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Also while I was away, this blog and my email was offline for a few days.  There was some problem with my hosting company that they never fully explained.  Sounded a bit like a DOS, possibly from or to a compromised site.  Didn't stop the 900 or so spam messages getting through though...

Catching Up

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Yeah so sorry for the photo spam.  Yeah no I'm not.

Chris and Zac came up tonight to look at all the Lego laid out.  I still need to properly document it before pulling it all apart again.  But with that all done, I suddenly found myself with some free time which I've been using to get some photos onto the blog.  Because Movable Type is so painful for uploading photos I decided to not add them as assets, but do what I normally do for holiday photos - just upload them to the directory and use my perl scripts to generate the html.  Made it a lot quicker, hence why I did so many at once.

Hanging out for Thursday .. it's been a .. well .. a week ..

Totally Trivial

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So Wednesday night was the trivia night.

The problems started during the afternoon when we went to test the AV equipment.  The data projector and/or the long vga cable was faulty and the display was all horrible (missing grey).  Two different hdmi-vga dongles, and two different laptops including one with native vga and it made no difference, it was just stuffed.  Not to mention we had all sorts of dramas getting the amp/audio to work as well.  Then Doc accidently walked off with my phone and I started freaking out that someone had stolen it.


So we plugged the laptop into the tv instead with just hdmi, and Tony brought down a big speaker to use (audio through the tv wasn't working properly - it kept cutting off the beginning of the audio clips I had - more stress and drama).  But in the end got the whole lot working.  

So yeah after that the night went well.  Other than the questions being generally too hard.  But thirteen tables plus the bar - the place was packed!

Trivia night marking

Last night was a bit of p0ker with Ben and Serena.  With some very very weird rules - like no blinds and two packs of cards.  I think I was winning, but then Kit came up and we stopped playing.

Today I did house cleaning type stuff, as well as blogged some of my USA 2000 trip - which I realised recently I'd never actually blogged digitally.  The photos are online on conspiracy, but the journal was in a notebook.  So I'm digitising that and will put the photos with it.

Also went for a two hour long walk with Chris this afternoon (somewhat longer than I was intending, but over 14000 steps on the pedometer today to show for it).

Tonight we watched the very last episode of House, followed by the Bourne Supremacy.


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So apparently today is World Statistics Day.

I was going to publish some of the search terms people use to get to my blog, but Google Analytics doesn't do this in a nice way anymore.  Actually I couldn't find anything at all in there - they've either hidden it very well, or for some reason don't save them for my site, or maybe it's just something you need to pay for now.  At any rate, it's pretty retarded and I couldn't find anything in there at all.

And the ancient tools that come with the ancient version of cPanel on this host are pretty useless too.

No stats for you.

(I will note however that by far the biggest bringer of traffic to my site seems to be Stumbleupon, sending people to my Lego Star Destroyer page).

And I'm still number 2 in Google for "kazza".

New Blog

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So I've got a new blog.  Well, subblog.

For a while I've thought about my Australian holiday blogging.  They never seemed major enough to warrant a whole new subblog like my overseas trips did.  So I embedded them into my main blog.  But now I'm scanning all mum's photos, and there's trips there that I'd like to blog, but don't want to clutter up my main blog.  So I decided to create an Australian Holidays blog.  There's already a few trips I'll probably migrate into it, and I'll also start blogging some of my childhood holidays there (well posting photos anyway, and any memories that I still have of them).

Check it out!

I'm so boring

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I really have nothing interesting to say these days.  And, unlike twelve years ago when I started blogging, I don't post every boring detail of my life every day.  Tonight we watched Green Zone, and it inspired me to go back and find the blog entry I did about the opening day of the Iraq war.  I then read through a couple of month's worth of blog entries from 2003.  My style was very different back then.  I suppose back in the day there was really noone else reading it, so I wasn't really thinking how other people might perceive it.  These days I don't blog much unless something interesting happens.  And even then I sometimes don't, because I'm a complete slacker.

So.  Boring details.  Does anyone care?  Do I care if anyone cares?  So few people read this blog now.  And much fewer bother to comment.  


Thursday: work drinks, not much else

Friday: not much

Today: bit of house work, listed some stuff on Freecycle, went for a walk with the sweetie, cooked a roast chicken dinner, watched some House (we're near the end of season 2) and Green Zone.

