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A wolf spider in our front yard just before we went overseas.

Wolf spider

Bacon!  To go with the alliteration of Buttons and Blobby


The bristlenose I got for the angel tank


Just me and a chicken - at @CLBradley's

Just me and a chicken

Just the sweetie and George

Just the sweetie and George

Just the sweetie and George

Just Kit and a donkey

Just Kit and a donkey

George was excited by this possum in our cherry tree

Possum up a cherry tree

Stu caught this gecko in our ensuite bathroom


Dither Fish

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I lost some danios in the two foot a while back, leaving only some rummy nose tetras.  Except they're scardey-cat fish and will hide if there's no other fish around, not even coming out for food.  I wasn't even sure how many I had, as I never saw more than two at a time.

So on the weekend I got some more danios, and it seems that I still have four out of five rummy nose tetras.  Because the danios swim all over the tank the tetras realise that it must be safe to come out.

Silly fish.

I also got a bristlenose for that tank and it's already doing a great job of cleaning the algae.

Stu got some more rainbow fish for his tank, and he did a big cleanout today, so it looks all sparkly.

Shiny tank


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So a pretty good weekend.  In that I got to spend most of it at home doing *stuff*.

Yesterday I installed Windows 10 on my puta.  After one false start I tried again and it installed.  Took most of the day to download, install, fail, try again and install.

Some notes so far:

* video adapter was not found straight away so had to download an updated driver for it
* ugly window frames.  seriously.  ugly.
* it kept all my task bar settings which was nice of it
* gadgets are gone - but logitech motion sensor still works
* images defaulted back to opening with microsoft, had to change back to acdsee
* geosetter had a spaz about Internet Explorer, but I'm not sure it was that - could just have been our internet which has been mostly dead all weekend, or the file on the site just wasn't there anymore.  Coincidence?

Other than that yesterday was fish tank stuff, housework and food shopping.  Chrissie came up in the evening for a roast pork dinner, and we just chatted for ages after dinner which was nice.

Today was some food cooking, holiday photo processing, a walk with Chris, pool maintenance, more food cooking etc.  I'm sure there was more but it escapes me right now.

Our internet has been epic fubar this weekend.  Usually it's bad when it's windy/rainy, but it's been especially fail this weekend.  

Oh we also bought some danios to be dither fish in my upstairs two foot, which they did splendidly for.  The rummy nosed tetras coloured up beautifully and have been swimming around not just hiding.  The danios I have in my big tank look *huge* in comparison - I think they're all girls!  Stu bought some worms which I've fed to all the fish.  The angel knew exactly what to do, but the danios took a while to figure out they were food!

Wins and Losses

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Had a fairly decent weekend last weekend.  Got quite a few things done on the todo list, including renewing my domain names ( has been in existence for fourteen years today!), vacuuming and cleaning out the pool, washing the sheets, installing windows 10 on my little laptop (and the GPS software still works hurrah!), cleaning the kitchen, some fish tank work, food shopping and cooking.  Didn't do the house vacuuming though.

In between we had our work ball, which I'll get some photos online for eventually.

This week was a very strange week.  We had several farewell events for the Chrises including a long lunch on Wednesday.  Gonna miss them.  It also seems certain that we will lose literally the best bar in Canberra.  And our carpark.  All very depressing.  Got some work done in between, although wasn't terribly motivated.

I also got grumpy this week at Insight Vacations who have been ignoring my emails.  And at myself for not registering for the last Ingress Anomoly - which means the hundreds of jarvises, adas, cubes, bursters etc that I donated to the cause will have been for nothing :(

Our pool froze over twice during the week.  And yesterday the power tripped early in the morning which means the fish tank heaters didn't work all day, and we lost some fish in the smallest tank :(  

Pool ice

Have been spending mornings scanning mum's photos.  Two weeks to scan each album, give or take.  So one down this morning, four more to go until the next swap-meet when I can get some more.

And I have this odd sort of feeling that I'm coming down with something.


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Chrissie came and picked up all her platies and the catfish today.  Well all but four of the platies, which I kept in the krib tank.  Platies are super skittish fish and run away whenever you go near them (let alone try to catch them).

