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First up, some silly putty... this stuff is hypercolour, so when you play with it, it turns from purple to blue.  I didn't realise the blue stuff shines..

Silly putty

Silly putty


Canberra's colours were really intense today.  Dazzlingly so.  I especially liked this bug..

Yellow bug


Lunch time's colour was green.  There was the tree sitting atop the new building in civic...

Roof tree

and lunch at Banana Leaf, which is a very green place.


The colour of the evening was red.  A whole pig brought out in a red wooden tray.  I'd post a photo, but it's actually really gruesome.  This was all at 2 yummy.  We had the banquet of a whole pig in about seven dishes.  Was a great feed, my favourite dish being the "peking pork" at the beginning with all the crackling.

Colour Balance

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While we were away, we were discussing at one point how very different the countryside is in Europe vs Australia.  Stu said it must have been so hard for the early settlers to deal with the harsh Australian landscape, when they had been used to such lush countryside back in Europe.  And I said I reckon they must have gotten off the boats thinking that the colour was just wrong.  Australia doesn't do green. Compare my previous desktop to my current desktop to see what I mean...

Wallpaper - brown
Wallpaper - green

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