See, nothing of any particular interest to anyone.


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So today is my twelfth blogiversary.  

12 years.

Holy crap.

Other than that, happy birthday David Bowie and Elvis.

And here's to another twelve years and then some of blogging ...  while we remember the bushfires in Como of January 1994


Half of my battle with blogging these days is the whole *effort* of downloading, selecting, resizing, stripping geodata and blogging photos.

I have several weeks of photos to blog.  Over fifty actually.  Eep!  Lots of birds, funnily enough. 

Also, during the week I have nothing much to say.

Because I only tend to blog about stuff I've done, and I don't tend to do anything much interesting during the week.

But I've been really impressed with my SIL blogging every day this month and I feel bad being so slack with this blog.  I really do love the archive of my life I keep here.  

So I'm going to try again to blog more often.

Today I had my Sadie cap on, and cut the rules down on one firewall from over two hundred to a little over one hundred.  Cleaning makes me happy :)  Mind you it's a lot easier to clean up other people's messes.  My own messes are harder because I'm lazy :)


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Yeah so I've been a complete slacker.  And then some.

Tonight since getting home all I've done is sort out photos for blogging.

Sixty-two new photos to blog.  Not to mention the older ones that still haven't been blogged yet.

So I'll see what I can do.  In between Mighty Planes and Revenge and my washing.

November and December were a bit of a disaster for this little blog.  I don't think I managed to get *any* photos online in a whole two month period.  I made up for that over the break, getting online over a hundred and fifty photos.  So if you care (I doubt any more than about three of you would), you might want to check out my November/December (and even January) archive entries.

I also finished my 2013 year in review post, which is at the end of the December archive page.


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Also today ... significant day ..

I've been blogging for eleven years today .. happy blogiversary to me!

Also today marks the twentieth anniversary of the bushfires that tore through Como and Jannali in 1994, destroying our church and many of our friends' homes.

And it's David Bowie's birthday.

I've been really slack with blogging this year, especially the second half.  Lots of trips to Sydney mucking up my routine and cutting deeply into my "home" time is certainly not helping.  And the lack of comments is also not helping either, I feel like noone's really out there anymore.  Since my birthday in August I've had a whole *two* comments from regular readers.  Not that I do this for you, I do it for me, which is why I'm a bit annoyed I'm not keeping up - as this provides a valuable record for me of my life.


Thursday night after drinks we went to the Lighty for dinner, and then onto Karaoke.  I've never done karaoke like this before.  And found it a lot more difficult than Singstar.  With Singstar the lead vocals are at full volume compared to the music, and the timings are on screen.  With karaoke the lead vocals are basically non existent, which means you're pretty much on your own getting the timing right.  And when people are singing very loudly and very badly, it's very hard to try and get it right.  In the end with a lot of songs I blocked an ear and closed my eyes and was able to keep the timing a lot better.  And the videos are crap - at least with Singstar you mostly get the original video clips.  But it was a great fun night - we stayed for two hour-long rounds.



Friday night I made the sweetie watch Love Actually with me.  Because, you know, Christmas.

Saturday morning I was up at normal time to go help out with the big work Christmas party.  Neil and Henrch and Windy had spent a couple of hours on Friday afternoon moving things up onto the loading dock, so in the end it only took half an hour to load the truck.  We had the whole place setup by about 10:30, and then just needed to wait for the booze to turn up and then we were done.  Quickest setup *ever*.  After everything was done, I went on a couple of rides and took a lot of photos, then had my lunch and came home.

Truck Tetris








Saturday afternoon we headed over to Mishi's for a games evening.  We read a stack of Geek Battle questions which turned out to be great conversation starters.  Then we played a couple of games of Fluxx - Geoffrey won one game and I won another.  Then we watched Inception because Mishi had never seen it, and the sweetie and I hadn't seen it since we saw it at the movies.  Quite enjoyed it the second time around.

Sunday we went to Potty's for a big family BBQ.  Essentially it was the family Christmas gathering, as everyone was there, and won't be for Christmas itself.

Family BBQ

Family BBQ

Family BBQ

Family BBQ

Family BBQ

And then back to work.  I have *sooo* much to do it's not funny.  And yet I got so many interruptions and problems to deal with that yesterday I barely got *any* of it done.  So much for a nice wind-down to Christmas ...