Then I caught the two black neon tetras and the five rummy nose tetras and took them downstairs.  So far they still look quite miserable in their new tank.  I put a plant in but maybe they need some more.  Then I took all the plants out of the two foot and tossed them, scrubbed clean all the filter and heater equipment, cleaned the glass and fully drained the tank.  Will let it dry out completely before giving the gravel a thorough cleaning.  With any luck the scourge of the black algae will be gone after all that.

I also pulled out the dead baby angel :(  No idea what happened to the other one.

So in my AR-620T I have five danios, two angels and a cory.

In the krib tank is the old krib, five danios and four platties.

In a small tank downstairs I have the two black neon tetras and five rummy nose tetras.

Dinner tonight was chicken thighs and frozen cauliflower and broccoli.  Cooked up some rice as well and have three lunches prepped, as well as several containers of *stuff* cleared out of the freezer.

Partying Continues

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Wednesday night we did a big food shop.  And I got some stuff for Friday's BBQ.

Thursday Kit came up for drinks and pizza, and then Chrissie came up with a bag of fish that she'd been carting around for a couple of days.  So I filled a small tank and dumped the fish in that.  The next morning I moved four of the platies and the catfish in with the krib.

Duckling (really!)

Friday morning it was out to Hawker to pick up 160 sausages - this year a full half of them were the chili ones that everyone loves (except me heh).  Also to the mall to pick up bread and salad stuff.  Thought we had *heaps* of money, so spent it on things like Tim Tams and ended up using up the entire budget.  So that worked out well.

And then it was organising transport for all the food and drinks.  So yeah organised and ran a BBQ for fifty people.  It all went really smoothly and I think everyone had a good time.  There were some drinks leftover, a bunch of the chili sausages (which I sent down the coast with Lachie), and some salad stuff (which I brought home but will need to be a bit careful about as it was sitting in the sun (in cold water) for a while).

Christmas party

Yesterday in the morning we went to the markets to pick up some deli meats and other goodies, then back home to make up about four salads - a caesar salad, a potato salad, a waldorf salad and a prosciutto and mango salad.  Annie and Stu came over first and the girls had a swim, then Potty and Kerry as well and we all ate lots of food.  Then there was more swimming.  And generally chillaxing.  A relatively stress-free family Christmas (it helped that I'd lowered my expectations *a lot* this year).  In the evening we watched Star Trek VI and the Carols in the Domain.

Christmas salads

Christmas meat platter

Family lunch

Also last night I moved the five danios from the two foot downstairs with the krib.  It's a lot cooler down there, and danios really don't like the heat.  I've left the five danios in the angel tank for now, and have been dumping ice in there as fast as I can make it.  I'd be making more, except our freezer (and fridge) are completely chock-a-block full.  We have enough leftovers from yesterday to last the entire week.  W00t!

Weekly Checkin

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Not too much happening this past week.

Friday night Chris and Zac came down, and on Saturday we went house hunting for them.  As of Monday she's already been offered a place but still wants to find out about her favourite.

Saturday night was a bit of a party at Mishi's to celebrate her birthday/retirement/Christmas etc.

We did buy some new fish yesterday - four baby angels.  They haven't died yet.  And Stu bought some Endler guppies which are pretty cute (three out of four of his shrimps died for no good reason).

I've been busy doing my year in review post (getting in early this year and not leaving it all to the last minute), filing photos (one month a night, should have them all filed by the end of the year), planning for the next trivia night (omfg it's a lot of work), but not doing nearly enough house tidying...

Rooster and hens

George perched

George being Maru


Weekend socialising

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Last Saturday we went over to EffanC's to celebrate C's (ahem) 25th.  So that was a lovely afternoon of drinking bubbly and chatting.  In the evening we watched Juno on the big screen.

Red flowers



Last Sunday Chrispycon and Anne were in town from Hong Kong, so we met up with them and a bunch of their friends at Manuka for drinks.

Last night was a BBQ at Kit's, just because.

In between has been working, house cleaning, fish buying, mandarin learning, cooking.


Yesterday I was feeling completely overwhelmed by the state of the house.  So Stu wisely told me to just work on one pile, which I did.  So that was good.

Dad's photo scanning is coming along.  I'm up to 260 out of the thousand-odd needing to be scanned.  I'm half way through his photos of our Kangaroo Island holiday in 1994.

