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ok so maybe you can get some good deals there.  But I've been to all of two or three computer fairs in my life, and the last two (this year) have been epic fail.  Not the fairs themselves.  But the products for sale therein. 

First there was the usb hub.  $12.  Works intermittently.  Will work for a while, then things will just drop out.  Device has to be disconnected and reconnected.  Since it's way up the back of my computer/work desk, this is too impractical for words.  Pulled it out and now it's gathering dust.  Epic fail!

Then there was the VGA to DVI converter dongle.  $9.  Makes the monitor not be able to display white, no matter how much I fiddle with the settings.  Pretty sure this monitor worked perfectly on my last computer.  Probably epic fail!

The rack-mountable patch panel we got that day actually seems to work.  Win!

The airwolf remote-controlled helicopter.  $28.  Bought batteries for it yesterday.  The remote control console doesn't even switch on!!  Epicest fail of all!!!

There's also a ps/2 to usb mouse dongle I got for $3, but haven't tested that yet.  I'm guessing with three out of four failures so far, the probably of it not working are pretty high.

Which is why I will never again waste $3 on computer fairs.
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