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Coast Weekend

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Three weekends ago we headed down the coast for Kit and Pete's wedding.  We left on the Thursday after lunch.  I was still sick and coughing and had been in bed all morning.  Hurrah.  

Driving down Smith's Gap we saw the fires over at Braidwood.

Braidwood fires

Braidwood fires

This was the last weekend we were to see blue skies this year.  As I write it's been three weeks since we saw properly blue sky (except maybe a day or two).

Pretty clouds

This C-130 water bomber (N134CG) had just left HMAS Albatross.  

BMBR134 C-130 over HMAS Albatross

We stayed at the Springs Shoalhaven, quite close to the wedding venue.  Pleasant enough place.  It had a pool although I didn't have a swim (Stu did).  Both those beds were *very* soft.  I took the single to give myself a bit of distance from the sweetie with my coughing.  

Our room at Springs Shoalhaven

We chilled out for a bit, then went next door to the Ex Serviceman's Club for dinner.  It had a lovely aspect, facing north over the golf course.  At the far northern end of the golf course was the venue for the wedding. 

View of the golf course from Shoalhaven Ex Servicemen's Club

Pasta I had for dinner

Dinner at Shoalhaven Exservicemen's Club

Stu looking out the window

Spent half the night coughing.  Of course.

Stu thought it might be nice to have room service breakfast on the Friday, so we ordered that the night before.  Unfortunately because I'd had so little sleep I really wasn't hungry when it turned up at the appointed time.  It was nice enough though and I would have enjoyed it on another day.  

Room service breakfast

I pretty much spent the morning in bed.  We were waiting for word from Kit to see if they needed our help transporting anything or setting anything up, but they were running late and a bit frazzled.  In the end the sweetie and I went into Nowra to get some supplies (I still wasn't very hungry) and stuff for the wedding.  Then we headed all the way down to the end of Greenwell Road to have a look at the water.  That was quite nice.

Crookhaven River at Greenwell Point

Stu at Greenwell Point

Pier at Greenwell Point

Crookhaven River at Greenwell Point

Pelican at Greenwell Point

Pelicans at Greenwell Point

Dropped the sweetie back to the motel, then met up with Chloe, Katie and Kit so we could all get our nails done.  I've never had my nails done professionally before.  

Kit and Katie getting their nails done

The result!

Chloe's, Katie's and my nails

Picked up the sweetie, then it was off to the rehearsal.  There were quite a lot of people there and it was a little bit chaotic, so took quite a while to get through.  

Dropped off the sweetie again, then to Kit and Pete's to load up the car with food.  Swung by the motel on the way back and got Stu to drop me at the venue with all the gear/food.  He'd had a rotten time at the Ex-Serviceman's club - it was super noisy and crowded and he had to wait *forever* for food and couldn't even go get another drink because otherwise he'd have lost his table.  Poor thing.  Then he headed back to the motel while I stayed at the venue.

At the venue four of us girls stayed in the "Bunk House", while Kit stayed by herself in her own room (at Chloe's recommendation to get a better night's sleep).  

Chloe got us some takeaway burgers for dinner (and very nicely got me a kids meal so it was a lot smaller ;) ).

Chloe and Audrey made up little bubble blowers.

Making up bubbles

And Katie and Kit made up decorations.

Making up decorations

I supervised ;)

I slept on my inflatable mattress.  Or rather, I *didn't* sleep on the mattress.  I was so stressed about my coughing/snoring keeping Katie awake, that I couldn't get to sleep til very very very late.  And then I woke up early.  I think I might have gotten about two hours sleep.  How to recover from a cold - get lots of rest.  Yeah right.  Vowed never to sleep in the same room as anyone else (aside from the sweetie) ever again in my life.

Anyways.  I'll leave the day of the wedding to the next post.

This magpie was hand raised by the owners of the venue, and hung around while we cleaned up.  Very cool.

Magpie helping

Stu and the magpie

After driving Pete's ute back to their place late morning, with everyone's cars full of *stuff* that we'd spent all morning packing up, we finally headed home.  

We couldn't even see Smith's Gap through all the smoke.

Smith's Gap

This was leftovers of a massive antipasto platter that we had at the wedding (I put it in the fridges overnight, everyone thought I was mad heh).  We didn't need to do any food shopping that week - we just ate this all week!

Leftover antipasto

I am Invincible!

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Monday into BBT season three, photo labelling.  Tuesday and Wednesday rinse and repeat.

Had this on Tuesday.  It's been in the freezer since before I moved to Canberra.  Since before iPhones were invented.  Before social media was a thing.  The world has changed around this little ice block.  Then I ate it :)

Zooper Dooper

Thursday was a long pub lunch for Jeff's farewell.  First appearance of Bernadette in BBT in the evening.

Friday met up with the sweetie for a drink (joined by some of his colleagues) and dinner (Kimchi because the sweetie wanted KFC).  

Kimchi spicy baby octopus

Kimchi snow chicken

Sail sculpture sunset

Fountain sunset

Then I left the sweetie home alone and drove down to Kit and Pete's.  Kit was finishing up her last assignment for the year.  So she finished up that, then we had a drink and went to bed.  After meeting this little monster.  He looks like George but is nothing like him.  I mean he's nice enough and all, but *really* doesn't like being picked up.  And he eats *everything*.


