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Whenever I get a spare hour (pretty rare) I'll watch an episode of Air Crash Investigations.  The other day I watched one on Singapore Airlines Flight 006, which took off from the wrong runway in Taipei in 2000 (it crashed partway down the runway because the runway was closed for construction works and there was construction equipment on it).  I went back to my photos of the airport from a few years ago and found the exact spot that the mistake happened.

Taipei airport

The planes at the back are coming up the taxiway about to turn right.  Just behind the plane in the foreground you can see a turnoff to our left.  That's where the plane that crashed turned down, instead of coming all the way out to the runway we are about to land on.  

Sad times..


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Some time after 7pm last night my blog went offline.  Tried it from a couple of different networks, including  It was dead.

Some time overnight it came back.

But it was missing the last entry and the last couple of comments.

Looks like the content reverted to was from about midday on the 28th, so would have lost about a day and half's worth of data.  Luckily my blog gets so little activity that this is hardly an issue.

So obviously Something Bad happened, and they've had to do a data restore.  Or perhaps they were moving data to a new host but it all took so long that content had changed by the time they were done.  Either way, I'm lucky to have not lost my entire blog (or at least since the last snapshot I did, and then would have had to reconstruct it from my rss feed reader).  So I'm doing another snapshot of it now.

It's a pity that the internal Movable Type backups don't work anymore.  They used to a long time ago, but I think there's just too much content now.  I'll look into automating an sql dump at least to give me a text dump at regular intervals...

Edit: I think they must have moved to a new host - suddenly response time for posting is super snappy - normally it takes like a minute to publish an entry, but this entry only took a few seconds to publish!

Edit 2: they seem to have broken the SMTP settings.  I used to be able to have my blog email me when I got a blog comment.  Now it tries but fails and generates a bounce message (which I *do* get).  But even worse, it turns out that *all* my mail is bouncing :(:(:(:(:(

Edit 3: I called their support number and spoke to someone who confirmed that they had indeed moved the site to a new host, and he was able to fix the mail setting for my domains on the spot.  And that he'd have to go and fix a bunch of other people's domains as well heh.


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Thirty years ago this morning we woke up to the news of the Challenger disaster.

I was just starting year 7.  My parents heard it on the radio in bed, and told us about it.

I remember being quite stunned at the time.

I also remember that jokes about it came out *very* quickly in those pre-internet days.  (eg - what does NASA stand for? need another seven astronauts)

Sad times..


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So we were about to get in the car to head off to work today when I noticed the pool level was a lot lower than it should be.  It looked to be at about the bottom of the skimmer box, so my first thought was that piping had broken to the filter/pump, and the pool had drained off.  As it turns out, it was siphoning itself off via the hose.


One end of the hose had been in the pool since the last top up a while ago.  The other end I'd draped over the edge, having disconnected it from the tap a couple of days ago to fill up a watering can.  Then the wind last night blew the end onto the ground, and the pool started draining.  Was super annoyed at the waste of water and a little worried about the flood (which, fortunately, seems to have drained fairly well).  But I was glad that it wasn't broken piping, and that I discovered it before a day of water had the chance to drain out.

In other news, all the documentaries I'm watching on America and its national parks is making me want to go back there!!  Just don't know that I could convince the sweetie..

Around maybe the 25th of August I was trying to manage some of the mail in my Eudora inbox - I wanted to move some of it to another folder.  So I selected a few and dragged them to another folder.  Like I do regularly.  Except this day my computer had a hiccough, and those mails got corrupted.  The mails that I wanted to move were from around the 13-14th August.  And it looked like those mails had gotten corrupted.  But what I didn't realise at the time was that the *entire* inbox had been corrupted dated around the 16th.

So the backup I'd done on the 21st August (to disk 1) would have had a corrupt inbox.

What I didn't realise was that the backup I'd done on 7 August (to disk 2) would have had a good copy.  I didn't know this when I ran a backup over the top on 4th September.

So come yesterday when I realised what had happened, and suddenly I realise my last two backups have a corrupted inbox :(:(:(

Fortunately I had a third backup, one that doesn't come into circulation very often, dated 4th July.  The problem with that backup, is that it was now so old that mail was no longer on the server for a few weeks in July (mail is only set to stay on the server for 60 days).  But, it was better than nothing.  So I brought that home tonight and tried to piece everything back together.  My cPanel mail is a bit of a pain though, it wouldn't let me just download the mail again in another copy of Eudora.  It seems that once they've been downloaded once, it refuses to download them again.  In the end I copied them to another cPanel mailbox using Horde webmail, and downloaded them again that way.

So then it was piecing together the various backups and redownloaded mailboxes, without getting too may duplicates floating around.