Last day of my thirties was spent at work.  Yay.  Was put in a foul mood by the "support" of one of our vendors, which made the morning's work on their product that much more depressing.

Had some wine and roast lamb for dinner, then made a mint rocky road from a cookbook I got off DC for my birthday.

Then watched Air Crash Investigations.

My blog is still having awful problems.  The host it's on is struggling badly, and everything takes *forever* to do.  I'm thinking seriously about moving it off somewhere else.  You get what you pay for after all .. :/  So sorry if you can't comment or get any other sorts of errors.

Last of my parties tomorrow, which would normally mean life would get back to normal, but it's looking like that's not going to happen for weeks or even months.  In fact things are about to get a whole lot crazier ...


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Tonne of mysql issues tonight.  I suspect another user on this host is abusing the system (or being abused).  Either way, unlikely I'll be able to get this to post....  If it does it'll be a miracle...

Got onto their Twitter.  Site was down for a while, hopefully they were rebooting and it'll be better now..

Movable Type 5.2.2.  Trying to mark comments as spam from the comments RSS feed - clicking on "junk".  Multiple spam messages on the one entry, so multiple attempts to publish to the same entry.  Get these errors:

Renaming tempfile '/path/to/' failed: Renaming '/path/to/' to '/path/to/page.html' failed: No such file or directory

And then the page is deleted until I go into the entries management and republish it.

This is so fricken fail.  And yet I can't find anyone talking about the same thing, other than the odd comment in people's blogs where people have obviously had the same problem when commenting on an entry at the exact time as someone else.

I discovered a while back that if I mark various comments as spam directly from the notifications I get and do a whole lot at once, I can end up in a situation where temporary files lock each other out, and if I'm not careful I could lose individual blog pages or even whole month archives unless I carefully republish.  

Tonight I lost my blog's index page completely when my brother was commenting on an entry at the same time I was publishing another entry.  I have such a low-volume site (and humans rarely comment) that it's not usually a problem, but if I was getting a lot of comments I'd be pretty worried about MT just eating my content ..


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Why do people still read my drivel?  I don't have anything interesting to say.  Apart from the odd rant I don't say anything personal.  Even reading my entries from some years back it seems my blog style has changed somewhat.  I think I put more emphasis on getting photos online.  And I talk a lot less about work since moving to Canberra.  In fact during the week I often go for days without posting, simply because nothing out of the ordinary happened, and it seems better to leave the day blank rather than filling it up with fluff.  

So why?  Why are you still here?

Ten Years

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So this little blog turned ten years old today!

Happy blogiversary to me! heh

Ten years, or a quarter of my life in writing and online.  Ten pretty big years with a lot of ups and downs, four big overseas holidays, a wedding, a new house, a new job.  And mostly all chronicled here, to varying levels of detail.

I had no idea when I started this blog how dependent on it I would become.  Simply as an easy place to find when I did things or find a photo to show someone.  A place to put photos online for friends/family/strangers. My only regret with the blog is not starting it earlier (even though there really wasn't such a thing much before 2003).

I had wanted to update the style/design of the blog, but ran out of time, on account of being away the entire Christmas holiday, and having last weekend taken up by simply FTPing files up and down.  So I may get something new online in the next little while.  Maybe.  The best I could do was update a few things like the footer, my blogroll and the site description, add navigation links to each entry, and republish the whole site (took twenty seven minutes this time).

Thanks to everyone that's come along for the ride, it's been great!

MT 5.2.2

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So after spending all day yesterday downloading a snapshot of my blog, and all of this morning uploading 5.2.2 to my host (their SSH appears to be down at the moment, so couldn't download and unzip on the host itself), I think I have upgraded this blog to Movable Type 5.2.2. 

I had to upload the support/themes directory to get my old theme content, as well as the reCAPTCHA and Gravatar plugins directories but I think that was about it.  

I've tested creating a new entry and commenting on it, but not comments on any old entries.

There's some more changes I want to make in the next few days, but if you notice anything broken in the meantime please let me know! (comments are currently broken on all old entries until I republish the site, which I'll do in a couple of days - I only want to do it once, as it'll probably take half an hour to run!)


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