Saturday morning Pete cooked breakfast - turkey egg and bacon mcmuffins with hash browns.  Yum yum yum.

Turkey egg and bacon mcmuffins

Then went and said hello to all the animals.

Awkward teenage chickens


Oh hai sheep

Then headed out to pick up some feed for Kit's horse.  There were birdies.

Oh hai parrot

Went and visited Jet.  He's quite pretty.


Jet and Kit

Back to Kit's.


Chloe came over with three of the kids, and we had a bit of a wedding planning session.  Went through the todo list and discussed all the things.  And did a trial run of the table decorations.

Table decorations

When it cooled down later in the afternoon we went back to have a ride of Jet.

Kit and Jet

Kit and Jet

I even had a little ride.  But because of the design of the saddle, changing the stirrup length is too hard, so I could only just reach the stirrups with my toes so it wasn't very comfortable, and I certainly didn't feel stable enough to do anything other than walk.

Kaz and Jet

Came back and looked at the sunset and had a drink outside with the girls.

Wandy sunset



Pete cooked a nice dinner of chorizo and mushroom pasta.

Pete's pasta

After dinner we played Kismet.  With the snake.  Kit won the game.

Snake kismet

And I got snake kisses.

Snake kisses

Played a couple of games of Monty Python Fluxx.  Kit won a game and Pete won a game.

Sunday typed up wedding planning notes.  Then we went into Husky for lunch of fish and chips.

World Famous Fish and Chips

World Famous Fish and Chips

And for a walk along the beach and rock pools

Beach at Huskisson

Shark egg



I thought these looked pretty colourful

Coloured sun glasses

Then we went back to the house.  I packed up all my stuff and went home.  I nearly hit a tortoise that was just standing in the middle of the road on Macs Reef Road or Bungendore Road.  And it rained.  A lot!

Didn't feel like going food shopping, so the sweetie ordered Chong Co delivery - several meals worth so we could have leftovers all week :)  Watched Goldeneye in the evening.

Monday night the sweetie was home so he cooked dinner - salmon with a tartare sauce he made himself.  Very nice and very much appreciated.

Sweetie's salmon

After dinner and photo labelling I wanted to have some *fun* with Vic's Lego (after it all just being work so far).  So I started on the Cinderella Castle, because it was almost complete (likely because girls take better care of their things than boys do).  The palette sure is different to boys Lego too.

Girls Lego palette

Tuesday lunch had lunch with Chrissie which was nice, although fairly brief.

Tuesday the sweetie was home but he didn't cook dinner.  We had leftovers.  

Then I finished the castle.

Cinderella's Romantic Castle

Cinderella's Romantic Castle

Wednesday the sweetie was home but he didn't cook dinner.  We had pizza delivered. 

Instead of photo labelling I spent all evening typing up all the notes from the last chat Kit and I had had about the wedding.  

Thursday we were going to go to Dumpling Inn with Hannah and Rita, but someone had the idea we should try Pizza Artigiana.  So we did that.  We had three very nice (and very thin!) pizzas - Patate e Salciccia - PAOLA - thinly sliced potatoes with mozzarella, Italian pork sausage (I think they forgot that ingredient) and thyme ($20); Quattro Formaggi - SANDRA - mozzarella, provolne, gorgonzola, and shaved pecorino ($20); Prosciutto Crudo - AMBRA - tomato base, prosciutto, mozzarella, rocket, parmesan and balsamic vinegar ($21).

Pizza Artigiana pizzas

And a nice Rocket and parmesan salad - rocket lettuce with shaved parmesan and a balsamic vinegar and virgin olive oil dressing ($10).

Pizza Artigiana rocket salad

And we might have gotten the nutella pizza (which I don't think is on the menu).  

Pizza Artigiana nutella pizza

Friday I took a random day off, so used that do a bit of houseworky stuff, and then get ready to go down to the coast.

It was crazy windy on the drive.  All the wind turbines at Tarago were shut down.  I was a bit nervous about a tree branch falling on the car (and we did have to round a small tree partially blocking the road).  (edit: a father and son died when a tree fell on their car in Victoria on Sunday night :( )

Oallen Ford Road trees

Had dinner and just chatted when we got there. 

Pete has a new fish tank with nine neon tetras (Clone 1-9), six male guppies (red spotty tail 1 and 2, yellow spotty tail 1 and 2, blue and grey 1 and 2) and a sucking catfish (Dyson).

Pete's fish tank

And Petal was very excited to see us.

Excited Petal

Kit has a new snake.  She wants to call it Richard.  Pete wants to call it Monty.

Richard snake

And three of these are still going something like eighteen years later..


Saturday morning was more animal stuff.

Vicki excited


Bacon nose

Then we headed out to have a look at the wedding venue and ask questions and take notes.

Testing the venue

Had lunch at the Australian Hotel in Nowra.  $10 for quite a nice steak (better than the Rashay's $5 ones).

