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Peking Duck and Pizza

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On Tuesday I met up with @StuartCRyan for lunch at Super Bowl in Chinatown.

We had a whole Peking Duck.

And it was amazing :)

Super Bowl Peking Duck

Super Bowl Peking Duck

We ated the whole thing :)

Tuesday night David and Yvonne came over to mum's bearing pizza (they forgot to take the leftovers, so mum and I had them the next night). 

After the pizza we all trekked downstairs and David made some suggestions about what was likely to have any interest for people and what could safely be thrown out.

We also found more of Dad's not-very-secret chocolate stash.

Dad's chocolate stash

Wednesday night I came home again.

Cadbury Screme Egg

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As picked up when doing our shopping the other night.  Not on special yet though.

Cadbury Screme Egg
Cadbury Screme Egg

Didn't get much done tonight, other than piecing back together my Eudora inbox and doing a backup.

We picked up a bag of these Lindt Fioretto Limette Lime Lindt Balls when we arrived in Frankfurt and finished them a few days later in Berlin.  They were epic win!!!  Have been wanting more ever since!!

Lindt Fioretto Limette Lime Lindt Balls

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