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Wins and Losses

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Had a fairly decent weekend last weekend.  Got quite a few things done on the todo list, including renewing my domain names ( has been in existence for fourteen years today!), vacuuming and cleaning out the pool, washing the sheets, installing windows 10 on my little laptop (and the GPS software still works hurrah!), cleaning the kitchen, some fish tank work, food shopping and cooking.  Didn't do the house vacuuming though.

In between we had our work ball, which I'll get some photos online for eventually.

This week was a very strange week.  We had several farewell events for the Chrises including a long lunch on Wednesday.  Gonna miss them.  It also seems certain that we will lose literally the best bar in Canberra.  And our carpark.  All very depressing.  Got some work done in between, although wasn't terribly motivated.

I also got grumpy this week at Insight Vacations who have been ignoring my emails.  And at myself for not registering for the last Ingress Anomoly - which means the hundreds of jarvises, adas, cubes, bursters etc that I donated to the cause will have been for nothing :(

Our pool froze over twice during the week.  And yesterday the power tripped early in the morning which means the fish tank heaters didn't work all day, and we lost some fish in the smallest tank :(  

Pool ice

Have been spending mornings scanning mum's photos.  Two weeks to scan each album, give or take.  So one down this morning, four more to go until the next swap-meet when I can get some more.

And I have this odd sort of feeling that I'm coming down with something.


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Lately I seem to be feeling a constant low level stress/depression (that regularly flares up to much stronger versions).  Work is certainly not helping.  The heat over the last couple of weeks.  Lack of sleep.  Body cycles that should be four weeks being only three.  Food.  Blood pressure.  Missing jigsaw piece from a new and expensive jigsaw.  Bank fees.  Housework.  Vacuuming.  Trivia nights to prepare for.  A computer that hasn't installed updates since a cancelled upgrade to Windows 10 last year (other than Security Essentials updates) and doesn't seem to have the ability to either.  iPhone batteries that don't last the day.  Clutter.  Dust.  Holiday finances.  Weight.  Deteriorating eyesight.


There just doesn't seem to be enough *time* in the world.  Last night was cool off in the pool, cook and eat dinner while watching House, a walk with Chris and just a little bit of time on the jigsaw.  And then it's bed time.  I didn't get any computer time.  I still haven't even *seen* most of my last holiday photos, let alone geotag them.  Tonight was better, but had to fight with my computer for too long after it started spazzing out.  Got a bit of trivia night stuff done at least.  A whole half hour.  Yay.


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Saturday morning I gave away the fridge from the caravan that never worked on 240V.  One less piece of clutter in the house!

Then we headed out to the club.  I chatted to Chris and helped de-nail fence palings in the morning, and helped with the working bee (more de-nailing of fence palings) in the afternoon.

Club lizard

Club new fence

Came home and were all set for a quiet night in, started watching Back to the Future, then Kit invited us down.  Serena had brought Jenga Quake.  Which was my third variation of Jenga this week.  At work they have an original set.  At the club there's a much bigger set.  Quake has plastic bricks which have less friction so are a little easier to pull out.  But we didn't use the quake platform cause that's just silly.  Stayed up a bit too late annoying the neighbours by singing along to seventies music.

Today I barely did anything on the todo list.  Best I could manage was to clean the kitchen.  Did our food shopping, cooked/ate dinner, went for walkies with Chrissie then finished watching Back to the Future.

Mt Rogers Bug


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Only just barely survived the week.  Weird networking issues scuttled my firewall work which just made the whole team look bad.

Tuesday went for a short walk with Chrissie.  We were going to walk last night but I forgot.

On Wednesday I cleared out years of old project paperwork out of my desk drawers.

Thursday we went over to Kit's after drinks.

I also solved the GCHQ nonogram quite easily (it became pretty obvious what it was fairly early on) and have been playing nonogram puzzles online.

And starting to pick up speed on the 5000 piece jigsaw.



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I had a crap day today.  Epic fail.

So here's a photo of me at the controls of an A380

Kazza and A380


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Friday night we took Chrissie out for her birthday - she now joins me in knowing the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.  We went to the Dumpling Inn and had some of our favourites (shredded beef peking style and three cup wine chicken) and some dumplings (still can't compete with Din Tai Fung).  Went back to her place afterwards and Kit came down as well.

Dumpling Inn dumplings

Dumping Inn three cup wine chicken

Dumpling Inn fried dumplings

Dumpling Inn shredded beef peking style

Lacked motivation this weekend.  Had a big todo list, but barely any of it got done.

I did manage to clean the kitchen and the spare room.  And did some washing.

