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Our family bought this little Datsun 120Y in March 1978.  Getting it was one of my earliest memories.  Even before we got it I remember going on a preschool excursion and driving past it in the car yard (we'd already decided on it but just hadn't picked it up yet).  I learnt to drive in that car (well officially my first drive was in a Volkswagen Passat and I drove 80km around the back roads of Condobolin in a Land Cruiser before I got my licence), but all my learning was in Red Car.  I bought my own car at the beginning of 1997, and about a year later my parents got a new car, and they gave? sold? Red Car to David.  He had a couple of years but kept it parked in the front yard because there were already two cars in the garage.  Then one day and old tree trunk fell on top of it :(:(  David had it repaired, but it was never quite the same - the chassis was probably slightly bent and he kept burning through tires due to bad wheel alignment.  In the end he got rid of it, and one of the Bargwanna sons took it to be a rally car.  

Twenty years ago tonight Mum took one last photo of it before it went away forever.

Red Car

I have spoken

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Wednesday I was just about to start eating lunch when Ben came over and said hi, so had lunch with him and Sarah which was nice.  In the evening geotagged day 1 of our USA 2004 trip.  The flights I'd done in Google Earth back in the day, so it wasn't too much effort.

Watched the first few episodes of the Mandalorian again so David could see them.  

Friday I took a Random Day Off and basically just tried to figure out what Lego sets Vic had by the pieces I had for things.  Picked up the sweetie from the airport in the evening.

Saturday morning went mountain climbing.

Balloons over Belco

Did a bit of house stuff in the morning then we headed out to the club.  I spent some time finally finishing writing up my 2019 year in review.  Then it was happy hour and an epic Mexican feast.

Boyd's Buick

Mexican feast

Mexican feast

Mexican feast

Corona virus

Sunday was house stuff, jigsaw, geotagging and Lego.  Geotagging photos from moving cars is a whole lot harder than those taken walking around in cities.  Just sayin'.

Also this week one of Stu's living stones flowered!

Stone flower

Stone flower

Didn't end up doing any food shopping.  We're going to make do with what's in the freezer.  

Tonight I downloaded, processed and blogged all my photos for the week in a mere half an hour!

Gavin's new car

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Gavin was a friend I met at OzEmail in 1996.  We had a bit of a falling out, but became friends again by 2000.  He was into fast cars, and this was one he'd just bought, taken outside his and Fran's flat in Sutherland, twenty years ago today.  

Gavin and his new car

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