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The Proclaimers

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So a few months ago, DC asked "are you doing anything on the 20th April" and I'm like .. ummmmmmm

So he's like "I want to go to something but I probably wouldn't go unless I had someone to go with" and I'm like .. ummmmm .. and he goes "it's a surprise" .. hrmmm

Anyways.  So turns out, it was The Proclaimers.  The timing was pretty crappy.  I'm so fricken busy at the moment. 

The concert was ok.  I only know two of their songs.  And it wasn't much of a "show" - just the guys standing around singing.  And no real audience interaction which would have made the difference.  But it was fun for the two songs I did know..  And the drummer and the keyboardist were fricken awesome - so much energy and they were *going off* the entire show!  A pretty good night.

The Proclaimers

The Proclaimers

The Proclaimers

The Proclaimers

The Proclaimers

The Proclaimers

The Proclaimers

The Proclaimers

The Proclaimers

Just say no...

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I somehow let myself get talked into going to the ACO tonight.  Come along, they said.  It'll be good, they said.

But with the debacle that is my restless legs, I'm thinking never again.

Especially when I know almost none of the music.  Except the "Ode to Joy" bit.  (I was totally fine through the John Williams concert last year)

It was a great performance, especially with the choir.  But I couldn't enjoy it.

Last time I went to the theatre I took 10mg of valium.  This time I added two wines to the mix.  Neither combination really did any good.  So it's pretty much a lost cause.

Just say no .. just say no ..


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1927 were an Australian band that formed in 1987 and a string of hit singles through the late eighties and early nineties.  

I was a fan :)

"...ish", their first album was (and still is) one of my favourite albums of all time.  "The Other Side" I got as well but it didn't grab me in the same way.

I had this poster of them up in my room (at least I think I did, I don't have any photographic evidence)

1927 Poster
I decorated the whole back of my Year 11/12 school folder with a poster of the band.

I carried a picture of Eric around in my wallet.

I saw them live twice.  The first time was at the NSW Institute of Sport at Homebush, probably in 1990.  We sat on the side and I meticulously wrote down every song they played.  The second time was at the Sutherland Entertainment Centre, aka "The Bop" one Friday night in 1991.  I was quite close to the stage that night but got annoyed at a girl in front who kept bopping sideways, alternately obstructing my view.

Then they disappeared.

The next mention I saw of them was over last new years in Sydney - they were to be the support act for Roxette.  But that was in Sydney and all too hard.

Then a few weeks ago Mix106.3 announced that they were coming to Canberra.  I put out a notice on the blog, but the only two people that showed any initial interest decided they weren't really interested after all.  I didn't really want to go by myself, so it all got too hard.  The sweetie said he'd go with me if I really wanted him to, but I was thinking as of the day of the concert that I probably wouldn't go.

But then late yesterday afternoon I asked Neil if I should ask if there were any tickets left and he said yes.  So I called and they still had tickets left, so I bought two!  At which point Windy came by and said Nanette and her friends were going and he actually might have been interested if he could find babysitting.  So he arranged that - win!

So he picked me up and we went and dropped off the laptop and on call phone to Neil (thanks Neil!!) and off we went.

We arrived a bit after eight and picked up my tickets.  We had 399 and 400.

1927 Ticket

They'd said on the phone earlier that doors would probably open around 8:15.  Met up with the others and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  In the end they didn't let us upstairs til ~8:50pm :(  But because we were in the foyer right by the stairs, we were among the first to go up!  So of course we took up position right in front of the stage :)

Then we waited some more.

The crowd
We were even close enough to see the set list for the night..

1927 set list
Which translated is:

To Love Me (...ish)
Don't Forget Me (The Other Side)
Nothing in the Universe (...ish)
The Other Side (The Other Side)
Tell me a Story (The Other Side)
Compulsory Hero (...ish)
It Ain't Love (1927)
Stop the World (Generation-i)
Believe in Your Own Lies (Generation-i)
You'll Never Know (...ish)
Give the Kid a Break (...ish)
Propaganda Machine (...ish)
That's When I Think of You (...ish)
The Mess (...ish)
If I could (...ish)

Finally, a bit after 9:30, they came out!!

It took me mere seconds to realise I was going to need earplugs.  I could *feel* the music, and the wind from the speakers.  And as soon as the guitars started I knew I was going to get deafened and stressed.  So put in the earplugs and that worked well.

So as it turns out, Eric (now known as Erik) is the only original member of the band left.  Everyone else is new.  When I saw 1927 the first two times, they were actually a little boring - they just all stood there and played their songs.  Erik seems to have relaxed quite a bit these days - he seems more like a muso just enjoying what he does.  There wasn't a whole lot of interaction with the crowd though.  

So I sang along to the songs I knew, and took photos during songs I didn't...

1927 at Ainslie Football Club, 27.7.12
1927 at Ainslie Football Club, 27.7.12
1927 at Ainslie Football Club, 27.7.12
1927 at Ainslie Football Club, 27.7.12
1927 at Ainslie Football Club, 27.7.12
1927 at Ainslie Football Club, 27.7.12
1927 at Ainslie Football Club, 27.7.12
1927 at Ainslie Football Club, 27.7.12
1927 at Ainslie Football Club, 27.7.12
1927 at Ainslie Football Club, 27.7.12
1927 at Ainslie Football Club, 27.7.12
1927 at Ainslie Football Club, 27.7.12
1927 at Ainslie Football Club, 27.7.12
1927 at Ainslie Football Club, 27.7.12

After the show we hung around a bit comparing photos.  I went and bought myself a tshirt and their latest cd.  And the keyboardist (above) came out, so Nanette dragged me over to get an autograph :)  I asked if the rest of the band would be out, and he said probably in around fifteen minutes.  So we hung around.