Other than that, about ten hours on the jigsaw.  And all I've got to show for it is some sorting (about three hours), the edge, and a tiny bit of the jigsaw proper.

Ominous skies

Well, also went for a longish (well it took ages, but that was cause of the kid and the dogs being special, it was actually only 4.85km) walk with Chris.  And the sweetie cooked dinner and did *heaps* of work in the garden.

Heavy rain

Quiet Sunday

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My Sunday night depression started last night when we got home.  Too much go go go and then a sudden deflation.  And the weekend was half over and I hadn't been home for any of it.

So I really didn't feel like doing much today.  In the end I alternated between doing holiday photos and a jigsaw.

The sweetie on the other hand spent *hours* cleaning the bathroom, toilet and ensuite, as well as mowing the lawn and doing more garden tidying.  Bestest sweetie *ever* ! :)

Tonight I cooked up a big batch of bolognase for the week's lunches.

One year ago today we went up Taipei 101, wandered through Huashan 1914 Creative Park, and I wandered through Guanghua Electronics Plaza.


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Friday night was swim night, and supper at EffanC's (mmm beef stew).

Saturday morning we headed out to the club.

Whereupon I noticed we had lost our rear number plate :(:(:(  We'd noticed it had been loose once before, but this time it was gone completely.  Called Canberra Connect and various police to report it.  Super epic pissed off, because I really liked that number plate and now we're going to lose it.

Then we did a bit of work scrubbing down the surface of our caravan which was starting to get mouldy.

Whereupon I sliced my finger open on a screw protuding from inside the caravan.

Yeah I pretty much lost it.  We'd been planning to stay the night, but I was feeling too miserable so we just came home.  We looked and looked for the number plate but didn't see it.

Went over to Kit's after dinner though which was nice.

Today, aside from finishing a jigsaw I started last night, didn't do much until we headed out again to look for the number plate. Fifty kilometres of driving around Canberra looking for it, but never found it :(:(:(:(  Will give it a couple of days in the hope that someone will hand it in before applying for a new one.

Did some food shopping them came home.  Watched Guardians of the Galaxy.  Not bad.  Now it must be bed time.

Oh also, I've uploaded a stack of images to old blog posts back to January, so if you could be bothered (I'm sure only mum will), there's pics in the archives.

Please Take Stuff!

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I talked to the little brother last night.  And I thought *I* was stressed about everything.  Not only does he have mum's house to worry about getting stuff out of, but a close friend of his has decided to sell his house as well.  Note this friend keeps an entire railway museum in his house, and so it's in a much worse state of clutter than this place.  And David can't get away from work to be able to actually spend any time here so he's not in a good way.

Meanwhile I'm just depressed about the whole thing.  I was counting on having many more months to take my time to try and find new owners for things rather than seeing the whole lot just thrown out, but that idea has gone out the window.  

Mum on the other hand is all excited about moving to a new place and wants to sell this house as soon as possible and throw everything out and just go.

So she's happy, but we're in a mess.

Anyway, I've put up photos of everything we've documented so far - and there is much more to come.  I've only had two responses on Freecycle, but at least they're going to take a couple of things..

Please pass this around and help me clear this place out by taking things (I can bring smaller stuff back to Canberra, but if you know people in Sydney please pass this on!)

Also, public transport sux..  (well people suck really)..

I hate people


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On Friday night I came home feeling a bit depressed because instead of being able to relax I had to do housework, because I have no other night to do it :/

Saturday morning I went the opposite direction to my usual weekend drive - this time to Junee to visit the little brother. I asked Google Maps where to go, and it sent me off the Hume at Jugiong and up to Cootamundra.  It was a nice drive, although the roads weren't the best.  And canola sure is yellow.

Junee drive

Junee drive

Junee drive

David's house is very nice.  But smaller than their place at Picton, which could make things .. *interesting* to try and fit it all in.

We rearranged some furniture and I sorted out his blurays and put them in a cupboard, and just hung out.  Watched the election coverage until we got too depressed, then watched Deathly Hallows on tv.

I woke up at 6:20 as per usual and couldn't get back to sleep.  Hung out doing puzzles on the lounge room floor (no lounges yet).  

Just before lunch went and looked at one of Junee's tourist attractions - the licorice and chocolate factory.  But we were (David was! ;) ) running late so didn't get much of a look.  Got some white chocolate rocky road (although almost didn't because the service was pretty slow and we were late for lunch).

Junee Licorice and Chocolate Factory

Then to lunch at the Junee Hotel for their $10 Sunday roast - pork - yum!  Didn't need dinner (I might have had a couple of slices of bacon, shh don't tell anyone).  

