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Flood Relief

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Thirty years ago today Mum took this photo of me sitting on their bed.  They'd had the bedspread and lamps since they moved into the house in 1972, so what, eighteen years.  They donated them to the Nyngan flood relief cause.  

So the lamps and bedspread went to that.  The print above the bed they kept for another seventeen years.  I gave it away on Freecycle for them in February 2007.  The bed head Mum still has, although to give herself a bit of extra space in her bedroom, she got a single bed and got the bed head cut down to work with a single bed.  The funky looking phone was an old rotary dial phone we had for years.  I probably used it the most, talking to my first boyfriend in 1991/1992.  Mum may still have that jumper.

Me on Mum and Dad's bed

Last Tuesday morning I started scanning Dad's slides. There's about 7000 of them. I'm aiming for one box of 36 a week (more if I'm not too busy), which should mean I could get it all done in about four years. If I don't die of Covid-19 first. I had a play with the dust and scratch filter and it pretty much works like magic. I should have used it on Mum's slides. Oh well. I'm still impressed how well my 14 year old scanner works (Christmas present from the sweetie in 2005). Tuesday evening was washing, blogging, Lego sorting, geotagging (some of Day 3 of USA 2004 trip). I also started to try and figure out the catalog numbers for the hundreds of Vic's minifigs, and what sets they go in. He sure has a lot that don't belong to any particular set he had, so he must have gotten large quantities of loose Lego not in sets.

Wednesday evening the sweetie took me out to dinner because he's the best sweetie ever.  Went to Kinn Thai and had softshelled crab again, and orange duck.  Yumm.  Then more Lego and minifig sorting and finished geotagging day 3.

Shiny cicada

Kinn Thai softshelled crab

Kinn Thai orange duck

It rained during the week.  A lot.  Looky at this - the new Belconnen swimming pool they dug out the past couple of weeks!

Belconnen swimming pool

Thursday was Gin night. Four of them tasted like, well, gin. One was a bit more interesting. And there were two flavoured ones - shiraz, and earl grey. They looked, smelt and tasted of those respective drinks. Cool stuff. Well the shiraz one was, the Earl Grey tasted like tea. We had F over for pizza and tv after.

Gin night

Coloured gins

Friday evening I had to work. My work was only about a minutes' worth, but I stuck around in case they needed my help with anything (or if I'd missed a firewall rule somewhere). Bailed at 11pm.

Saturday I checked in at work and everything seemed to be going ok. So midmorning we headed down the coast (via Belco to pick up a present for Pete). The blackened bush started at Nerriga (most of the town was saved) and stayed black the entire way to the coast. Absolutely heartbreaking. It was actually amazing to see just how much property had been saved though. In places it was completely burnt bush all around, and in the middle there would be a house intact. Amazing job done by all involved, especially the firies.

And because it's Australia, you have bushfires one week, raging floods the next.

Shoalhaven in flood

Shoalhaven in flood

Blackened bush

We headed straight for Huskisson and went to the beach briefly because, coast.




Then had some lunch, picked up some supplies, then headed for Kit's. Their place was basically completely surrounded by fires, but their street was saved.  At Bewong it looked like the firies stood on the highway and said "you shall not pass" .. 

Bewong fires

We setup the house then waited for Pete to get home. It wasn't a complete surprise because his mum spilled the beans, but he was expecting just his sister and maybe a couple of his local mates, but instead he got a small crowd so that was pretty cool :) So yeah nice party, and only one tantrum haha.

Pete's ice cream cake

We had dessert first.  Because that's what adulting is all about.

Pete and cake

Akubra party!

Akubra party

The itty bitty bbq gas bottle ran out, so they hooked up the house one to it.

Big gas bottle

Deviled eggs

NYE recreation

40th party food

I was up at normal time the next morning, but then had to wait hours for everyone else. Eventually Kit got up and I could copy all the wedding videos for them. Had some brunch, then we headed home.



Shoalhaven in flood

Was too tired to do much Sunday arvo/evening so just had a quiet one and an early night.