I had a look through the corrupted mailboxes text files, but they only have content in them from 16th August onwards :(

All up I probably only lost about half a dozen mails that I care about.  My inbox you see is my personal mail address, so the majority of other mail (dealing with companies) gets filtered automatically at download.  So there wasn't a huge amount in the missing days.  And I can tell from the TOC what the mails are and who they're from.  

Lessons learnt:
* multiple backups are a Good Thing!!
* keeping mail on the server for a decent chunk of time before deleting it is a Good Thing!!
* manage Eudora mailboxes more regularly - they're more prone to errors when they get big

And now I prepare to weather the storm of stoopid comments telling me I should use a better mail client or a mac with time machine, or I should keep all my mail in the cloud, or some such other nonsense.  Because nothing bad could ever happen in any of those scenarios, could it?

Still remembering

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World Trade Centre


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So my little brother took this photo this morning:

Menangle crash
Three people died in that car :(:(  I'll be curious to know what happened.  Did the driver of the truck fall asleep momentarily?  Did he swerve to avoid something and lose control?  Was there any sort of mechanical fault?
But the most unsettling thing for me personally - my brother was just minutes behind this.  It could have been him under that truck...
Edit 22.2.20:  Googled this - the truck driver Vincent Samuel George was drug affected and fatigued and sentenced to jail.


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So I found about this morning's factory fire in Mitchell from someone living in New Zealand.  heh.

Went out and took some pics and sent them into The RiotACT.

Mitchell fire
Mitchell fire

Otherwise sucky day.  But I just need to remember that when I'm having a tough time at work, I just have to remember that I don't also have to look after six kids as a single mother with a full-time teaching job.  How fricken hard would that be?!?


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Ten years on.  And I still tear up watching the footage.

I blogged my recollections of the night in the first year I had a blog in 2003, at the two-year anniversary.

These are some of my photos of the World Trade Centre when I visited there in 2000. 

World Trade Centre
World Trade Centre
World Trade Centre
World Trade Centre
World Trade Centre
World Trade Centre
World Trade Centre
World Trade Centre
World Trade Centre

All gone just ten months later...

World Trade Centre Aftermath


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I haven't been super stressed at work so much lately, but I have been in the past.  Sometimes it helps to realise that if I have a bad day, or if I get distracted by crap and forget something (that happens a lot), noone will die!!  There's certainly no way I could ever be an Air Traffic Controller, that's for sure.  I wonder how life has been for her these past twenty years...

Barely got any sleep after 3am this morning.  Hoping I have better luck tonight.
.. keep going most of a week without blogging that is?  Far out I'm a slacker..!

So a couple of miscellaneous pics from the week..

Some vertical balancing.. I call it Vertical Art
Vertical art
Another foggy cobweb.  I really have trouble getting sharp photos of these things :(
Foggy cobweb
Saturday we went into town for breakfast and to take photos of the Diamant Hotel after the fire.

Diamant Hotel Fire
Diamant Hotel Fire
Diamant Hotel Fire
And in the evening we went out for a (sort of) surprise birthday party for Andrew at Mecca Bah.  I was feeling anxious leading up to going out because I knew I wouldn't know the majority of people there and I'd more than likely have to talk to lots of strangers.  Sure enough, that's what happened.  But the sweetie was able to keep up some conversation, and a little wine certainly didn't go astray!  The food at the restaurant was really good, but almost completely inaccessible - none of the dishes came with any kind of serving implements (we ended up asking for some), and the pide wasn't cut (one of them came with a regular dinner knife, but not all of them even had that!).  It was also crazy expensive for the banquet ($42.90 per person).  Still, we really did enjoy the food, when we could get at it!

Koopa Andrew
Have spent a lot of the past week on the jigsaw.  Made pretty good progress too.  Here's a couple of pics comparing last Sunday night with tonight.  I've basically done the majority of the animals in the middle this week.

Cooked a super awesome roast pork with potato bake tonight.  Massive amount of crackling that turned out really well, unfortunately at the expense of the meat which was a little dry.  

And suddenly the weekend is over and it's back to the grindstone tomorrow...

So yesterday, it being our wedding anniversary and all, we decided to go out somewhere nice for dinner.  

We decided to go to Courgette in Civic.

I even wore a blouse .. *gasp* !

That didn't make me feel any less like I didn't belong there.  I'm just not a fancy restaurant kind of person (not that I wouldn't like to be - I do like nice food, I just feel out of my depth).  

Please excuse the crappy iphone photos.  It would just have been too weird to pull out my real camera, and it wouldn't have focussed on my meal anyway without standing up from the table.  Maybe I should have stolen Dave's camera heh.

We ordered a pre-dinner cocktail (Kir Royal) each, which was a blackcurrant flavoured champagne.