Junee Hotel Sunday roast

David went off to work, and I came home.

Felt a bit lost when I got home.  Tired and feeling like I really need a whole weekend at home.  Was feeling pretty blah tonight (it's Sunday after all), so Stu suggested putting on some music.  So I put on some John Williams, because that always cheers me up.  Used the hour to get my blog more or less up to date.

So apparently

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So apparently depression is not good for the waistline or the budget (our solution: beer and pizza).  So much for ever getting healthy.
This morning I woke up at 5am, and had to think for a moment where I was.  Got up to go to the loo and noticed the power was out.  Had been since about 3:30am.  I'm suspecting another faulty fish tank heater.  So outside to reset the circuit breaker, and then back to bed for a bit.

Had a very slow day.  I still never want to leave the house again.  Which could make going to work tomorrow challenging.  *Especially* because it's work and all the dramas going on there is stressing me out.

So we just stayed inside all day.  I did a bit of house cleaning in the morning, but lost interest in that after a while.  

I did a small jigsaw (one of the $1 jigsaws I picked up at KMart a couple of weeks ago).
Buttons jigsaw

The sweetie enjoyed coffee in his Christmas present from Yvonne.  They're pretty funky little glasses.
Coffee glasses

And he also built our Christmas present from the parents - a little coffee table (called "Lack") for the study 

This is the sweetie's space in the study now

Other than that I just caught up on news feeds, and fought off depression about having to go back to work.
Well the first step in the drama that is Apple was moving my 3GS to another computer.  I wasn't interested in any music or playlists, just my apps and settings.  So did a final backup on the old computer, made a file system backup of the backup, and then hooked it up to the other computer.  It actually went ok, showing up and doing a backup.  I then told it to "transfer purchases" which downloaded all the apps off the phone and saved them to the new computer.  So yeah the first step went ok.  Although I'm not entirely sure that the new computer thinks it's the "true" owner of the phone, but more on that later.

Tuesday night I thought I'd upgrade my 3GS to IOS 6.  First step was another full backup.  Followed by backup of the backup files on the file system.  

Starting the update, I got this message.  To which I'm like "but I just *did* a backup!".  So I did another backup, and another transfer of purchases.
iTunes sux
"There are purchased items on the iPhone "Kazza the Blank One" that have not been transferred to your iTunes library.  You should transfer these items to your iTunes library before updating this iPhone.  Are you sure you want to continue?"

I also got this message.  Which in retrospect suggested that the new iTunes/computer wasn't the "owner" of the phone.  But I thought it would be ok.  I had backups after all.
iTunes sux
"Updating to iOS 6.0 will delete all the apps and media, including iTunes Store purchases on your iPhone.  To preserve your content, apply this update on the computer where you sync apps, music, videos and photos.  Updating on this computer will only preserve contacts, calendars, text messages and other settings.  Please do not interrupt the update, which may take an hour or more to complete."

The next battle was with our router, which keeps dropping off the internet, and so it took me three goes to download the 900mb update.  Eventually it came down.  

During the update I go this message.  Again, I had backups, so I wasn't *too* concerned.

iTunes sux
"An error occurred while backing up this iPhone (-50).  Would you like to continue to update this iPhone?  Continuing will result in the loss of all contents on this iPhone."

This is where things started to get messy.  The phone updated and rebooted.  It came up blank and wanted to be restored.  At one point it came up in the "activation mode" - where nothing actually works until you go into iTunes and activate it.  Another restore.  This time a blank phone with no apps (although seemingly all the settings for the default apps).  Another restore.  This time the phone kept rebooting and not staying up.  This was after midnight now and I thought I'd bricked the phone.  So went to bed but couldn't sleep.  Eventually got up again to check on it and the phone had come back up.  But still in a default state with no apps.

The next morning I got up thinking I'd lost all my apps/data.  But I thought I'd try synching a few of the apps to the phone anyway.  And miracle of miracles!  All my app data was there!!  I was so happy!

So happy that that afternoon I went out and bought an iPhone 5.

I couldn't use it straight away, as I was going to Chris B's for a halloween party.  But I was able to use it on wifi there. 

Came home and plugged it into iTunes.  Also got it going on wifi.  Or so I thought.  It dropped out twice.  A turn off/on of wifi in settings seemed to help.  Activated the sim, and was all up and running late that evening.  Synched a small set of apps to the phone, and they had all their app data.  So I thought I was set.

Not so much.

As it turns out, the wifi problems were actually a lot more major than I thought.  What I thought was the wifi dropping out completely doesn't seem to be the case.  And it seemed to be intermittent too.

