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Saturday morning I had to go into work for upgrades.  It all went well but took *forever* waiting for things.  So I didn't get home til like 1:30pm or something.  Serena was there, having just gotten back from ObstaSplash with Kit.  Took her home after a while, then went to Casey Supabarn to do our food shopping.  We accidentally bought a $70 bottle of sparkling shiraz, because either someone had mislabelled it, or someone had moved it, but we thought we would be paying $20 for it.  I was *pissed* when I saw the receipt when we got home.  And then I also noticed we'd been charged eight times for six tins of tuna.  The dude had reversed one of them, but it still meant we paid for seven tins of tuna when we only got six.  Won't be shopping there again any time soon.

So got home, and made a caramel slice.  And then it was 6pm.  Time to head over to EffanC's with aforementioned super expensive sparkling shiraz and caramel slice.  R&F were there too so it was quite a pleasant evening.  

But half my weekend was gone and I hadn't had any "home" time.

So Sunday we didn't leave the house.  I did a bit of housework and computer stuff and jigsaw.  Didn't get quite as much done as I would have liked, but better than nothing.  On Sunday afternoon I watched the original Beauty and the Beast, while finishing up part I of the Memorable Moments jigsaw.  In the evening I watched another unopened dvd - Dirty Dancing - which I bought from Big W for $5 - in January 2007!  Whoops.  I also watched First Flight: Secrets of the Dreamliner, about Qantas' purchase of their first 787 Dreamliner.  Very cool :)

Slept really well last night. Only woke up once briefly at 4:30 then went straight back to sleep. This room has a few little foibles. Like there's no toilet roll holder on the walls, just one on the floor. And no hand towels and no mirrors. Odd.

Today had a much better day.

After breakfast we headed into Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park.

We did a couple of walks. The first was to the falls and then up to Indarri Lookout. Spectacular colours, a really pretty spot.

Then after some morning tea we walked over to the island and a little way down to see the creekside that gets flooded regularly.

Then came back to Adels for lunch - sausages and salad.

After lunch we went back into the park and took a little electric boat up the gorge. Again, the scenery was spectacular, and we even saw a crocodile and some tortoises (sadly no barramundi). For $35 as an optional extra I think it was worth it.

Back at Adels we went and jumped in the creek for a super refreshing swim.

Ok so skip an hour or two. After backing up my photos, we went down to the bar for a couple of drinks before dinner.

Dinner was King Salmon. Which wasn't pink. I know, spun me out. I'm looking at it, going, but what is it? But there you go.

After dinner they had a dude singing some songs, although most of them were a bit too old for me (suited the demographic I suppose). We think it was actually one of the tour guides that took us round the park today. It was all a bit of fun.

Then I remembered I wanted a cane toad photo, so went to find one. As I was in the corner showing someone that had never seen a cane toad before, the tour guide told me off for being rude to the guy singing. *blink* I didn't think this was the theatre where people were expected to sit quietly and listen. No this was a pub show, where people were expected to sing and dance and have a good time. So if I'm showing a cane toad to someone in the corner and not bothering anyone, why should I be told off?? And then the toad jumped out of my hand so I squealed before grabbing it (as you do) but then I got told off again. So I left in disgust. So pissed off right now.

So I open my Dilbert RSS feed this morning to see this:

"Dilbert readers - Please visit to read this feature. Due to changes with our feeds, we are now making this RSS feed a link to"

So that's another feed I won't be moving to a new feed reader this weekend.

Even though I fixed the permissions on the main blog admin script, and the comments script, whenever I upload images the little widget on the side is not getting the image url.  Trying to figure out what script needs its permissions fixed ....

Mega hummer
Still can't get it to work.  I'm wondering if they've also broken the ability of php to generate images.  They broke something a while back which forced me to use recaptcha instead of the inbuilt captcha generator.  Of course they denied all knowledge of any changes back then too. 


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Picture the situation:

Small sealed training room.  Ten people crowded in.  The person sitting next to you is coughing and spluttering and *breathing* all over the place.

Yeah pretty pissed off at the moment.  I feel like my throat is a bit sore but don't know if I'm just imagining it.  All I know is that if I *do* get sick, it'll be just in time for the weekend.

People suck.

