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Slept a lot better last night. Although I woke up at 4:52am and had some trouble getting back to sleep. I dreamt that straight after this trip I got off a plane in Sydney, then met Fran and we we had to rush to the next plane to go to America! Made it just in time. Had seats down the back of the plane. I thought they were aisle and middle seats, but the plane tapered right in at the back so I was near a window. I said I hadn't done any research for a trip to America so it was all going to have to be planned when we got there. Weird :)

Breakfast was pretty average this morning.

We spent the morning at the Hard Times mine, a tourist mine they've built in the middle of town. It's a bit disappointing that you can't see a "real" mine in Mount Isa, but for this one they've brought in a lot of actual equipment (older stuff of course) and some of the machinery still works and makes a lot of noise when they run it! Also, it means all the bits and pieces are quite close together so you don't have to walk too far to see everything. So it was a pretty cool tour.

Afterwards we had a bit of a wander through the museum there, and the Riversleigh museum made me all nostaligic for uni after watching a video of Mike Archer's work there. I realised tonight that I probably only recently threw out all my first year biology notes, including lecture timetables where I could have told you the first time I heard him talk.

Had some lunch (Subway platters, although no proper pizza subs) in the botanical park out the back.

After lunch we got taken up to the lookout again.

Then drove through the site of the main mine, and out to the powerstation that one of the guys on the tour had a part in building? Or working on in some capacity? Something like that.

And finally up to Moondarra Dam (which is *very* low at the moment).

Came back and after a quick wander (nothing is open on a Sunday here except a couple of things like Coffee Club and the bottle-o) we came back to the hotel. We were going to go for another wander but the museum we wanted to see was by appointment only and I was feeling pretty worn out, so I just stayed here and did computer stuff.

Went downstairs for dinner again. I had some "shrimp" for entree, which were quite tasty, veal for mains, which was beautiful and tender, and chocolate mousse for dinner, which was lovely as well.

Then back up to use up the remainder of the wifi time limit.

Oh, we heard both the 8am and 8pm blasts today too.

Scary Dream

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I almost *never* have scary dreams.  The last time I had one was the night before I started at my current job over five years ago.  Before that it was even longer since I'd had one. Last night I had a dream in which I felt scared.  Things that go bump in the night type scared.  Firstly odd sounds, but I don't remember too much of that.  Then there was this crackly buzzing, sounded a bit like a geiger counter, but more regular.  Stu and I were in the bedroom hearing it come closer to us.  Opened the bedroom door but nothing to be seen and the sound sounded it like it was coming from inside the room, but no matter where we looked we couldn't find the source.  Then I woke up, and Stu's machine / breathing was making that exact noise.  Freaky. 


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I had this dream the other night.  Someone asked me what the latitude and longitude for Canberra was.  I said well Sydney is 151 east and 34 south, so I imagine Canberra would be 149 or 150 east, and 35 or 36 south.  I then pulled out my iPhone to try and confirm the answer.  But do you think I could find it??  No matter what I did, the Google searches wouldn't give me what I wanted, even bringing back image searches.  It was all very frustrating, and of course I didn't get my answer.

So when I woke up, first thing I did was try it..

Ha!  So not only does it work nicely, but I was actually even correct in my guesstimate :)


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For some reason I was dreaming about making a Mt Everest cake.  And stressing about how I was going to do it and did we have the necessary ingredients and equipment .. 
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