Friday night I installed 6.01, which was *supposed* to fix the reported problems with wifi and wpa2.  Yeah no.  Not at all.  In fact if anything it's worse than it was before.

So this is the latest.  I know that wifi connects.  In fact I can use a ping app to prove it - 

And actually, when I turned wifi off/on it seems that when things worked initially before dropping out, it was simply because it was still using 3G before the wifi kicked in.  The ping times are quite high on 3G before it switches to wifi.

So then I thought maybe it was DNS.  But my DNS utility continues to work while other apps don't - 

DNS ok So it's got me stumped.  Why would ping and DNS apps work, but not regular applications?  It's just not logical.

And the other weird thing is that push notifications continue to work.  For example, I was on Echofon (Twitter) this morning.  I'd get the push notifications to my phone even before my computer showed them in the Twitter timeline. But I couldn't use Echofon to load the timeline.  Same thing with DrawSomething.  I'd get the notifications that it was my turn, but couldn't actually load a game!  How the hell does that work?  

So after a week of drama with Apple/iTunes, I'm this >< close to chucking it all in and getting an Android.  I don't know if there's any point asking for a new phone - because it's likely to have exactly the same problems right?  I feel like I should do some more testing.  Try it out a few people's places to see if it has the same problems there.  Maybe it's just the interaction with our wifi access point?  I don't think there's anything physically wrong with the phone.  In fact last night it seemed to work for a couple of hours.  So replacing it is not likely to help anyway.  The whole thing has made me super depressed.  Coupled with lack of sleep all week (even after late nights my body refuses to sleep in past 7am) and I'm just over everything.

Have done some more testing with DNS.  In safari I can access websites by ip address, but as soon as I try their FQDN, things don't work.  I've tried static and DHCP for IP address settings.  Maybe I should try another DNS server?  Maybe IPV6 is confusing things??

Tried static entries, and tried Google's DNS servers.  No luck :(

*some* sites work ok just as IP addresses - others still don't work


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Burning DVDs of photos, playing Flow, bit of tidying, yum cha at Dumpling Inn, food shopping, failed plans, depression.


Two years ago today we had a relatively quiet day in Cornwall, doing washing, having lunch at a Rick Stein cafe, and going out to Land's End.


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Not a good day. Week really.  Nonsense that started Monday continued today.  Fortunately nothing I've done, which is always nice.  Until they find something.  Which they probably will.

Saddened this afternoon to hear about the death of a guy at work from cancer.  Even though I barely knew him - I think I'd talked to him all of twice and played with his iPad once.

Two years ago today we travelled from Bangor in Wales to Salisbury in England.  This was a much better day, starting at Llanfair in the rain, seeing the super cool Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, Iron Bridge, and Gloucester Cathedral.  This was one of the more beautiful cathedrals we went to, and of course featured heavily in the first two Harry Potter movies.

Today sucked

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Stressed all day and depressed all night.



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Depressing day today.

So much so that even with a fridge full of healthy food we ordered pizza.  And waited over an hour and a half for Crust to deliver it.  Shoulda gotten Dominos.

At least three brownouts tonight.  Stoopid storms.  We need to replace the batteries in our UPS.

And saw this bunny hopping around the front yard.  Stu didn't believe me, he said it was a rat.  I thought so too until I saw it hopping.

Wherein proving my camera has better eyesight than me - it was practically invisible where it was.


Had a true dog-followed-me-home story today .. 

This was after the crappiest day at work I've had in a long time.  Tired, unbelievably crappy software (which I'd rant and rave about, but I'd probably get fired), got on people's nerves, got depressed.  So left at 3:30 and walked home with Tony.

A couple of k's from home, this dog came up to us, and ended up hovering around us as we walked to rest of the way to Tony's place.  No collar (although evidence of one) and just running all over the place, including the road :(  When we got to Tony's place we got him through the gate - but he just jumped right out!!  But got him back in again and Tony kept him entertained so he stayed.  I continued on home.  Good news is, the owner found him cause Tony posted some details online.  Apparently the owners had taken off the collar that morning because he had a bit of a rash, but he jumps fences - doh!  

Crappy Day

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Badly organised events + incompetent vendors + mean and cynical people = depressed Kazza.

People suck.
Epic crap day (evening) at work.. accidently broke half the network for a couple of hours.. *yay*.  Stressed/depressed.. they'll most likely fire me in the morning :(

Dave gave me a lift home, and I snaffled his camera to take photos of grasshoppers while he was getting petrol.

Can somebody please kill me now? :(

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