Australian Hotel steak

Then we all went to the zoo.  It was still crazy windy.  I'll save that for another post.

Bridge over the Shoalhaven River at Nowra

Pete made pizzas for dinner (epic thick with toppings heh)

Pete making pizza

Pete's pizzas

Chatted and played a game of Kismet (I won, somehow).

Sunday morning I showed Kit the bridesmaids dress.  We debated the best way to fix the problems with it.

Then I sat down and went through the wedding planning notes with them.  Well I tried to.  I'd been wanting to do it all weekend but getting the two of them to pay attention for more than thirty seconds at a time was like trying to herd cats.  Super frustrating.  So we left a lot later than we'd planned to, and just got chips and snacks at the servo for a very late lunch.

Got home and the house was freezing (10C when we got home, minimum of 6C).  Had chicken kiev for dinner and super stressed out by Apple.

Tonight I caught up on last week's photo labelling, as well as getting a good head start on this week's.  Was in a completely different mental state and was able to process all my photos from the past week.  I was so stressed out last night my brain couldn't *see* what I was doing.  Blinded by rage???  

So no movies at all this week.  Just a lot of feeling cold.  And a lot of pizza.  And a (mostly) nice weekend away.

It started the Wednesday night.  I did all the prep for a beef stroganoff.  So the beef, mushrooms, bacon, onion and garlic, frying it all up so the only work on the weekend would be plugging it in, filling up the slow cooker, and letting it go all afternoon.

Stroganoff prep

Stroganoff prep

And by the end of it, on a weeknight, I still managed a clean kitchen!

Clean kitchen

Friday evening we headed down the coast.  I snapped a picture of one our new trams.

Canberra tram

Drive down was uneventful.  We listened to John Williams the entire way that Stu had downloaded on Spotify.  Couldn't enjoy the scenery though cause it was dark most of the way.

We'd booked to stay at an Airbnb in Sussex Inlet.  Neat little apartment, quite spacious, and a well equipped little kitchen (stovetop but no oven, washing machine/dryer but no dishwasher).  Although previous reviews weren't wrong about rock hard pillows (I brought my own), incorrect wifi password (it was correct in the notification Stu got just before we arrived though), and lack of privacy from a useless curtain on the window above the door, with a view straight from the flat above into our bed (but noone was staying there so not really a big deal).  Pretty much just collapsed into bed (after Stu had a shower that was barely a trickle).

Sussex Inlet Airbnb

Sussex Inlet Airbnb

Sussex Inlet Airbnb

Sussex Inlet Airbnb

Sussex Inlet Airbnb

In the morning I went to have a shower, only to find no water at all.  The taps in the sinks were still running slowly, but even they stopped after a flush or two of the toilet.  My first stay at an Airbnb and THIS is my experience??  I smsed the number we had but got no response.  But Stu used the app a while later and got a response within a few minutes so that was ok.  The cleaner said feral kids think it's funny to turn off the water at the street.  (I had asked Stu to go check that earlier but he hadn't gone out to the street).  So they turned it on again and it was ok.  Although a lot of bubbles all through the pipes made for some interesting noises.

I'd been chatting to Kit about it as well, and they weren't doing much better with their water.  They have solar hot water, but it had been rainy, and with so many people in the house they were getting slightly warm at best.

Had some breakfast then went for a wander around Sussex Inlet.  Just walked down to the inlet, north along the river, then back through the town.  It was only 22C, but with the humidity it felt a lot hotter :(

Sussex Inlet walk

Sussex Inlet walk

Sussex Inlet walk

Pelican at Sussex Inlet

Crocodile in Sussex Inlet

Sussex Inlet walk

Corellas in Sussex Inlet

Sussex Inlet walk

Then we drove to the hall where the party was being held so I could setup the slow cooker.  The hall is quite lovely.  Poured everything into the slow cooker and asked Pete to stir it every hour or so.

Wandandian Progress Hall

Went back to see Kit and Pete's new house which is pretty cool.  Pete has an EPIC shed, and there's heaps of room for all the animals.  Although the dogs didn't like being relegated out the back heh.

Pete's epic shed

Kit's chickens

We didn't actually see Kit - she was out with Mel.

Headed off again.  We went into Huskisson to have some lunch.  So much fried goodness.  Oh and some salad.

Husky Bites lunch

Wandered down to the water to have a look.  

Jervis Bay at Huskisson



Point Perpendicular (centre) and entrance to Jervis Bay

Drove down to Hyams Beach to have a look.  It was full of people.  Yuk.

Hyams Beach

Then we went for a bit of a drive south, and ended up in Booderee National Park, in the Jervis Bay Territory.

Drove around the loop through Jervis Bay Village, and Stu was like - oo look the Federal Police :)

Stopped at Scottish Rocks and wandered down to the beach, then wandered all the way along to Hole in the Wall, then walked back along the road (because it was cooler out of the sun).

