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(continuing with the back dating)

The other week we tried out the Altitude Cafe in Belconnen.

There was a moment of confusion as we didn't know if there was table service or not (why make things so confusing?).  But when we got deep enough into the place and noone had looked at us hopefully, we finally saw a sign, right at the end of the store, on the counter, saying order and pay at the counter.  

I went for the Caesar Salad.

I have to say it was very *weird* for a caesar salad - with tomato, cucumber and parsley thrown in.

Location: Altitude Cafe, Belconnen
Price: $12.95

Lettuce: cos, but in a four-leaf clover configuration
Croutons: just some toasted stale bits of bread, nothing special
Bacon: decent amount
Parmesan cheese: reasonable amount
Egg: two poached eggs, one on each corner
Anchovies: none! win!
Sauce: ok, on the side
Extras: tomato, cucumber, parsley, and chicken (not complaining about that chicken, usually you pay extra for that)

Altitude Cafe Caesar Salad

Thought we'd try out Zierholz today.  And first time I'd been back on campus since summer school in 1991!  Lots of new buildings!  (mostly residential heh).

Three of us tried for the calamari salad, but they were all out, so I had a caesar salad, there were two pizzas and Neil had the trio of sausages.  Also had some German-style ale which was very nice.

So the salad..

Zierholz Caesar Salad

Location: Zierholz, University of Canberra
Price: $15.00

Lettuce: cos, all good
Croutons: these were the best bit - deep fried bready goodness
Bacon: ok amount
Parmesan cheese: reasonable amount
Egg: one egg, split in two
Anchovies: none! win!
Sauce: not bad, maybe *slightly* too .. runny? 

I love the croutons in this salad - chunks of pizza by the look of it, deep fried to perfection :)
Black Pepper Caesar Salad

I've been wanting to do this for ages, and I've done it sporadically but not in any formal fashion.  I wanted to have a little review section for my favourite salad - caesar salad, that I often have when I'm out at cafes.  Because they do vary quite a lot and whenever I eat them I'm thinking how I can blog them.  Tragic I know ;)

For the purposes of my reviews I will comment on the most popular variation of the salad we get here, which includes cos lettuce, croutons, bacon, parmesan cheese, egg, anchovies, and sauce.

Location: Black Pepper, Belconnen
Price: $14.00

Lettuce: cos, all good
Croutons: non-existent (unless they were just breadcrumbs that were mixed in with the sauce)
Bacon: really generous, nicely cooked, winner there
Parmesan cheese: almost non-existent, only saw one tiny piece
Egg: one poached/coddled? on top
Anchovies: check, given to the sweetie
Sauce: good flavour, good amount.

So a pretty decent version of the salad.  The generous helping of bacon made up for the lack of parmesan cheese. Would happily have this again.

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