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Still in Shock

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Tuesday got the shock news that Aunty Di and Uncle Graham had been murdered, apparently by their son.  I went over to Chrissie's Tuesday night and we shared some wine and just tried to process.

Wednesday night I got off the bus where Tony gets off and we walked up the hill.  I finally had a look inside the little library, which turns out to be in an old dishwasher!  Picked up three James Bond books.  Cooked tacos for dinner, which turned out quite well, but we ended up eating too much.

Taco Wednesday

Thursday and Friday I had training which was pretty intense.

Thursday I was sick of pizza (we had it on Tuesday night at Chrissie's).  We ended up having leftovers.  Hurrah.  I watched You've Got Mail.

Kettle Greek style chips

Friday had pizza (hey, it was a different sort) at Pizza Artigiana, and did some food shopping.

Pizza Artigiana puttanesca and quattro formaggio pizzas

Saturday morning it snowed.


Then we headed out to the club.  I did jigsaw while the meeting was on, then we had lunch with EffanC at the Lake George Hotel.  We didn't tempt fate (they wouldn't let me) to see if they could get the crackling on the pork belly right this time.  Instead we got a meal each, but could have easily done just two meals and shared.  The servings were huge.  Most of us conceded defeat and I took all the leftovers away in containers.

Lake George rib stack

In the afternoon I measured all the windows for curtains, and did a little photo culling.  Had the fire going which made the cabin all nice and toasty warm.  Talked to the mother type person and the brother type person in the evening and had leftovers from lunch for dinner.

Cabin fire heater

Anyone care to guess what this is?

Abstract art

There was more snow overnight, still visible this morning.

Canberra snow

Canberra snow

The house was cold when we got home and my feet never warmed up.  At all.  All day.  They are still cold.

Started going through a book Doc gave me a while ago, gathering questions for our next trivia night.  Other than doing some washing, that's all I managed to achieve all day.  Watched The Terminal in the afteroon/evening.  Stu cooked a dal for dinner and we watched a Veronica Mars.

Bit of a crazy intense week.  

I first met Aunty Di and Uncle Graham when our family started going to St Clements thirty years ago in 1989.  Although at the time they were just plain Diana and Graham.  It was only when Chrissie came back from New Zealand in the middle of 1989 that they became known as Aunty and Uncle.

They became good friends of the family.  My parents would often play cards/games with them, and they went on multitudes of church bushwalks and weekends away together.  

In recent years I saw them at various parental type birthdays, and several times when they came down to visit Chrissie.

Graham and Diana on their 25th Wedding Anniversary
Graham and Diana celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary

Diana, Dad and Graham about to walk across the new Woronora Bridge
Diana, Dad and Graham about to walk across the new Woronora Bridge

Graham and Diana with Dad and Mum at Sydney Aquarium
Graham and Diana with Dad and Mum at Sydney Aquarium

Bushwalking group walk to Nellies Glen in Blue Mountains.  Graham and Diana, Dad, Jeff Anderson, Garry Le Clerc
Bushwalking group walk to Nellies Glen in Blue Mountains.  Graham and Diana, Dad, Jeff Anderson, Garry Le Clerc

Diana and Graham celebrating Mum's birthday at Sizzler
Diana and Graham celebrating Mum's birthday at Sizzler

Diana and Graham celebrating Dad's birthday at Tradies
Diana and Graham celebrating Dad's birthday at Tradies

Graham and Diana celebrating Mum's birthday at Tradies
Graham and Diana celebrating Mum's birthday at Tradies

Diana and Graham at our wedding
Diana and Graham at our wedding

Graham and Diana celebrating Mum's birthday at Tradies
Graham and Diana celebrating Mum's birthday at Tradies

So we were all in utter shock and disbelief yesterday.

See you in heaven guys...

Goodbye Pookie

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So I've known Pookie (original name Bobby) the entire time I've known the sweetie (which is coming up on fourteen years!).  We haven't seen him in recent years though because he's been so far away.  But his time had come today.  He was nineteen years old!

Goodbye you sweet sooky cat.


This morning I labelled all the photos I took of all the stuff Mike is going to try and sell.  Still need to get them to him..

After that alternated between sorting Lego and working on the trivia night.  Although sorting became a problem because I had to make an emergency emptying of some of the cardboard boxes it came in due to flooding in our garage (which hasn't happened since we got our guttering fixed).  I knew it rained on and off during the night last night but I had no idea how heavy it was.  We got a couple of streams coming through the garage but fortunately no other damage.  Even late this afternoon the creek at the bottom of the hill was still in full flood.  Amazing, considering how low the lake has been after several weeks of no rain.  Typical of Australia though - droughts and flooding rains.

So yeah, also got three rounds done for the trivia night (only another seven to go..).

This afternoon did some food shopping.  Watched Enterprise over dinner then went back to Lego sorting.