Scottish Rocks walk

Beach at Scottish Rocks

Beach at Scottish Rocks

Stu at Scottish Rocks

Beach at Scottish Rocks


Rocks at Hole in the Wall

We drove to the end of the road at Murray's Beach, but didn't get out, because it was getting quite late.  We were going to be late for the party, so did the long drive back to Sussex Inlet.  Had a shower, then back to the hall for the party.  The stroganoff was still quite liquid which was a bit disappointing.  Probably shouldn't have used all the stock that I did.  Or at least added a bunch of corn flour.  People did seem to like it though.  Would have done better with something to soak up the juices.

So not only is there quite a large hall, but there's a huge open area all around the hall, including a playground for kids.  People spread out all over the place, meaning the hall was only sparsely populated heh.

And there were some very friendly horsies.



Party food.

Kit and Pete's engagement


And there was some dancing (see what I mean about the hall looking empty!).

Kit and Pete dancing

I may have called it a night once Bohemian Rhapsody was played and sung along to :)

Came back to crash.

In the morning we dropped by the hall to pick up the spoon I'd left behind, although we didn't stay to help clean up because Stu was anxious to get home to do some uni work.  So just drove home, home by lunch time.

Quite a nice weekend, although I did feel a bit grumbly on Sunday afternoon that the weekend was nearly over and I hadn't had any time at home.

Where'd I get up to?

Thursday night we had a whiskey tasting night.  Nothing really stood out for me.  Mostly because Neil didn't get any peaty whiskeys heh.  The four Scottish ones were much the same (one was slightly rougher than the others).  The Nikka was probably my favourite, just because of the hint of smoke.  Early night and slept reasonably well.

Whisky July

Whisky July

Friday I got a bunch of cleanup work done, then left early and headed with the sweetie down to the coast.  Stopped in Batemans Bay for dinner at KFC (bad move - they're even more inefficient than Belconnen and we took fifteen minutes to get our food!).  Chilled out at the house, and I started a jigsaw.

Saturday I finished the first jigsaw and moved onto a second.  Went to Myrtle Beach and even had a swim (well a wade really, I hadn't taken my glasses off and didn't want to lose them).  It was cold, but not freezing.  Couple of weirdos though - one meerkat and his wandering mate.  Yeup.  Saturday night we got pizzas from Steveo's.  We got three, but really only needed one.  Two tops - having some for breakfast we *still* brought home a full pizza!  Then watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to see if it was as bad as we remembered.  It was.  And then some.

Coast breakfast

Myrtle Beach walk

Myrtle Beach

Steveo's Pizza

Today I finished the second jigsaw and decided to squeeze in a third while the sweetie did reading for uni.  Then cleaned up and came home.

Blue coast view

Almost hit two kangaroos - one on the way down on Friday night, and one on the way out to Myrtle Beach.  The second one was panicking and actually slipped over on the road in front of us.  We'd slowed right down though so it was all fine.  The first one just bounced gently across the road in front of us but didn't do anything stoopid.

Tried to doze on the way home but didn't succeed.  

I'm still sick with this damned cold.  Stuffed up nose so haven't been able to breathe in days.  I didn't feel like doing *anything* when I got home.  So *blip* there goes another weekend with nothing achieved at home :(  (I did manage to look at and geotag day 22 of the holiday though, so I guess that's *something*).

Coasting Along

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Saturday morning we packed up and joined the rest of Canberra in heading down the coast for the long weekend.

Smiths Gap

I started a jigsaw and other people just chilled and read and programmed etc.



For dinner we went to the Little Restaurant and Bar again for more delicious food.  We couldn't get a seat inside because they were all booked out, but were able to book the outside bench.  But that's cool, cause you know we're Canberrans and all and we're used to the cold.

Little Restaurant and Bar duck

Possum at the coast


Then spa til about 1am.

Sunday we'd been intending to go to the beach, but the sun never came out, so we didn't bother.  Went for two separate walks to the shops (one to hack portals and another get some stuff to make pikelets (C had a craving)).  In between I did jigsaw.

Breakfast eggs


Moth at the coast


Dinner was pizza's from Stevo's (the Sandy Foot cafe had run out of dough! *gasp*).  Oh my, Stevo's pizzas were insane!  Huge, and *heaps* of cheese.  Completely decadent and we mostly all stuffed ourselves silly.  I had one and a half pieces and that was *plenty*!  We ordered three large pizzas, but only ate two of them.  Had a full pizza's worth leftover.

Stevo's Pizza

Then spa til after midnight.

This morning was just eating and packing up and cleaning, then came home.

Battled Sunday night depression, and then lost it when I dropped one of my corningware dishes onto the kitchen floor and it *smashed* :(:(  But then watched a very moving docudrama on Hiroshima on Netflix.  Did my washing, now time for bed.

Thursday night: after Wednesday night's insomnia I got to sleep quite quickly.  But then I woke up at around 3am on Friday morning and never got back to sleep.  Actually I lie.  I got up at 6:15 and made up a potato bake, and went back to bed while it cooked, and got about half an hour more sleep.

Friday: got home, spent three quarters of an hour packing the car up, then headed down the coast.  Arrived a bit after eight, fired up the spa, then realised the Sandy Foot pizza place closes at 8pm :(  So had potato bake for dinner.  Then went in the spa and stayed up entirely too late.  