So worth it!!!

1927 at Ainslie Football Club, 27.7.12
OMG I got to hug Erik!!!!!!

1927 at Ainslie Football Club, 27.7.12
Very squeeeeeee ;)

And I got my cd autographed by the whole band :):):)

1927 autographed CD

So thanks Neil for the kick in the butt to get tickets, and looking after on call for me, it was a totally awesome night :):):):)


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Went on a quick trip to Sydney on the weekend.  Mainly to see a John Williams concert, and chuck in a family and friends visit too.

The drive was quite pretty - all the wattles along the way are out in bloom at the moment.  Unfortunately I was driving on the way up and it was too dark on the way back, so you'll have to take my word for it ;)

I realised I've probably *never* taken a photo on Como station before...!

Como station
In the city, an A380 flew overhead.

A380 and Sydney Harbour Bridge
And then onto the Opera House for the concert.

Heaps of people came dressed up. There were lots of Jedis and Leias and Supermen (and a Superwoman) and wizards.

The Opera House itself is a pretty funky place for photography.

Sydney Opera House interior
Sydney Opera House interior
Sydney Opera House interior
Sydney Opera House interior
Sydney Opera House interior
Sydney Opera House
So the concert.  Fantastic!!!  It was really really cool.  Unfortunately we had pretty crappy seats.  Right near the front, which gave us an awesome view of the first violinists and the harp and a few of the cellists, but other than that - nothing :(  Couldn't see any of the brass or woodwind or percussion *at all* :(:(:(  So that was pretty frustrating and disappointing.  Note to self: don't get seats there again.

Sydney Opera House interior

Shaun Micallef came out between each piece for a bit of light entertainment which was kinda fun.  Didn't get any photos of him unfortunately, even though we had an awesome view.. you know.. being so close and all!  And near the end, Darth Vader and some stormtroopers came onto the stage.  That's the second concert in recent months I've been to with Stormtroopers.  Pretty cool :)

Olympic Fanfare 
Theme from Lost in Space 
Theme from Jaws 
Highlights from Close Encounters of the Third Kind 
Adventures on Earth - Concert suite from E.T. (The Extra-Terrestrial) 
Theme from Schindler's List 
The Raiders March from Raiders of the Lost Ark 
Theme from Jurassic Park 
Theme from Superman 

March from 1941 
Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter 
Sayuri's Theme from Memoirs of a Geisha 
Main Title from Star Wars 
Imperial March from Star Wars 
Princess Leia's Theme from Star Wars 
Cantina Band Theme from Star Wars 
Throne Room and End Titles from Star Wars 

So yeah.  Thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was far too short too - only two hours.. for once I could have sat still for hours just enjoying it heh.


Sydney Harbour Bridge and Manly ferry

So hopped on a train home, and D&Y came over and we all went out to the Tradies for dinner.

Lamb shank
And they played with Yvonne's polaroid

Polaroid playing
Sunday morning we had a bit of a sleep in.

I took a photo of the "Pigs and Chickens" bathroom tiles for posterity.

Pigs and Chickens bathroom tiles
We headed out to Miranda Fair next, so Stu could get a nice cup of tea, and to get my birthday present.  Stu got me a birthday cake too :):)

Then went home, packed up all our stuff and headed out to lunch - met up with James and George and Liz and Luc and all the kids and had Sizzler.  Ate too much as always.  In fact I completely skipped dinner last night and didn't even wake up hungry in the middle of the night heh.

Then home to Canberra.  The end.

And did confirm that my mother does indeed read this blog.  *sigh*  hi mum....  now you won't have to ask questions all the time when you talk to me, cause you get it all here?  m,kay?

Weird Al Yankovic

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Went to see Weird Al Yankovic at the Royal Theatre at the Convention Centre tonight.

Two notes to self:
* always remember to take ear plugs along to these sorts of things
* never ever book tickets on the floor of the Convention Centre

Apart from having to jam my fingers in my hears for maybe a third of the night, and getting very frustrated from not being able to see the stage from behind all the tall people in front of me, it was pretty good.

He alternated between doing a song and then playing video clips of mock interviews, clips from tv shows etc that referred to him.  While the clips were on he'd be getting changed into a different outfit for the next song.  A lot of different outfits!  He did many of the most popular songs, eg Fat, Eat It, Amish Paradise, eBay, and The Saga Begins as part of the encore, with plenty of audience participation :)  and plenty of songs I didn't know too.

So that was all good.

Afterwards the sweetie was trying to see if he could get a tshirt, but didn't know if they had any in his size.  So he hung around at the back of the queue to check.  Which meant we were still there very late, almost the last to leave.  Which meant that when somebody mentioned a signing, we thought we'd wait and see... and sure enough - he came out!!  Very squee!!  So got a heap of photos, and even got an autograph on the CD I'd just bought.  !!

Weird Al Yankovic in Canberra
Weird Al Yankovic in Canberra
Weird Al Yankovic in Canberra
Weird Al Yankovic in Canberra
Weird Al Yankovic in Canberra
And I got to shake his hand too - w00t!! :):)
Very cool :)

Outside just missed the moon setting..


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