And in other stories of life and death.. Chrissie hasn't popped yet.  And just found out that kid killed in Palmerston the other night was the son of someone I know :(:(

Why are we here?

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I've been watching the BBC series The Human Body hosted by Robert Winston for the past little while while doing jigsaws.  Tonight (while sorting the Beauty and the Beast section of my new jigsaw) was the death episode.  Which had me thinking about death.  And why are we here?  And what is the point of my life?  And I don't have time to do all the things I want to do.  


Faith. Hope.

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Boxing Day morning I woke up to the news that George Michael had died.  

This morning I woke up to the news that Carrie Fisher had died.  So sad.

Another one!?

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What's the deal with people dropping off at 69 from cancer??  First David Bowie, now Alan Rickman!

Mum is 69 - she'd better not be next!!

January 8

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I was having trouble deciding what to blog first tonight.

If I'd blogged last night it would have been about my trip to Sydney to see mum and her brothers and two Lego shows.

There would have been mention that we went to Aunty Di's on Friday night and remembered the January 1994 bushfires of January 8, those twenty two years ago that day.

If I'd been home to blog on January 8 I certainly would have mentioned my thirteenth blogiversary (my little blog is a teenager!).

And as part of that I would have said happy birthday to David Bowie.

He was in my thoughts three days ago.

And sadly, he was in them again today.

For once I didn't hear it first from the internet.  As in 1997, when I heard about Princess Diana, it was my little brother that told me.

Rest in peace David Bowie.  You were one of the greatest loves of my life.

David Bowie Jareth Jareth Jareth


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I was sad yesterday to hear of the death of James Horner.  After John Williams, he is up there with Jerry Goldsmith and Hans Zimmer among my favourite Hollywood composers.  Ok so Titanic might have had a lot to do with that - loved that soundtrack.  Knew that music well enough to be able to pick his music in other movies without even knowing it was him.

He was born exactly twenty years before me.  Rest in peace.

Live Long and Prosper

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I liked that quote so much it was the sig on my email for years.  

I was so fascinated by Spock I used to watch Great Mysteries of the World every week just to see Leonard Nimoy.  

Rest in peace.

One year on

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Last night was one year since dad died.  I've been listening to the list of "Dad songs" I posted last year.

Mum is doing well, and loving her new life in the retirement village.

There's some things I miss about dad (his technological knowledge and some of his quirks), and some things I certainly don't (his grumpy personality).  

I still have dreams that he's still alive, or that he recovered and came home to a house/garage that we'd cleared out of all his stuff.  The number of times I said "sorry dad" while we were getting rid of his stuff.. I think it haunted me slightly.

Yeah so what a marathon effort that cleanout was!  It took us about sixteen months, although it really accelerated in the last two months when mum had to move out.  I well and truly lost count of how many trips to Sydney I did!

Parents' Garage

Garage cleanout

Dad's workshop

Workshop cleanout

Dad's workshop

Workshop cleanout

Back alcove Back alcove

Back alcove Back alcove

Front alcove Front alcove

Suicide is Painless?

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I don't know, and mum's attempt this morning failed ..

Suicide snip

Yah so cutting ends off cables for copper recycling and she chopped one that was still plugged in and turned on.  And the snippers didn't have any sort of insulation on them.  A flash and a bang and she's darned lucky to be alive right now is all I'm saying (she's completely fine, didn't feel a thing, not even a tingle).  My heart felt a little jittery for the rest of the morning contemplating what could have been.

So spent most of the weekend organising and chucking and photographing and sorting and cleaning and getting exhausted.  Gave up at 7pm last night with a tv dinner and Toy Story.

Lotus 123 on floppy

Three generations of floppies

1982 floppy

This afternoon Ken and Jeanine came over and helped enormously by cleaning and working through a list of todos that mum had.  Made a huge difference.  I also went over to Lizzi's to get a dress taken up.  Had yummy roast pork for dinner.

In God's Care

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So I called my mother last Friday night.  She'd been to see Dad that evening and the nursing home staff said that they didn't think that he was going to make the night the previous night, so he really didn't have very long to go.  She had spent two hours with him.  He was pretty unresponsive, but he responded when Mum sang Abide With Me to him.  I wondered whether he'd make it to Sunday when I was planning to come up.  I considered going up Saturday instead, but Chris was on her way down to Canberra to visit so it was going to be tricky.  I asked Mum if she wanted me to come up anyway on Saturday if Dad went but she said I didn't need to.  Chris arrived fairly late and we talked and all shared a very very nice bottle of Brokenwood 2009 shiraz.  We have a 2010 downstairs from our trip to the Hunter Valley last Christmas.  It was past midnight when we got to bed, and we were just in bed when I got the SMS from my mum: "Dad went to be with Lord at 11.55pm". #sad

Had a bit of a slow morning on Saturday.  I called Mum again.  She'd been out to the home til about 2am to say a final goodbye.  She was ok with me not coming up until Sunday, as she had a church event planned that morning and was likely to be sleeping in the afternoon anyway, as she'd only had about an hour's sleep.