Saturday: had a very slow start.  We might have all been a bit seedy.  Well ok not all of us.  D and F were suitably restrained and were only a bit tired heh.  I cooked some bacon and eggs for brunch, then we headed up to Myrtle Beach for a swim.  The water was nice and it was all very pleasant until we all got a bit out of our depth and then struggled to get back.  I managed ok, but I could see how easy it would be to panic.  Stu and C got a lot more stuck but were ok in the end.  Had some bubbly and some fruit on the beach, then had another quick dip before heading back.  

Beach bubbly

Stu at Myrtle Beach

Went into Bateman's Bay for dinner - to the Little Restaurant and Bar.  We'd been there before, and the food was just as good this time.  I had a very nice wagyu steak.  Went for a bit of a walk to walk off dinner, but ended up getting some ice cream for dessert.  Went in the spa again, but didn't stay up as late.

Little Restaurant and Bar flatbread

Little Restaurant and Bar sourdough

Little Restaurant and Bar wagyu steak

Bateman's Bay

Sunday: fairly early start.  Headed out around 9:15 and headed down to Armand's Beach.  But the weather closed in, so after a bit of a swim, we adjourned to shelter to have some bubbly and cheese (too cold for fruit).  Headed back to the beach a bit later for another quick swim.  Got some ice cream in Bermagui at the Gelati Clinic.  Then headed back to the house.  Chillaxed for a while, then ordered some pizzas for dinner.  Then we danced for a while to C's music before getting in the spa.  But after a long day we were pretty tired and were all in bed by 10pm.  Silly really.

Coast sunrise

Wallaga Lake bridge

Armands Beach

Monday: had a biggish breakfast of bacon, eggs, mushrooms and zucchini hash browns, then cleaned up the house then headed home.  I got part way through unpacking and doing some washing, before heading up to Mount Rogers to kill a layered blue field (good for the step count though).  Then a quiet evening just gathering ourselves.

Coast sunrise

Tuesday: back to reality.  Downloaded all my photos, but haven't chosen any for the blog yet.  This will probably get updated at some point in the future :)

But the most recent one: people that buy stuff on ebay that don't bother to contact you after a week, even after repeated emails to them.  Or people that buy stuff on ebay, keep saying they'll be there "tomorrow" and then never turn up.


In other news.

I've been having more Christmas parties - a big work one that went late and was a lot of fun.

Then instead of a nice relaxing weekend, I had to deal with aforementioned sucky people, as well as lots of other people trying to coordinate pickups remotely at mum's.  And this was down at the coast, without a computer, and I didn't have my ebay password and it was all a super huge stress.  Really really didn't want to have to go away that weekend, but it was S&K's combined 40th and we've been terrible relatives this year so thought we'd better go.  So had to go via the club, then headed down.  Stayed at Dave's house (thanks Dave!) but just did some jigsaw while Stu collapsed, then we watched some Veronica Mars and had pizza for dinner.  Didn't even bother with the spa.  Next morning was the party, although it didn't really get going til we had to leave.  Left there and headed straight to Sydney (we had to take two cars down the coast).  Sigh.  

Shelly Beach, Moruya


Potty surf skiing

Potty surf skiing

Fairy wren

Fairy wren

Fairy wren

Extended family

Got to Sydney and didn't even get to dump my stuff - had to go straight to the new place to meet the uncles etc, then we went out for dinner which was quite nice.

Home, dealing with annoying ebay people, collapse.  Didn't get to sleep til like 1am though :(

And then there was chaos in the city today which made things .. interesting ..


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So last weekend (well really the weekend before.. sorry, I've been a slacker) we went down to Bermagui for the weekend.  We had a slow start and left Saturday morning and didn't arrive till nearly 4pm.

Cheese!!  I wanted to stop here and try cheese .. maybe next time..
Bodalla cheese factory

A crappy photo of the Wallaga Lake bridge, which was recently used as a film set for Angelina Jolie's upcoming movie "Unbroken".  The bridge is meant to be in Japan!
Wallaga Lake bridge

When we arrived at Bellbird Cottage B&B we got out of the car and it was all BELLBIRDS!  They were peeping all around the bush and it was a lovely welcome!

The B&B is delightful.  They only rent out one (very large) room and it's downstairs and has its own entrance, so it's very private and has a wonderful bush outlook.  

Bellbird Cottage B&B

Bellbird Cottage B&B

I was sitting on the toilet for this photo..  :)
Bellbird Cottage B&B

Bellbird Cottage B&B

Bellbird Cottage B&B

On the first evening they bring down a cheese platter as a welcome, so it was lovely to sit and nibble cheese and look at the bush and listen to the bellbirds.

Bellbird Cottage B&B

We chillaxed for a while before heading out.  Unfortunately we were a little too late for the seaside fair, so we had a wander around Sculpture on the Edge.

Sculpture on the Edge

Sculpture on the Edge

Sculpture on the Edge

Sculpture on the Edge

Sculpture on the Edge

This was probably my favourite - it's made with the tops of milk bottles and old bicycle tyres and has solar powered strings of led lights mingled through.  I would love to have seen these at night.
Sculpture on the Edge

Sculpture on the Edge

Sculpture on the Edge

Sculpture on the Edge

Wandered down to the wharf to find some dinner.  The cafe was booked out, so we got some fish and chips from the outside servery.

