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So I get home and the power is off.  Dead.  The main switch to the house is off.  So turn it back on.

Checking everything out, I hear a banging.  Most unusual.  Eventually found it.  The side gate.

Break in
Break in
So some buttplug has come along and totally ripped off the latch to the side gate, padlock and all.  I couldn't find it anywhere around the yard (unless they hid it well).  

My working theory is they broke in to go around the back, saw the alarm in the garage, turned off the power, found the alarm was still on (it has backup batteries) and decided not to bother.  Because there was no evidence of any forced entry anywhere.

Makes me a bit scared to leave the house :(


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This morning I walked through a big cobweb as I was walking outside.  It was completely and utterly icky :(:(:(

At work I wanted to get two things done at the very least.  I got one done relatively quickly, but the other took the entire day to get done, due to multiple distractions.

Tonight we went to go for a walk, only to discover an incoming thunderstorm.  We walked 800m, cutting the walk short and getting home just before it started raining.

Incoming thunderstorm

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