So Chris and Zac and I went along the Beer and Meat on a Stick festival (aka the Multicultural Festival) to get, well, beer and meat on a stick.  But before we found meat on a stick, we found potato on a stick!  Might have had another one of those later.  And a waffle on a stick.  Did a little shopping during and after as well.

Potato on a stick

Meat on a stick

Beer and meat on a stick

whatever this was called

Waffle on a stick

In the later afternoon we had a swim to cool off.  In the evening we watched a couple of episodes of MacGyver and had another swim.

Sunday morning we got ready then meandered our way up to Sydney (Chris dropped me off).  The minister came over and we decided on an order of service for the funeral.  Then I got stuck into putting together a reflections slide show in powerpoint.  Took three nights to do, but I think it will be nice.  Will try and get it onto YouTube when I get home.

So how am I?  ok I think.  I suppose I've enough time to get used to the idea of Dad not being around.  And living in Canberra it's not like I saw him much anyway.  Mum is ok too, again, she's had months to get used to life without Dad.  Thanks everyone for your messages and condolances.



This morning I was all set to head up to Sydney to visit the parents, but mum rang me just before I was due to leave to tell me the news that Nana had died overnight.  The staff at the nursing home found her first thing in the morning, so it sounds like she went peacefully in her sleep.  She'd been wasting away for years, and the last few years the dementia really took over and she barely recognised her own children.

So I didn't go to Sydney.  I'll go up next week for the funeral instead.

Instead I ended up in a very strange mood.  I guess family members dying will do that to you.  

Growing up we didn't see my grandparents all that often, maybe every few months.  When we were kids sometimes we would stay there for a few days at a time during the school holidays.  

Grandpa died many years ago.  He fought in the war in the middle east and PNG.  He would never buy a Japanese made car because of that.  My mum was born just after the war, but her real mother died of asthma when mum was just three years old.  My grandpa remarried (my nana) and that was the only mother my mum ever knew.

Grandpa used to march in the Anzac Day march every year (when I was a kid I thought the march should be in March, not April heh) and we always used to look out for him and a man from our church who happened to be in the same battalian (and he's still alive!!).

So this afternoon (after being inspired by Lisa) I decided to bake some Anzac biscuits.  And I used some bicarb soda that used to belong to Nana - even the tupperware container is labelled with her writing.

Rest in peace.

Goodbye Nana

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My Nana passed away overnight.  She was not quite 85.



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Not a good day. Week really.  Nonsense that started Monday continued today.  Fortunately nothing I've done, which is always nice.  Until they find something.  Which they probably will.

Saddened this afternoon to hear about the death of a guy at work from cancer.  Even though I barely knew him - I think I'd talked to him all of twice and played with his iPad once.

Two years ago today we travelled from Bangor in Wales to Salisbury in England.  This was a much better day, starting at Llanfair in the rain, seeing the super cool Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, Iron Bridge, and Gloucester Cathedral.  This was one of the more beautiful cathedrals we went to, and of course featured heavily in the first two Harry Potter movies.
As per usual, I get my news from Twitter these days (usually from Dave).  When he first mentioned that Michael Jackson had had a heart attack, I went to the Sydney Morning Herald website and the headline news was that Farrah Fawcett had died.  After I got to work there were the Twitter updates that he'd actually died.  And poor Farrah's story was bumped for his.

Michael Jackson was pretty obviously a damaged guy, I guess we'll never know what was going on in his head all these years.  Rest in peace.

Goodbye Grandma

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Said goodbye to Stu's grandma today.

Were nearly late because Stu put the wrong street (same name) into the GPS and we ended up 7km away.  But made it just in time.  The service was fairly simple but nice.  Little Squishy even spontaneously said goodbye as the hearse was about to be driven away, was very sweet.

Afterwards went back to her flat with Annie and Potty and hung out for a few hours while Little Squishy had a sleep.  Then headed over to Aunty Jan's for a few drinks and then some delicious dinner with just about all the family, was pretty cool.

So all in all quite a nice family day.

Came back to J&G's and played Wii with the kids and then showed them some of our Japan photos.  They thought there were too many blossom photos.. oops.. :)


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For some reason last night (in my slightly hungover delirious state where sleep is interrupted for a while while I recover) I was thinking about Stu's grandmother and if she died in the next few days whether I'd be able to take the time off work before Wednesday to go the funeral (the problem being that until Wednesday night next week I'll be crazy busy at work with a release and leaving it could be a little tricky).  I mentioned this to Windy this morning, and even to Tony that I might need to take some time off soon.   

So I just found out that she died this afternoon :(  

So pretty sad for the family, but at least we all know she's gone to a better place, and she's no longer in pain.
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