Monday it was full steam ahead rearranging the house. Stu had been wanting some study space for quite a while. He tried setting up a space downstairs last year but he never really liked it. So we emptied out the dumping ground room, brought up the couch and swapped the tables around. It took all day. And now everything from the room is spread all around the house. Which is stressful in itself. hrmmm.

Junk room before

Junk room after

We also went out at lunch to do our food shopping.  We hadn't been in three weeks so we were pretty bare.  Of course the empty shelves were something to behold.  No toilet paper, almost no tissues or paper towel (people thinking they could use that instead of toilet paper??).  Very little rice, pasta and long life milk, no flour.  Just madness.  

Corona virus panic buying - longlife milk

Corona virus panic buying - pasta

Corona virus panic buying - flour

Corona virus panic buying - tissues

Corona virus panic buying - paper towel

Corona virus panic buying - toilet paper

Cooked curried sausages for dinner (to use up some of the curry powder that's been sitting in the spice cupboard for ten years or more).  They were pretty good.  I'll put the recipe separately, because I have this feeling I'll be using it again heh.

Tuesday woke up at 1:30 with hurty and never got back to sleep :( So zombie day Tuesday. It took about 14 goes of disconnecting and reconnecting my phone on Tuesday night to download the seven videos I'd taken at the party. Fricken HATE Apple.

Wednesday we finished season 6 of Big Bang Theory - half way through!

Tonight I've been watching the 1970 Ned Kelly which I've never actually seen.  There's not much on IMDB about it, but it does note it was filmed in Braidwood, and look at that!  So it was!  Fifty years later and all the buildings are still there (screenshots from the movie and Google Street View).  Enjoyed it more than My Brilliant Career.

Ned Kelly - Braidwood

Ned Kelly - Braidwood

Ned Kelly - Braidwood

Ned Kelly - Braidwood

I brought some glow sticks home from the party.  Six days later and they're still actually glowing.  !!   Although very faint now.  The first couple of nights the phone could still take pretty decent photos of them.

Glow sticks after 24 hours

Glow sticks after 48 hours

This morning I labelled all the photos I took of all the stuff Mike is going to try and sell.  Still need to get them to him..

After that alternated between sorting Lego and working on the trivia night.  Although sorting became a problem because I had to make an emergency emptying of some of the cardboard boxes it came in due to flooding in our garage (which hasn't happened since we got our guttering fixed).  I knew it rained on and off during the night last night but I had no idea how heavy it was.  We got a couple of streams coming through the garage but fortunately no other damage.  Even late this afternoon the creek at the bottom of the hill was still in full flood.  Amazing, considering how low the lake has been after several weeks of no rain.  Typical of Australia though - droughts and flooding rains.

So yeah, also got three rounds done for the trivia night (only another seven to go..).

This afternoon did some food shopping.  Watched Enterprise over dinner then went back to Lego sorting.

And in other stories of life and death.. Chrissie hasn't popped yet.  And just found out that kid killed in Palmerston the other night was the son of someone I know :(:(

Not Home

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So it feels like I haven't been home in days.

Saturday work most of the day, a bit of touristing, and dinner was salmon at Chrissie's.  Today out all day on a massive photo project which involved thirteen locations, 261 photos and 14000+ steps.  So tonight I collapsed with a couple of beers, some chicken kiev, and a bit of Survivor.

Oh, it rained a little bit on Friday night.

This jetty usually has about 15cm of air *under* it
Lake Ginninderra overfull

This duck was enjoying the newly expanded Lake Ginninderra
Lake Ginninderra expansion

So were these swans
Lake Ginninderra expansion

Ginninderra creek is usually about a metre wide at this point
Ginninderra Creek flood

Yesterday it was more like twenty
Ginninderra Creek flood

Scrivener had one gate open today
Scrivener Dam one gate open

Last Sunday morning we headed home from Sydney with a car load of crap in tow.  Caught up on housework/washing etc in the afternoon.

On Monday I finished packing up and inventoring Jake's Lego.  

On Tuesday I suffered from major lack of sleep.  We went to the Dumpling Inn for dinner (mixed chow mein and shredded beef peking style) then did our food shopping.  Came home and dismantled most of the Star Destroyer (that had also been constructed at Christmas 2009) while watching TV.

