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January 8

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As always, on January 8 I remember three things..

This blog is seventeen years old today!  I wanted to get a mobile template applied to this blog over the break, but I just had too many things to do.  One day ..

David Bowie would have turned seventy three today.  Someone at work pointed out it was Elvis Presley's birthday as well.. which I knew but I've never mentioned here because I'm just not all that interested heh.  Edit: actually, I did, in 2015 :)

Bushfires raged through Como destroying many of our friends' homes and our church twenty six years ago.  The current bushfires are hence all too real for us.

January 1994 bushfires


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This blog is fifteen years old today.  Fifteen!!  I've been blogging for a third of my life!

Quiet day today.  Mostly alternating between scraping grout in the shower and trying to get email inboxes under control. 

Also, the kitchen is probably the cleanest its been since we moved in.  All the cupboards under the bench have been cleaned out and decluttered, and the entire benchtop cleaned.

Kitchen panorama

The sweetie cooked barbeque pork for dinner (with a nice chinese bbq marinade), roast beetroots (from Serena's garden) and a peach crumble (also from Serena's garden).  Then we watched Discovery, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Twenty-four years since the Como bushfires; David Bowie would have turned seventy-one.


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January 8.  Always a day I think about three things..

1.. David Bowie's birthday.  Still sad he's not with us anymore..

2.. The 1994 Como bushfires..

3.. My blogiversary.. fourteen years old today!

Here's a couple of photos I scanned a couple of months ago.  It's dad in front of our church as it was burning down in 1994, taken by one of the firies (about the only unit that actually made it to the scene - most were out at Bangor and weren't able to get back across the old Woronora bridge due to congestion).  This photo appeared in the local newspaper in the week after the fires.

Como Presbyterian Church January 1994 bushfires

Another from the series..

Como Presbyterian Church January 1994 bushfires

January 8

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I was having trouble deciding what to blog first tonight.

If I'd blogged last night it would have been about my trip to Sydney to see mum and her brothers and two Lego shows.

There would have been mention that we went to Aunty Di's on Friday night and remembered the January 1994 bushfires of January 8, those twenty two years ago that day.

If I'd been home to blog on January 8 I certainly would have mentioned my thirteenth blogiversary (my little blog is a teenager!).

And as part of that I would have said happy birthday to David Bowie.

He was in my thoughts three days ago.

And sadly, he was in them again today.

For once I didn't hear it first from the internet.  As in 1997, when I heard about Princess Diana, it was my little brother that told me.

Rest in peace David Bowie.  You were one of the greatest loves of my life.

David Bowie Jareth Jareth Jareth


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So today is my twelfth blogiversary.  

12 years.

Holy crap.

Other than that, happy birthday David Bowie and Elvis.

And here's to another twelve years and then some of blogging ...  while we remember the bushfires in Como of January 1994


Ten Years

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So this little blog turned ten years old today!

Happy blogiversary to me! heh

Ten years, or a quarter of my life in writing and online.  Ten pretty big years with a lot of ups and downs, four big overseas holidays, a wedding, a new house, a new job.  And mostly all chronicled here, to varying levels of detail.

I had no idea when I started this blog how dependent on it I would become.  Simply as an easy place to find when I did things or find a photo to show someone.  A place to put photos online for friends/family/strangers. My only regret with the blog is not starting it earlier (even though there really wasn't such a thing much before 2003).

I had wanted to update the style/design of the blog, but ran out of time, on account of being away the entire Christmas holiday, and having last weekend taken up by simply FTPing files up and down.  So I may get something new online in the next little while.  Maybe.  The best I could do was update a few things like the footer, my blogroll and the site description, add navigation links to each entry, and republish the whole site (took twenty seven minutes this time).

Thanks to everyone that's come along for the ride, it's been great!

The Great Catchup

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Ok so I really haven't blogged all week.  Whoops.  This post will be really boring, feel free to leave now ;)

Got home from River Island.  It was hot.  We went for a swim.  I made a pasta bake for dinner.  Did Singstar for a while until my dementia upset Kore.

Slow morning. Hungry Jacks for lunch.  Went for a drive around Canberra (I'll put the pics in a separate post).  Did some food shopping.  Kore made a chorizo and egg tortilla dish for dinner which was super yummy although could have used some vegetation, corn maybe?  Watched Finding Nemo and Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.  Kore also spent an hour de-seeding three pomegranates.  So much work for seemingly not much result!  Yummy though :)

Kore deseeding pomegranates
Pomegranate seeds

Sick, no sleep last night.  Oh yes, every time I got to Sydney I come home with a cold.  Was just a cold this time.  Wednesday night was the worst because of the runny nose which meant I didn't sleep well at all.  Lay in bed til midday (didn't really sleep).  Scanned some stuff I brought home from the parents' - all my school reports and uni/school results.  Finished a jigsaw of Neuschwanstein borrowed from the coast.  Cooked some kangaroo steaks for dinner with a nice leek side.

Neuschwanstein jigsaw

Finished scanning the school reports folder.  Did some photo sorting from the end of the Sydney trip.  Didn't leave house except to walk down to Tony's for some rosemary.  Cooked a lamb roast for dinner.  Watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Peter Pan (Kore and I totally got our Jason fix ;) )

Not much in the morning.  Was offered to be taken out to lunch (Subway) while the sweetie went for a swim, but in the end I paid.. not sure how that worked.  Hrmm.  Read news feeds.  Started a new jigsaw.  Got pizza for dinner.  Watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Quiet morning.  Kore left for Puckapunyal with a friend she's known online for years.  Worked on the jigsaw.  Took down the Christmas decorations (sadmaking).  Updated blog entries (go back and see Sydney day 5 and day 6 if you care).  Did our food shopping.  Visited Annie.  Came home and Stu cooked a lovely pasta dish with smoked mussels and creme fraiche - better than any pasta dish I've ever done!

And so comes the end of the holiday.  I'm so not ready to go back to work :(  It's so nice to have the house to ourselves again too.  Back to reality I guess.... 

If you made it to the end, congratulations :)  And while you're here you can wish my blog a happy blogiversary - nine years old today :)  (and David Bowie turns 65 - happy birthday! :) )

Five years ago today I started this blog.

So I thought after five years of the same design, I'd update it a little.

I also moved it to another server, so that all my various virtual hosts can be in the same place. 

Please excuse the mess for the next few hours :)
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