Fish and chips

It was about 7:45 at this point, and there were fireworks scheduled for 8:45.  It was threatening to storm on us, so we went and found somewhere that we could park with a view of the fireworks.  This is the spot we found.

Bermagui Fireworks

The fireworks were actually really good for a small country town

Bermagui Fireworks

Bermagui Fireworks

Had a pretty good night's sleep.

In the morning they brought down a fabulous breakfast with a yummy variety of food.  In fact there was so much food we couldn't finish it all, and I packaged up the leftovers for our lunch!

Bellbird Cottage B&B

Then it was off to meet up with some people at the beach.  It had been raining in the morning and it did look a little miserable to start with, but the weather cleared into quite a nice day.

Armands Beach

Armands Beach

Armands Beach

Armands Beach

Armands Beach

Came back to Bellbird Cottage and chillaxed and listened to the birds and sipped some wine.  Lovely!

Bellbird Cottage B&B

Then we met up with J&H and D at Il Passagio down at the wharf for dinner.

A very nice salt and pepper squid
Il Passagio

Polenta chips - crispy and yummy
Il Passagio

Quite a nice steak
Il Passagio

Good panna cotta
Il Passagio

The next morning was another amazing breakfast

Bellbird Cottage B&B

Saying goodbye to Bellbird Cottage - we hope to be back one day!

Bellbird Cottage B&B

Went via the foreshore to hack some portals

Sculpture on the Edge

Stopped by some cliffs and took photos of birds


Scratching himself on the wing?

Stopped at the rather green Blue Pool.

Blue Pool

And headed home via Cooma.

Stu fell in love with this place overlooking a beautiful valley and across to Brown Mountain.
Stu's fantasy home

Fred Piper Memorial Lookout.  On a clear day you can see the ocean.
Fred Piper Memorial Lookout

Glider south of Canberra

Hume Solar Farm
Hume solar farm

And then we were home.  A bit tired from what seemed like two days of travelling, but it was lovely weekend nonetheless.

So we were planning to go down the coast Friday night, but I was too worried about the fish.  So we stayed home, cooled the house a little, iced up the tanks, and then went down Saturday morning.

We made a lot of little stops along the way - brunch, lunch and a stack of Ingress portal hacking.  So it took us four hours to get there.  Whoops.

There was a lot of smoke around Nelligen
Bridge over the Clyde at Nelligen

Clyde River Bridge at Batemans Bay
Clyde River Bridge


Dolphin portal

Pelicans on the Clyde
Clyde River Bridge

I love how the pelicans sit on the light posts in Batemans Bay

Whatchu looking at?

Bird poop anyone?
Bird poop

Batemans Bay
Batemans Bay

I settled in with a jigsaw while the sweetie gathered himself, then we went up to Myrtle Beach.  It was a bit too crowded on the main beach for our liking, so we went further down to the next beach.  There was a lot of seaweed there which was a bit annoying, but it was a lovely swim.

Grasshopper .. taken with my iPhone!

I love the walk to/from Myrtle Beach
Track to Myrtle Beach

Came back and did some jigsaw, then got pizza for dinner.  Watched an episode of Buffy, then went in the spa.

Medium meatlovers, small puttanesca, small ham and pineapple

Yellow moon (handheld dodgy shot)

Had a pretty good nights' sleep.  Best all week in fact.  Being a heap cooler will do that.

This morning I finished the jigsaw, cooked us some bacon and eggs for breakfast, then we packed up and came home (via a few more portals).



Neuschwanstein jigsaw

Railcar at Bungendore station
Railcar at Bungendore station

So a fairly short trip this time, but very nice nonetheless.  Sadly we didn't get to meet the mythical Alice.  Maybe next time.

Also thanks heaps to Doc for taking care of the fish on Saturday for us.

This afternoon I sorted some photos (and a side note: challenge accepted), debugged the pool, had dinner and watched some Sherlock.

Coast Weekend

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Went to the coast on Friday night for the weekend.

Saturday was lovely.  Walked (ran) the dog, did a jigsaw, went for a swim at Myrtle Beach (swimming in the ocean in late May - unheard of right??) and watched the moonrise.

Ruby running

Ruby running


Kittens jigsaw

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach




As for the rest of the weekend, probably the less said about that the better.

Coast Weekend

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Friday night after the party, we headed off down the coast.

I always love coming down this bit of road
Heading down the hill
This spider terrorised me in our bathroom.  The next morning it ran up my arm. I screamed a bit.
Had a bit of a go in the spa Friday night, but was pretty tired after the party so didn't stay up late.

