the best of times, but it kept dropping out and at one point left me with a big black square in the middle of the screen and I had to restart my vm to clear it.  Not happy Jan.  I asked the sweetie to cook dinner, so he ordered Chong Co, successfully this time.

Monday I went and did the food shopping at lunch.  Definitely less crowded than the weekend.  Almost no pasta.  No liquid soap or vitamins.  Still no flour, dry rice, paper towel or toilet paper.  I was able to get a couple of tins of diced tomatoes, but a squeezy bottle of tomato paste and a four pack of tomato paste sachets was "too much tomato" and the squeezy bottle wouldn't scan.  Sadness.  We don't eat a lot of dried/packaged food, primarily fresh food, but the pantry stuff that we do use regularly (tomatoes/tomato paste/rice) is the stuff we can't get easily at the moment.  Geotagged day 6 in the evening.

Tuesday I woke up at midnight for an hour or two, and again from 5:30.  Le sigh.  Our rose bush put out a couple of roses right at the end of summer.

Late rose

In the evening I made nachos.  I don't think I've ever made nachos before.  Fry some onion and garlic, a pack of pork mince (that I was lucky enough to get on Monday), with one of the sachets of tomato paste, some cumin and some kashmiri chili, with corn chips I topped with cheese and grilled, and serve with salsa, cheese and sour cream.

The boys *destroyed* them.  So much for leftovers!


Wednesday was minifig picking in the evening for a bunch of sets.  I still hate how Lego changed the colours of their greys and brown back in ~2003.  It's a real pain in the @$$ to separate them, especially in low light.  I mean just look how similar they are.

Lego old grey

With a flash it's slightly easier to see the difference

Lego greys

Wednesday was geotagging day 7 of our USA 2004 trip, finishing BBT season 7, and Friday finished scanning box 7 of Dad's slides (I'm smashing out two boxes per week).  777!

Thursday started on season 8 BBT.

Friday woke up at 3:30 with hurty.  Crazy busy couple of days at work.  I was so frazzled on Friday I really couldn't think straight at all.  But I did shut down access to an old test environment which was pretty cool.  In the afternoon David pulled the bumper off his car to install a new nudge bar and spotlights.  He managed to get it all done before 11pm, because he's "that good" ;)

David car

Saturday woke up early with hurty.  Mostly house work and Lego part picking.  Had drinks with EffanC in the evening which was nice.  Even over Zoom.  Made coq au vin for dinner and watched half of Dr Strangelove (got too restless to watch all of it).


Little sucker

Rainbow and yellow tree

Sunday I woke up early with hurty, except this time it *really* hurt, even with codeine, not helped by running out of naprogesic.  Slept in a bit when I finally got back to sleep, but felt exhausted and depressed all day.  David spent all day installing stuff and running wiring in his car.  He made a complete mess, but managed to get puzzle all back together again before he went to work.

David and his car

In the evening I gave the oven its first test with a full baked dinner (roast pork) which turned out pretty well, and finished Dr Strangelove (either that or started it Friday and finished Saturday, can't remember which).

Pork roast

And I watched the original Jodie Foster version of Freaky Friday that I saw once a very long time ago.  

Tonight we had pizza (because Stu got a migraine just after lunch and wanted comfort food).

And I blogged.

2020 is sure going to be a very strange year.

I have spoken

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Wednesday I was just about to start eating lunch when Ben came over and said hi, so had lunch with him and Sarah which was nice.  In the evening geotagged day 1 of our USA 2004 trip.  The flights I'd done in Google Earth back in the day, so it wasn't too much effort.

Watched the first few episodes of the Mandalorian again so David could see them.  

Friday I took a Random Day Off and basically just tried to figure out what Lego sets Vic had by the pieces I had for things.  Picked up the sweetie from the airport in the evening.

Saturday morning went mountain climbing.

Balloons over Belco

Did a bit of house stuff in the morning then we headed out to the club.  I spent some time finally finishing writing up my 2019 year in review.  Then it was happy hour and an epic Mexican feast.

Boyd's Buick

Mexican feast

Mexican feast

Mexican feast

Corona virus

Sunday was house stuff, jigsaw, geotagging and Lego.  Geotagging photos from moving cars is a whole lot harder than those taken walking around in cities.  Just sayin'.

Also this week one of Stu's living stones flowered!

Stone flower

Stone flower

Didn't end up doing any food shopping.  We're going to make do with what's in the freezer.  

Tonight I downloaded, processed and blogged all my photos for the week in a mere half an hour!

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