Courgette Dinner
They also brought out these mini cups of crab and seafood bisque with a prawn foam - really really tasty!

Courgette Dinner
We ordered a bottle of Southern Highlands Wines Pinot Gris which amazed Stu.  Will have to find some more for him :)

For entrées, Stu had the "Hand picked mud crab and rare yellow fin tuna sausage, wasabi mayonnaise, crisp rice wafer".  This was cold which surprised me.
Courgette Dinner
And I had "Prosciutto wrapped pan seared scallops, confit chicken wings, pea purée, lemon olive oil, balsamic reduction" which was delicious and tender, although I don't recall seeing any actual prosciutto.
Courgette Dinner
For mains Stu had the "Roasted corn fed chicken, sautéed livers with apple and sherry vinegar, braised lentils, Jerusalem artichoke crème, truffle brioche, brandy jus".  The chicken was delicious but I didn't try any of the chicken livers (should have saved one for Nat ;) )
Courgette Dinner
And I had "Sticky pork belly with roasted loin, caramelised apple pear gallette, celeriac mash, pomegranate seed, white balsamic and cider vinegar split jus" which was pretty awesome except that the big two pork pieces in the middle were actually a bit tough to cut through - I almost had to hack my way through it with the knife when cutting it up.  That would be the only complaint I had for the whole evening.
Courgette Dinner
There was a group of six people on a nearby table, and I swear one of the girls looked naked.  All I could see out of the corner of my eye was flesh..
Courgette Dinner
While thinking about dessert, they brought out some watermelon sorbet which was *amazing*!
Courgette Dinner
We ordered desserts, as well as a glass of Penfolds Grandfather Fine Old Tawny port.
Courgette Dinner
We both had the "Vanilla crème brulee with seasonal mixed berries and short bread finger".  Yumm yumm yumm. Real vanilla, crunchy top, super awesome.
Courgette Dinner
And the sweetie got a coffee as well
Courgette Dinner
So all in all an expensive but lovely night out.

Our wedding anniversary is the same date as the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.  In the past couple of weeks, in the lead up to the 25th anniversary, there's been a heap of articles on English Russia, and other places as well.  For some reason this disaster totally captivates me.  No idea why.  Silly really.  I even wrote a time travel story in high school that mentioned it.  I was in year 12 at the time.  It was about a girl who suddenly woke up in April 1986 - she'd gone back in time five years.  She remembered that April 1986 was when the Chernobyl disaster happened and was trying to warn people.  But of course noone believed her (except her older brother who realised she couldn't suddenly know calculus overnight unless it were true).  The disaster happened and she went into hiding because suddenly everyone wanted to talk to her.  A month later she woke up back in her own time.  I actually scanned that story (and some others) before I threw out all my school work before leaving Sydney.


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Other than watching an episode of The Amazing Race (filmed in Sydney and Broken Hill - around November - jacarandas were blossoming) I didn't get anything else done tonight.  Too distracted by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan :(:(:(

Getting there..

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A bit better today.  Still coughing, but headache mostly gone.

Decided to work from home today.  I kidded myself into thinking I could get some work done with less general distractions.  Alas that was not to be, as I think I spent more time answering messages and teaching people stuff than doing the work I wanted to do.  Oops.

Tonight I was making panoramas of my last trip up Black Mountain Tower (inspired by Yvonne).  They weren't very good, I'm just going to have to go back :)

I did put together the (almost) 360 panorama I took up Kyoto Tower in September.  It turned out really well :)
(click to embiggen)

Kyoto Tower panorama

Still saddened by all the Christchurch stuff.  Read NathanaelB's account of it..


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My father took this photo in 1975.  So I have been there.  I was eighteen months old though so I don't remember it.

Christchurch Cathedral
But it was just the spire that fell.  So long as there aren't too many severe aftershocks, the thing could probably be restored.

Much sadder are the other scenes - entire office buildings that have collapsed, crushed cars, crushed buses, homes missing walls.  Probably won't know the final death toll for weeks.  Sad sad sad.

Pyne Gould Corporation building
Hang in there Christchurch....

Nothing to say

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Sorry I really have nothing say tonight.

Oh yes I do.  I think the pilot of Tuniter Flight 1153 got a really rough deal getting jailed for their plane crash.  


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Didn't realise until tonight that we got married exactly twenty-two years after the Chernobyl disaster...


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My little weather pixie has been offline since the weekend.  On Monday I found out about a fire/explosion in a big data centre in Texas.  Checked with all nettools, and sure enough, the weather pixie site is hosted there.  So have been following the progress ever since.

All I have to say is ... ooops!!
(and hey, it could happen to anyone.. so all sympathies to them!)
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