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In 2002 there was a partial solar eclipse in Sydney (it was a total eclipse in South Australia, and guy from work made the trek out to see it there).  I only had my Olympus point and shoot digital camera at the time, and no filters.  So I wasn't expecting to get any decent photos of it.  But as it happened there were bushfires around Sydney that day, and smoke from one of them obscured the sun enough to let me see and get photos.  

2002 Solar Eclipse in Sydney

I did consider trekking to the US to see the total eclipse in a couple of weeks.. but it wasn't exactly practical heh.

So Wednesday night saw me standing outside for nearly two hours documenting the moon.

Part way there

Lunar eclipse

A little further

Lunar eclipse

Exposed for the dark side, makes the bright bit *very* bright

Lunar eclipse

A mid-way exposure

Lunar eclipse

Then I remembered I had Dad's 250mm lens.  Just cropped here, so the picture is bigger, but I don't think the quality is there - it's very soft.

Lunar eclipse

Another one

Lunar eclipse

This a 30 second exposure so I could capture Neptune - which is in the very top right corner of the picture

Lunar eclipse

Back to my lens

Lunar eclipse

Totality is finished now

Lunar eclipse

And a bit more out of the shadow

Lunar eclipse

At this point I gave up and went to bed


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So this morning I woke up, looked out the window, and got depressed that I was going to miss the eclipse - on account of cloud cover over Canberra.

So got ready and went to work.

As I got off the bus I looked over my shoulder and there was a sort of break in the clouds!  Enough to see the sun obscured enough by clouds to get photos!  So grabbed my camera and snapped a bunch of pics!  Epic awesome!!

Solar eclipse over Canberra
Yay for clouds!  Cause I wouldn't have gotten photos like that otherwise, on account of not having any solar filters and all..!

Tonight went over the hills for a lovely prawn salad for dinner.  And some beer.  And a little wine.  Good times :):)


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About as much as I could see of the last lunar eclipse



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I wasn't really planning on attempting moon photos tonight.  We don't have a good view of the east so I'd have to go out to try and find somewhere that could actually see the moonrise.

But in the end I did go out and found somewhere with a clear view of the moon.  

It was pretty cool.

Lunar eclipse
Maybe I should get that L series lens.. although the 24-105 would have this picture a little smaller, but clearer.  Unless I got a super zoom 300mm.. that would give me a much better zoom hehe.

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