Saturday morning I started a jigsaw.  Someone had mostly separated out the sections into baggies, so I emptied the baggies and sorted them one at a time.  The pile at the left there is all the trees.  The pile at the top is the lake.  The pile at the front is all the edges.  The stuff on the right is the "interesting" pieces - ones with bits of building etc in them.  The one small thing missing?  All the pieces for the castle!! Fail!!  So had a look for the missing bag in the other boxes of jigsaws that came with this one, but it was nowhere to be found.  So threw it out :(

Jigsaw fail
Saturday afternoon went up to Myrtle Beach.  It was pretty hot, although not sunny.  But the water was a bit chilly.  And it was the calmest I've ever seen the place.

Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach
Kangaroos on the road on the way back

Kangaroos on the road
Saturday night's dinner was three medium pizzas - a puttanesca, a big mama, and their meatlovers.  There was basically one whole pizza leftover, which got eaten at breakfast and lunch the next day.


Finished the other jigsaw on Sunday morning.

Then packed up and came home.

Clyde Mountain mist

Friday after work we headed down to the coast.  We listened to a Harry Potter audiobook.  Other than that, nothing eventful.

So arrived, and marvelled at the STARS!!  

Then set about turning everything on.  Except I couldn't turn on the gas.  Knob was jammed.  I was already hungry at this point, so was getting stressed and grumpy from low blood sugar level.  Then we heard from Dave - he hadn't even left home yet! (people had bailed at work so he had to fill in for them).  So we abandoned thought of using the spa that night, and went into Bateman's Bay to get some dinner.

We went to "Little Restaurant and Bar".  With a super friendly waitress and chef.  Lovely service.

Little Restaurant and Bar

Stu had a pork croquette dish off the specials board.

Little Restaurant and Bar
And I had lamb cutlets

Little Restaurant and Bar
For dessert Stu had banana and pecan nut pudding

Little Restaurant and Bar
And I had a Lindt Swiss chocolate slice

Little Restaurant and Bar
Accompanied by a nice pear cider.

All super delicious, a great find.

So we get back to the house and Dave had just arrived, to tell me I'd been doing it wrong, turns out there's knobs on each gas cylinder as well.  That I couldn't actually see, from my angle, in the dark.  Yeah so I felt completely useless.  So had a breakdown and went to bed.  As you do.

Saturday was just doing a jigsaw, a walk to the shops, crosswords, and that was about it for the day.

Coast view
In the evening we cracked open the Heineken keg and ordered pizza (three smalls which got demolished in short order).

Coast pizza
Warmed up the spa and enjoyed that for quite a while, getting through almost all of the keg between us.  I was quite impressed with our effort heh.

This morning just more jigsaw, although I didn't finish it - sky is taking far too long.

Coast jigsaw
Then we tidied the house and headed home, stopping at the Scottish Restaurant for lunch.

Did some fish tank stuff when I got home, as well as geotagging holiday photos and house tidying.  So a productive afternoon/evening, but that didn't stop the Sunday night depression :(

Headed down to the coast for the weekend.

It was pretty much a case of the usual - eating junk food, eating pizza, drinking beer (and a sparkling shiraz), going to the shops for the paper, going to Myrtle Beach for a swim, jigsaw, wii, crosswords, kenkens, and of course, going in the spa :):)

Also had a play with the new Eee PC and got some stuff setup on it, including the GPS software so that made me happy.

On the walk to the shops, I took my new "random" camera to have a bit of a play with it.  Generally I'm happy with it (especially for macros), however its noise reduction is very aggressive, to the point where it almost looks like one of those "paint" filters in Photoshop where big gloops of colour are the same and picture quality is lost.

Coast Trip November
(this one looks better at higher res - irfanview is pretty sucky at saving big blobs of red)
Coast Trip November
Coast Trip November
Coast Trip November
Coast Trip November
Coast Trip November
Coast Trip November
On our drive to Myrtle Beach we had to stop and wait for the bridge over the Clyde to open/shut.  But we were so far back in the line of cars we didn't get to see it :(

Coast Trip November
A nice walk through the trees to the beach

Coast Trip November
Coast Trip November
We were actually worried that we were going to get rained/stormed on at the beach - this big storm was brewing to the west.  However it moved to the north and the beach stayed in the sun.  

These are some of the clouds on the way back.

Coast Trip November
After playing sports resort on the Wii if you just leave it it goes around the various sports locations and shows your Miis hanging out.  Weird..

Coast Trip November
We had three small pizzas - a meat lover's, a ham and pineapple, and a putanesca for the sweetie

Coast Trip November
The jigsaw I did

Coast Trip November
A weird but kinda cute concrete chicken that's appeared in the house since last time.

Coast Trip November
Aftermath of our beers

Coast Trip November
Coast Trip November
Of course the suckiest part of going down the coast is having to clean the entire house before you leave.  All my dreaded tasks (cleaning toilets, vaccuuming) and no way to escape.  Especially when it's so humid.  Blah.  Jumped in the lukewarm spa at the end to recover.

Also the boys both had colds which means I'm pretty much screwed... 

But otherwise, a lovely weekend.

Went down to the coast for the long weekend.

Sights on the way down..

Climbed that mountain (Majura) the other week
Mount Majura
Wind turbines
Wind turbines
Cute farm house
Farm house
Braidwood Poplars
Braidwood Poplars
Finally got a photo of this mansion in Lilli Pilli.  Noticed it for sale the next day, although couldn't find anything online for it.
Lilli Pilli mansion for sale
Other strenuous activities included..