Stu has bought a heap of plants and some native fish for his four foot tank.  I've gotten some danios for the two foot, and some more danios to start again on the "angel" tank.  Stu has also setup a tiny little tank with some cherry red shrimp which are very cute.

Red Cherry Shrimp

I've pulled apart the Ingress Lego logos.  I'm really wanting to find a new mosaic design to use.  The current big mosaic was made in February 2009!!  And has been hung up in the spare room since November 2009.  That's just insane. 

And tonight I've got a better than average chance of completely bricking my phone by upgrading it from 6.1.4 to 9.1.  I might have spent ages today making sure I have everything that I care about backed up off it.


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A huge moth that was doing a really terrible job of camouflaging itself on our brickwork

Big moth

Miss M and her little mop

Miss M and her mop

Some of Kit's duck eggs, possibly containing two, one and zero yolks

Duck eggs

Sleeping buddies

Sleeping buddies

This is the rooster that wakes David up when he comes to stay


My three black neon tetras, and some of the rummy nose tetras.  Those little black neon tetras are nine years old.  What a spinout!

Little fishies

George came by the other week and found a nice place in the sun to warm up





The last of my angels died a week or so ago.  But I'm a slacker and hadn't pulled it out of the tank.

Then yesterday the sweetie decided to move the last duboisi and the sucking catfish into the angel tank.

Which hadn't been cleaned.

His fish were dead by today.

I might have had a moment.

We totally don't deserve to keep animals.  Part of me wants to get rid of every fricken tank we have.

Also.  Gravity sucks.

Also.  I broke both my middle fingernails today reaching into things.

I suck.

Have seen balloons (and frost) a few times this week.

Frost and balloons

On Monday morning it was *cold*.  Freezing in fact.  The ice was so thick on the tub of water out the back that I have no idea how thick it actually was.  It held up a potplant with no effort.


There was slight freezage of the pool that morning, but just a few crystals.  Same with this morning.

George came by yesterday and said hi to the fish.

George and the fish


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The upstairs two foot tank has only had three black neon tetras in it for the longest time.  I thought it was time to repopulate the tank.  So I got five rummy nosed tetras.  I've never had these before, but Luc had some at CIA and they were very sweet little fish - they school better than a lot of fish.  They've also proved to be great dither fish, and the black neons which always used to hide up the back now come out.

Rummy nose tetras


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It's very hot.  So hot the fish tanks have been overheating.  The lights are off, the lids are off, but the four foot is over 30C in the water - too hot for little fishies!  I've been adding ice as fast as I can make it but the weekend could be problematic, since there's no letup for at least two days.  Stressed ..

Half Way Through

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Yesterday we had a pretty quiet morning.  But it was such a lovely day we decided to go out to the club and try out our new caravan.  So went out and enjoyed the sunshine, and had drinks and dinner with some of the other people there, then played some cards then went to bed.  Turns out sleeping in a caravan is a lot more comfortable than sleeping in a tent!  Who knew?  We also managed to lock ourselves out of it within ten minutes of arriving.  Thank goodness John was there with a spare key! 

Our caravan

Our caravan

Our caravan

Stu's rissoles

This morning after quite a long lie-in (it was freezing!) we got ready then helped out with some hazard reduction, as well as having some sausages for lunch.

Hazard reduction

Came home and called the parents, only to hear the bad news that the prognosis is not very good for Dad.  So that made me pretty sad.

Did our food shopping then came home and found my betta, that I've only had for six weeks, had died.  More sadness.

Then spent *ages* making up some lasagnas, only to have the sweetie eat a good chunk of my leftovers (mine had white sauce and lactose containing cheese).  Blah.

Then lost it cause the house was a pigsty.

It's only 9:30pm, but it feels a lot later.  Not sure how I'm going to be able to stay up..


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Stu setup a tank for the multis today.  Four of the seven are now in their own tank.  Hopefully they'll breed without the duboisis terrorising them ..

Multi tank setup

Finally got to have a random day off today.  The first attempt I got sick and the second attempt I forgot I had a farewell lunch to go to.

So today I stayed at home and we reorganised all the fish tank stuff.  I've been wanting to do this in forever because things were all over the place and a big mess.  

