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So after yesterday's pretty average day, we watched a free-to-air Air Crash Investigations and then we thought we'd watch a movie.

That was a very silly idea.

Our internet is so bad that Netflix is pretty much out of the question.

The DVD part of our PS3 died years ago so we couldn't watch a dvd on that.

My DVD recorder has recently been dropping out the video and it's been getting worse, dropping out all the time and making movies pretty much unwatchable.

So I dug out my old Toshiba DVD player from under the house but then I was looking at the back of the recorder and all the fricken outputs have cables hanging out.  So I couldn't even easily tell which outputs it was using to swap them to the other player.  So I went and lost it for a while.

Came back a while later and traced through some of the spaghetti.  There's standard video/audio out going into the tv, although I don't think we've been using that.  But I plugged those into my dvd player and set the tv to av mode and up it came.   W00t.  So we put Enemy at the Gates on, which I'd seen a long time ago, but could only remember the beginning, and Stu had never seen it.

Half an hour later it degraded so badly that we couldn't watch it.  I thought it was the dvd, but (after battling for ages to get it to even play) it played through that part of the disk on my computer.  I tried to get a little wifi dongle working in my computer so that I could Chromecast it, but it wouldn't work.

So I went to bed.


Got to sleep ok but woke up when Stu came to bed and stayed awake for ages.  And hurty kept me awake for a while too.

So I was still super grumpy today.

So I went into work to use the internet to geotag all my holiday photos.  About the only success I had all weekend.

Mostly did a jigsaw in the afternoon.  It rained, it even hailed, so didn't do any washing.

Around dinner time (Stu was still cooking and cleaning, bestest sweetie ever), I went down to Kit's to meet the new Ben, and after a glass of wine and a bit of socialising with Kit felt a lot better.  I was telling her the sad story of the dvd player, and she pulled an old one out of her cupboard and said, here you go, try that.  So we did.  And it did actually work for the most part, although it did have similar problems with audio and video a couple of times while we were watching it.  So it was a very frustrating experience.  But we did finally finish watching the movie.

I feel like I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

Stormy Weather

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On Friday night we watched the *original* Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live action movie with Elias Koteas.  I always liked the movie as a teen and had only ever seen it for sale on dvd once before, but it was super expensive so I was waiting for the price to come down.  But the price never did and then the dvd disappeared shortly afterwards.  So I was pretty happy to find it on Bluray at JB for $16.

Saturday was house stuff, then went out to the club for "Italian night" which was pretty good.  They joeys are getting bigger.  The older one was hooning around and not as keen to be held.




Passionfruit Semifreddo

Today a bit of house stuff, but also went in to work to have another go at the proxy upgrade, which fortunately worked well this time.

Tonight we watched a special (Back in Time) on the Back to the Future movies which was pretty cool.  Will have to watch all the movies again, haven't seen them in years.  Could be as much as ten years ago, given that I got the dvds in 2004 ...

Also tonight is rain and thunderbolts and lightning.  Yayy rain!!  Lots of cool yellow and orange stuff all over the catchments.

Where was I?  Wednesday .. 

Dealing with a crap crisis meant not getting any "real" work done today.

Drinks with Neil and Simon at Ha Ha, then La De da, and some very yummy fries.

La De Da fries

Then home to fight with technology.  Couldn't even get the old DVD player to play - could get audio to come through, but not video.  Which is a big stinking poo.  So we ended up watching the first couple of episodes of Firefly on Bluray.  Can't believe that series is over ten years old now.  And Neil is watching Veronica Mars again .. maybe I should too! heh :)

Kylie, Debbie

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Had another work Christmas party on Wednesday.  Came home pretty depressed that it wasn't the weekend :/

So put on Kylie's Showgirl DVD I'd borrowed off Chris a while back.  I have to say I was a little disappointed.  The whole act was quite wooden (on Kylie's part) and over choreographed.  Very little *energy* and she's not even that great a singer.  Until near the end when she did some of her very early songs.  The variation of "Locomotion" was, er, interesting, but it wasn't til she dumped her rent-a-dancers and was just herself being a bit more relaxed doing "I Should be so Lucky" that I actually enjoyed it.

Last night watched "Singin' in the Rain".  I couldn't help but just watch Debbie Reynolds.  She does look a lot like Princess Leia in places :)
Decided today after buying Veronica Mars Season 2 (for a good price - $33 at JB HiFi) that I really need to watch some of the tv series I have on dvd.  I decided I may as well watch Monty Python, which DC loaned me some time ago.  

Forty-five-odd episodes .. could keep me going for a couple of months :)
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