On Tuesday night I still couldn't get to sleep, so Wednesday was more misery.  Watched some pretty cool rainstorms out the window at work.  When I got home however, there was a small stream of water going across the garage floor.  Which would have been fine, except it intersected with my old desk that I've had for thirty five or so years, and the chipboard at the bottom all swelled up :(:(:(  So that was pretty annoying.  My parents still have the matching beds, and I still use the matching set of drawers.  I was hoping to sell/give away the things as a set one day so that's a bit of a poo.  In the evening it poured with rain again, so I collected a whole heap of it and put it in the pool.

Garage flooding

Garage flooding

Wednesday night I finished dismantling the Star Destroyer, and started the remaining section of my Life jigsaw. 

Life - section 3

Thursday night we got pizza and watched The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy which I hadn't seen since I saw it at the movies in 2005.

On Friday a bunch of us got pork knuckles from Zierholz.  Omigosh they were *huge*.  I got through all the meat/crackling on mine (but only just) but didn't quite finish the sides.  Pretty much everyone said the experience of it was good, but noone would really be interested in having it again - simply too much food.  I reckon it'd go well shared between two people.  I didn't have any dinner that night.

Pork knuckle

Friday night was more jigsawing while watching Angels and Demons, which I hadn't seen.  

Saturday morning I cleaned the gutters and flushed the downpipes which were all completely clogged.  Then we headed out to the club, but I'll leave that for another post.

Today was catching up on housework as well as doing more jigsaw and tv show catching up.

Life section 3 sorted

Life section 3 progress

So we were watching DamCam all day yesterday.  And Mark Sullivan's tweets.  The old Cotter Dam disappeared underwater, and the new one looked like it was going to overflow.

So I had to go see of course :)

New Cotter Dam overspill
New Cotter Dam overspill
New Cotter Dam overspill
New Cotter Dam overspill

Scrivener was also going hard

Scrivener Dam overspill
Scrivener Dam overspill

This was Ginninderra Creek yesterday morning.  Normally this creek is about a metre wide.

Ginninderra Creek Flooding

And a wombat.  Cause it's cool.


August Flooding

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In August there was a tonne of rain.

Lake Ginninderra flooded, so much so that the hole they were digging filled up with water, and they had to pump it all out again.

Ginninderra Flooding
Ginninderra Flooding
Scrivener Dam was overflowing too

Scrivener Dam

Woke up pretty early and dumped forty litres of water collected overnight into the pool.  Pool is 1cm off being full (after I vaccuumed to waste the other week).  

Got ready and went and returned the oncall phone to Neil.  This was too early for the sweetie so went and did food shopping by myself since I was already out.  Ran into Damien which was nice.

How good does my shop look?

Grocery shopping
(that was everything I bought this morning.  A lot less impulse buys and fancy products without the sweetie around lol).  

On the way home I stopped to document Ginninderra Creek... do you think Lake Ginninderra might be a little bit full from all that rain overnight?  Normally the creek is just a little slow flowing creek way down low on the right.  Today it was flowing strong and *way* up!

Ginninderra Creek
Ginninderra Creek
Annie and Noah came over before lunch so that also was really nice.  Then have been pottering around the house, and feeling a lot better than I have all week.

Queensland Floods

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I've had only a detached interest in the Queensland floods.  Devastating, yes, but somehow not personal.  

Until it hit Brisbane and places I've been to.  Watched coverage for several hours tonight.  Sad sad sad.  Stu was pretty sad tonight too.  He having lived in Brisbane for so long and all..

The only people I know in Queensland are ok, although not far from the devastation in Goodna.

Photos from the Sydney Morning Herald and the Courier Mail.

Brisbane floods
Brisbane floods
Brisbane floods
Brisbane floods
Brisbane floods
Brisbane floods
Brisbane floods
Brisbane floods
David described scenes like this as like the end of the world..
Brisbane floods

One of the images that really struck me though was from a couple of days ago in another part of Queensland.

Kangaroo rescue

This page is pretty freaky too.  Someone's done an overlay of the Brisbane River and the extent of the possible flooding..

Brisbane River map
Brisbane River map
So yeah.  Stay safe everyone...

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