This is before I started..

Fish stuff before

I pulled everything out of the cupboards and off the shelves and sorted it all out..

Fish stuff

Then chucked a small pile of things out, and put it all back together..

Fish stuff after

It doesn't look hugely different, but it is definitely neater.  Well worth the effort, and a nice break up to the week.

Tonight's dinner was leftover chicken and potato, cut up and pan-fried, with a couple of big handfuls of baby spinach and some kewpie mayonnaise - omigosh it was delicious!

New Fish

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Now that summer's winding down, I thought it might be time to try again with more fish.

Stu needed to get a new sucking catfish for the Lake Tanganika tank so we got one that had already been in harder water. 

I got four more baby angels (when I bought five last year, four of them died within a week :( I think perhaps it might have been some dodgy food I gave them).  There are two banded ones like this, and two mostly black ones.

New angel fish

And I also got a betta for the Macquarium


Sugar Sugar

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The other day someone linked to a game called Sugar Sugar 2 on the RiotACT and I proceeded to play through all thirty levels.  Tonight I went and found the original Sugar Sugar.  Sadly now that's over, maybe there'll be a third? :)  (looks like there's a Christmas version, will have to have a play of that).

So work today wasn't toooo bad.  Afternoon wasn't that productive though, on account of our director wandering out a bit before lunch to say lunch at the pub?  The walk back in the heat was a little painful though!
Tonight Annie and the kids came by for a swim.  Why do kids get so excitable/noisy when put anywhere near water? Just wondering :)
Watched some House with the sweetie, played a game of dominoes, a game of cribbage, and did some of a very evil jigsaw from work.
Just look at this thing.  One thousand pieces of white and grey and black - and all the same shape!  No odd pieces and no differentiation between horizontal and vertical.  I suspect this one will take me a while...  (anyone wanna guess what it is?)
Evil jigsaw
Have a stack of water freezing in the freezer for use in cooling down fish tanks in the next few days ...

Queensland 2012

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As is now a yearly tradition (slightly late this year), the sweetie and I headed up to Queensland to visit Chay and David.


We left work just after lunch on Thursday, as our flight was 4pm.  Two flights for the day - Canberra to Sydney, then Sydney to Brisbane.  So weren't scheduled to arrive in Brisbane til after 7pm.  Then our flight from Sydney to Brisbane was delayed for half an hour due to heavy traffic in Brisbane.  We did three big loops around the coast off Ballina/Tweed Heads.  But to keep us entertained, they announced that Cate Campbell and Emily Seebohm were on the plane, and they wandered down the aisle showing off their medals!  It was amazingly cool!  Got to touch Emily Seebohm's silver and gold medals!  They were very heavy!  But not as shiny as I thought they'd be! heh.  Finally arrived in Brisbane, picked up our hire car then headed out to Chay and David's.  Fairly quiet night.  Only stayed up til 12:30 drinking and chatting :)  But did get to meet their new bird - Ichy - an Indian Ringneck, who is amazingly cool :)

Have I ever mentioned how much I love flying? :)
Queensland 2012
Pretty clouds over NSW
Queensland 2012
Sydney shining
Queensland 2012
Look mum, I can see your house from here!
Queensland 2012
This dude is taking this plane for a walk
Queensland 2012
I was quite surprised by the *glass* bottles!
Queensland 2012
Cate Campbell and her gold medal
Queensland 2012
Emily Seebohm and her two silver and one gold medal
Queensland 2012
Cate Campbell and Emily Seebohm on our plane!
Queensland 2012
The girls had some cool "Australia" luggage
Queensland 2012
Brisbane Airport
Queensland 2012
Queensland 2012


After a fairly slow morning, we headed out to Ipswich for lunch and went to the Hog's Breath Cafe for lunch.  I didn't feel like anything too heavy, so had a "side" of caesar salad, and a "side" of curly fries.  Because if you go to the Hog's Breath Cafe you *have* to do curly fries :)   Stu had a pretty awesome "finger food" platter.  On the way back, we stopped in at Dan's to pick up supplies for the rest of the weekend.  Dinner was lots of Eagle Boys pizza.  There was drinking.  There was Buzz.  There was Singstar.  And it was very good.