Bridge to nowhere

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When I got the Winter Olympics for Wii, I was constantly annoyed by the graphic of a suspension bridge to nowhere.  It came out of the hills and terminated at the top of a tree.  Since this came up between every event I kept seeing it and it was really annoying.

Turns out it's part of the official poster and graphics throughout the Vancouver Winter Olympics.. how dumb...

Winter Olympics poster

Dodgy Dendy!!

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Hurrah!!  A Google search for Dodgy Dendy returns me as number 3!! :)
*edit* - that was last night.. tonight I'm number 1!!  heh
(didn't post last night cause got distracted)


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*piffle* is all I want to say about the ridiculous idea to ban climbing Uluru aka Ayers Rock.  I climbed it as kid and the thought of not being able to climb it again ever again just pisses me off.  Tossers.


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One of my biggest pet peeves is direct image linking bandwidth thieves.  Myspace users are the biggest culprits in this crime.  So today I had my revenge.  I setup some rewrite rules to redirect any images stolen from my site to something more appropriate for the scum that is this sort of thief.

I wasn't able to do this with my blog images before the beginning of this year because the server I was on didn't support it (well it did, but you needed to do it through the sysadmin's admin interface - not an option as a user).  I had it working on my photo server for a while (thanks Dave) but hadn't set it up again after the hard drive crash I had on it.

I'm just blocking myspace at the moment, but may extend it to other sites that offend me the most...

If anyone's interested, the .htaccess file contains the following text:

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} ^http://(.+\.)?myspace\.com.*$      [NC]
RewriteRule .*\.(jpg|jpeg|gif|png|bmp)$ http://myothersite/naughty.gif [R,NC]

Stu and I got a good giggle over this this morning :)
Microsoft do something really cool... and then pull the plug on it..!?!?  wtf!?!?

Some time ago I blogged about Microsoft Research's "Group Shot" and how insanely cool it was.  OK I might not have said it at the time, but it really was.  It seriously works like magic to get the best out of group photos of people.

Anyways, a while back James mentioned that it was no longer available for download.  Well I didn't think anything of it, having acquired my copy of it some time ago.

Except I went to use it tonight and it said it had expired!!  Argghh!!

Well this will never do.  So I set the clock back on my computer, and miracle of miracles, it worked!  W00t!!


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Some days I swear I wish I could shoot people.

Like the woman on the bus who refused to move over to her side of the seat, forcing me out into the corridor where I'm bashed into with school kids' backpacks.

Or the woman who cut across diagonally in front of me with a pram and then just stopped, wedging me against the side of the walkway.

Or the idiots at the sushi train that dumped their lids back on the train, but jammed them in there so stupidly that they caused a train-wreck when it went around the next bend.

That was just today.

Then there's the lazy selfish people that couldn't be arsed putting fresh food they've picked up back where they got it from when they've changed their minds about it.  So seeing meat and cheese and fresh fruit just dumped amongst drygoods shelves to get warm and rotten.  Such people make me furious.  And not just once either, three times in recent weeks.

At someone from Stu's work's recommendation, we made a special trip out to Fyshwick to look in the Fyshwick Newsagency.  They close at 12:30pm.  We arrived at 12:38pm.

!@#$^ !?!?

Seriously who the f@#% closes at 12:30 on a Saturday??  I was so pissed off.  And they were still inside and just looked at me when I looked hopefully at them.  I swear they will *never* get my business.

Fortunately Officeworks had most of what we needed to get our invitations printed.  The main paper we used is kinda shimmery and looks quite good.  The only downer was not being able to get similarly shimmery backing card.  So it's kinda boring.  We're gonna post them from NSW on Monday.

I also asked Officeworks about a hard drive we'd sent for repair/replacement *last year*.  It had bad blocks on it so we wanted it replaced.  But after we'd formatted it, it doesn't show up as having bad blocks anymore does it?  Officeworks don't understand the concept of removing and recreating the partition before doing this, even after I told them.  After I had talked to them in December, it sounded like they might actually get the drive replaced, but then I never heard back from them.  When I picked it up today, the card in it just said "Tested, ok".  What a bunch of buttholes.  Of course it's more than a year old now, so chances of getting it replaced are pretty low.  *sigh*

And Stu's fish-eating test appears to be a failure :(
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