Eating pizza (a large Big Mama)
Sandy Foot pizza
and a medium margherita with feta.  Leftovers were consumed over the next two days.
Sandy Foot pizza
Eating chocolates (and drinking beer)
Watching the surf
Malua Bay
Walking the Benny
Watching the birdies
Galah in flight
Doing a jigsaw
Drinking beer
Going in the spa.  Sleeping.  Crosswords, kenkens and sudokus.  Cooking bacon and eggs.  Eating lots of junk food.

And watching the weather change

Coast weather
Coast weather
Coast weather
Coast weather
Coast weather
As usual, a lovely weekend.

April Coast Trip

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As you'd have guessed from yesterday's entry, we went down the coast on the weekend.

Nice quiet weekend as always, with jigsaw-ing, spa-ing, swimming, walking, star gazing, drinking beer, eating pizza (and plenty of other junk food).  Even got a swim in the ocean at Myrtle Beach on Saturday - water was a bit chilly but not too bad.

Malua Bay
Crucifix Orchids
Malua Bay
Ugh boots
Waratah I think
Southern Cross
Mt Shukson jigsaw

Malua Bay Sunrise

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Setup the iPhone to record the sunrise this morning.  But it was very cloudy so it's actually not all that interesting (although if it had been sunnier I would have been worried about damaging the sensor pointing it into the sun for so long).  

I took 2522 photos over seven hours.  But the resulting avi generated by PhotoLapse was over 2Gb so nothing would open it.  So culled down the number of photos to 1756 and redid it (you're not missing much).  Also recorded a bit faster - 20fps.  So a minute and a half of video.

So I had a chance to play with Dave's Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 last week and at the coast.

It's a pretty nifty little camera - feels nice and solid, has fantastic macro functionality and performs well in low light.  Unfortunately it has some saturation issues (I was mostly using it on "Intelligent Auto" mode) and the colour balance with the flash is a bit off.

These are some macro shots I took with it at drinks last week.

Lumix macro
Lumix macro
Lumix macro
And some more I took on the walk to the shops on Saturday.

So a pretty awesome shot of the mushroom, but you can see how saturated the green is.

Here's a couple I took in close succession - the first one got the saturation all wrong, but the second one is ok (I don't think I changed any settings).

Lumix saturation
Lumix saturation not so bad
And a few more shots just for fun :)

Lumix macro
Lumix macro

Coast Weekend

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So Dave had to do some urgent spa maintenance down at the coast, so asked if we wanted to go along.  The cover of the spa had broken a couple of weeks ago, smashing a thermometer and leaving glass in the spa.  Yay.  So alas, spa use was out on Friday night.

The drive down was pretty cool.  Gorgeous clouds and even a huge double rainbow.

Double rainbow
Did a jigsaw on Friday night, another one of the mystery jigsaws with no picture on the box, and a puzzle to solve (which we failed at - the bomb would have gone off!)

Bomb jigsaw

Saturday morning had a nice sunrise.

Coast sunrise
Saw this interesting pigeon which we weren't 100% sure of identity.


Went for a walk to get the papers, and took a heap of photos.

Seagull in flight
Seagull in flight
Seagull in flight
Seagulls in flight
Seagulls in flight
Gak Gak birds
Vacuumed out the spa and found a chunk of glass from the thermometer.  Hopefully we got it all.

Dinner was a delivery of pizza from the Sandy Foot.  A small Zorba and a medium ham and pineapple.  We finished them both.

Zorba pizza
Ham and pineapple pizza

Today we went to Bateman's Bay to get some tubing for the bath-tub spa, which was full of crud cause it doesn't get filtered.  So got that and drained that spa out.

Were a bit later leaving that usual, because I wanted to finish this 1000-piece jigsaw of Neuschwantstein.  So basically finished it, photographed it, then pulled it apart again.  All those hours and hours effort and noone got to really enjoy it heh.

Neuschwanstein jigsaw
The drive up the Clyde was quite pretty cause the clouds were right down on the mountains.

Clyde fog
And that was that.  

Driving back gives you plenty of time to ponder life.  I've decided I spend way too much time on the computer/internet just mucking around, and other things around the house and my hobbies just aren't getting done.  So going to try a forced break from the computer for a while in the evenings to get stuff done.  Will see how we go.. 

Coast Weekend

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Headed down the coast again this weekend.  Some other people were invited but they ended up not coming, so it was just us and Dave.

As usual, very relaxing, doing such things as..

Whale watching from the kitchen window..

Whale watching, Malua Bay
Whale watching, Malua Bay
Whale watching, Malua Bay
Whale watching, Malua Bay
Whale watching, Malua Bay

Documenting Benny..


Doing a jigsaw..

Mandala jigsaw

Going for a walk along the beach..

Malua Bay the rain..

Wet Stu

Eating lots of pizza.. (we felt a little guilty getting them deliver it when it was *pissing* down with rain from the storm.. oops..!)


And enjoying the spa..

Stu in the spa

Not much today, as the sweetie needed to get home early.
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