Finger food platter
Queensland 2012
Caesar salad and curly fries
Queensland 2012
Supplies for the weekend
Queensland 2012
Stu and Ichy
Queensland 2012
Queensland 2012
Queensland 2012


Saturday after a bit of a sleepin (and the sweetie had headed out to meet a friend), C&D and I headed over to the markets next to Orion.  But they were pretty boring, not much there.  So headed into town to wander around South Bank and the markets there.  Was a very lovely wander.  Dinner that night was some roast chicken that we picked up from Chay's mum, along with the kids who were quite sick with the flu.  (David did his "best potatoes in the known universe" which were pretty decent :) ).  Their friend Storm came over after dinner too which was pretty cool.  There were mojitos.  There was drinking.  There was Buzz.  There was Singstar.  And it was very good.

Near Orion
Queensland 2012
Queensland 2012
Brisbane from Southbank
Queensland 2012
Queensland 2012
Southbank (taking after Japan, much?)
Queensland 2012
Bored lifesaver. The water looked lovely.  I'd have liked to have gone for a swim.  But I didn't have any swimmers.  And I think they'd have arrested me if I went skinny dipping!
Queensland 2012
Brisbane from Southbank
Queensland 2012
Lizard at Southbank
Queensland 2012
Nepalese pagoda at Southbank
Queensland 2012
Queensland 2012
Queensland 2012


After a bit of a sleepin, we packed a picnic lunch and headed out to Wivenhoe Dam.  We'd thought of this too late last year which was a bit sad as we would have seen it spilling over.  As it was this year, they'd closed off the viewing area so you couldn't even see the front of the dam.  But I did walk over most of it while the others took photos of me heh.  Dinner was roast pork, along with a stack of pork skin.  But after dinner I started feeling a bit off-colour.  Thought I was coming down with the flu the kids had.  But also felt quite queasy.  Didn't even feel like drinking!  Tragic I know!!  Storm came over again and we played a card game called "Frustration" which I think I'd like to play some more.  There was no Buzz.  There was no Singstar.  There was no more drinking.  And it was very sad.

Wivenhoe Dam
Queensland 2012
Extra spillway at Wivenhoe Dam
Queensland 2012
Blue-faced honeyeater
Queensland 2012
Isn't he a cutie? :)
Queensland 2012
Wivenhoe Dam
Queensland 2012
Wivenhoe Dam
Queensland 2012
Wivenhoe Dam
Queensland 2012
Wivenhoe Dam
Queensland 2012
Wivenhoe Dam
Queensland 2012
Wivenhoe Dam
Queensland 2012
Queensland 2012
We'd bought a big bag of purple carrots.  If you boil them, their water turns bright indigo!
Queensland 2012


The last day is always a quiet day.  Didn't really do anything before heading off with ten baby plecos and three baby guppies in tow at 11:30am.  Pretty uneventful trip home (two flights - Brisbane-Sydney then Sydney-Canberra, and Lake George looks very full!).  After a long weekend of entirely t-shirt weather it was a bit sad to get home to the freezing cold.  

Jaffas at the Brisbane Qantas club
Queensland 2012
Citrus lemon shortbread on the plane
Queensland 2012
Northern beaches of Sydney
Queensland 2012
Drinks with Libby Trickett at the Qantas Club in Sydney
Queensland 2012
A-380 taking off
Queensland 2012
Been to a couple of parties down there
Queensland 2012
Sunset over Botany Bay
Queensland 2012
I've never seen Lake George completely full!
Queensland 2012
Queensland 2012

I dumped all the fish into the two-foot tank.  The next morning (Tuesday) I couldn't see any of the new fish at all - alive or dead.  Wednesday morning I saw one of the plecos swimming around.  So who knows if any others have survived.

Also fought the infection for a couple of days, but I think I have beaten it and not really gotten sick.

As always, same time next year guys, it was fun :):):)


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Yesterday after brunch at Black Pepper and doing our food shopping, we went and bought five baby angel fish!

So adorable!

Baby angels

Although one of them is hiding in the corner most of the time, I'm a little worried about it...

Hopefully these ones will have better luck breeding that the last batch.  Which only took up the tank for ten years!

Update: the fish died :(:(
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