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Coasting Along

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Saturday morning we packed up and joined the rest of Canberra in heading down the coast for the long weekend.

Smiths Gap

I started a jigsaw and other people just chilled and read and programmed etc.



For dinner we went to the Little Restaurant and Bar again for more delicious food.  We couldn't get a seat inside because they were all booked out, but were able to book the outside bench.  But that's cool, cause you know we're Canberrans and all and we're used to the cold.

Little Restaurant and Bar duck

Possum at the coast


Then spa til about 1am.

Sunday we'd been intending to go to the beach, but the sun never came out, so we didn't bother.  Went for two separate walks to the shops (one to hack portals and another get some stuff to make pikelets (C had a craving)).  In between I did jigsaw.

Breakfast eggs


Moth at the coast


Dinner was pizza's from Stevo's (the Sandy Foot cafe had run out of dough! *gasp*).  Oh my, Stevo's pizzas were insane!  Huge, and *heaps* of cheese.  Completely decadent and we mostly all stuffed ourselves silly.  I had one and a half pieces and that was *plenty*!  We ordered three large pizzas, but only ate two of them.  Had a full pizza's worth leftover.

Stevo's Pizza

Then spa til after midnight.

This morning was just eating and packing up and cleaning, then came home.

Battled Sunday night depression, and then lost it when I dropped one of my corningware dishes onto the kitchen floor and it *smashed* :(:(  But then watched a very moving docudrama on Hiroshima on Netflix.  Did my washing, now time for bed.

Thursday night: after Wednesday night's insomnia I got to sleep quite quickly.  But then I woke up at around 3am on Friday morning and never got back to sleep.  Actually I lie.  I got up at 6:15 and made up a potato bake, and went back to bed while it cooked, and got about half an hour more sleep.

Friday: got home, spent three quarters of an hour packing the car up, then headed down the coast.  Arrived a bit after eight, fired up the spa, then realised the Sandy Foot pizza place closes at 8pm :(  So had potato bake for dinner.  Then went in the spa and stayed up entirely too late.  

Saturday: had a very slow start.  We might have all been a bit seedy.  Well ok not all of us.  D and F were suitably restrained and were only a bit tired heh.  I cooked some bacon and eggs for brunch, then we headed up to Myrtle Beach for a swim.  The water was nice and it was all very pleasant until we all got a bit out of our depth and then struggled to get back.  I managed ok, but I could see how easy it would be to panic.  Stu and C got a lot more stuck but were ok in the end.  Had some bubbly and some fruit on the beach, then had another quick dip before heading back.  

Beach bubbly

Stu at Myrtle Beach

Went into Bateman's Bay for dinner - to the Little Restaurant and Bar.  We'd been there before, and the food was just as good this time.  I had a very nice wagyu steak.  Went for a bit of a walk to walk off dinner, but ended up getting some ice cream for dessert.  Went in the spa again, but didn't stay up as late.

Little Restaurant and Bar flatbread

Little Restaurant and Bar sourdough

Little Restaurant and Bar wagyu steak

Bateman's Bay

Sunday: fairly early start.  Headed out around 9:15 and headed down to Armand's Beach.  But the weather closed in, so after a bit of a swim, we adjourned to shelter to have some bubbly and cheese (too cold for fruit).  Headed back to the beach a bit later for another quick swim.  Got some ice cream in Bermagui at the Gelati Clinic.  Then headed back to the house.  Chillaxed for a while, then ordered some pizzas for dinner.  Then we danced for a while to C's music before getting in the spa.  But after a long day we were pretty tired and were all in bed by 10pm.  Silly really.

Coast sunrise

Wallaga Lake bridge

Armands Beach

Monday: had a biggish breakfast of bacon, eggs, mushrooms and zucchini hash browns, then cleaned up the house then headed home.  I got part way through unpacking and doing some washing, before heading up to Mount Rogers to kill a layered blue field (good for the step count though).  Then a quiet evening just gathering ourselves.

Coast sunrise

Tuesday: back to reality.  Downloaded all my photos, but haven't chosen any for the blog yet.  This will probably get updated at some point in the future :)

Coast Weekend

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Went to the coast on Friday night for the weekend.

Saturday was lovely.  Walked (ran) the dog, did a jigsaw, went for a swim at Myrtle Beach (swimming in the ocean in late May - unheard of right??) and watched the moonrise.

Ruby running

Ruby running


Kittens jigsaw

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach




As for the rest of the weekend, probably the less said about that the better.

Coast Weekend

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Friday night after the party, we headed off down the coast.

I always love coming down this bit of road
Heading down the hill
This spider terrorised me in our bathroom.  The next morning it ran up my arm. I screamed a bit.
Had a bit of a go in the spa Friday night, but was pretty tired after the party so didn't stay up late.

Saturday morning I started a jigsaw.  Someone had mostly separated out the sections into baggies, so I emptied the baggies and sorted them one at a time.  The pile at the left there is all the trees.  The pile at the top is the lake.  The pile at the front is all the edges.  The stuff on the right is the "interesting" pieces - ones with bits of building etc in them.  The one small thing missing?  All the pieces for the castle!! Fail!!  So had a look for the missing bag in the other boxes of jigsaws that came with this one, but it was nowhere to be found.  So threw it out :(

Jigsaw fail
Saturday afternoon went up to Myrtle Beach.  It was pretty hot, although not sunny.  But the water was a bit chilly.  And it was the calmest I've ever seen the place.

Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach
Kangaroos on the road on the way back

Kangaroos on the road
Saturday night's dinner was three medium pizzas - a puttanesca, a big mama, and their meatlovers.  There was basically one whole pizza leftover, which got eaten at breakfast and lunch the next day.


Finished the other jigsaw on Sunday morning.

Then packed up and came home.

Clyde Mountain mist

Friday after work we headed down to the coast.  We listened to a Harry Potter audiobook.  Other than that, nothing eventful.

So arrived, and marvelled at the STARS!!  

Then set about turning everything on.  Except I couldn't turn on the gas.  Knob was jammed.  I was already hungry at this point, so was getting stressed and grumpy from low blood sugar level.  Then we heard from Dave - he hadn't even left home yet! (people had bailed at work so he had to fill in for them).  So we abandoned thought of using the spa that night, and went into Bateman's Bay to get some dinner.

We went to "Little Restaurant and Bar".  With a super friendly waitress and chef.  Lovely service.

Little Restaurant and Bar

Stu had a pork croquette dish off the specials board.

Little Restaurant and Bar
And I had lamb cutlets

Little Restaurant and Bar
For dessert Stu had banana and pecan nut pudding

Little Restaurant and Bar
And I had a Lindt Swiss chocolate slice

Little Restaurant and Bar
Accompanied by a nice pear cider.

All super delicious, a great find.

So we get back to the house and Dave had just arrived, to tell me I'd been doing it wrong, turns out there's knobs on each gas cylinder as well.  That I couldn't actually see, from my angle, in the dark.  Yeah so I felt completely useless.  So had a breakdown and went to bed.  As you do.

Saturday was just doing a jigsaw, a walk to the shops, crosswords, and that was about it for the day.

Coast view
In the evening we cracked open the Heineken keg and ordered pizza (three smalls which got demolished in short order).

Coast pizza
Warmed up the spa and enjoyed that for quite a while, getting through almost all of the keg between us.  I was quite impressed with our effort heh.

This morning just more jigsaw, although I didn't finish it - sky is taking far too long.

Coast jigsaw
Then we tidied the house and headed home, stopping at the Scottish Restaurant for lunch.

Did some fish tank stuff when I got home, as well as geotagging holiday photos and house tidying.  So a productive afternoon/evening, but that didn't stop the Sunday night depression :(

Headed down to the coast for the weekend.

It was pretty much a case of the usual - eating junk food, eating pizza, drinking beer (and a sparkling shiraz), going to the shops for the paper, going to Myrtle Beach for a swim, jigsaw, wii, crosswords, kenkens, and of course, going in the spa :):)

Also had a play with the new Eee PC and got some stuff setup on it, including the GPS software so that made me happy.

On the walk to the shops, I took my new "random" camera to have a bit of a play with it.  Generally I'm happy with it (especially for macros), however its noise reduction is very aggressive, to the point where it almost looks like one of those "paint" filters in Photoshop where big gloops of colour are the same and picture quality is lost.

Coast Trip November
(this one looks better at higher res - irfanview is pretty sucky at saving big blobs of red)
Coast Trip November
Coast Trip November
Coast Trip November
Coast Trip November
Coast Trip November
Coast Trip November
On our drive to Myrtle Beach we had to stop and wait for the bridge over the Clyde to open/shut.  But we were so far back in the line of cars we didn't get to see it :(

Coast Trip November
A nice walk through the trees to the beach

Coast Trip November
Coast Trip November
We were actually worried that we were going to get rained/stormed on at the beach - this big storm was brewing to the west.  However it moved to the north and the beach stayed in the sun.  

These are some of the clouds on the way back.

Coast Trip November
After playing sports resort on the Wii if you just leave it it goes around the various sports locations and shows your Miis hanging out.  Weird..

Coast Trip November
We had three small pizzas - a meat lover's, a ham and pineapple, and a putanesca for the sweetie

Coast Trip November
The jigsaw I did

Coast Trip November
A weird but kinda cute concrete chicken that's appeared in the house since last time.

Coast Trip November
Aftermath of our beers

Coast Trip November
Coast Trip November
Of course the suckiest part of going down the coast is having to clean the entire house before you leave.  All my dreaded tasks (cleaning toilets, vaccuuming) and no way to escape.  Especially when it's so humid.  Blah.  Jumped in the lukewarm spa at the end to recover.

Also the boys both had colds which means I'm pretty much screwed... 

But otherwise, a lovely weekend.

Coast Weekend

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So Dave had to do some urgent spa maintenance down at the coast, so asked if we wanted to go along.  The cover of the spa had broken a couple of weeks ago, smashing a thermometer and leaving glass in the spa.  Yay.  So alas, spa use was out on Friday night.

The drive down was pretty cool.  Gorgeous clouds and even a huge double rainbow.

Double rainbow
Did a jigsaw on Friday night, another one of the mystery jigsaws with no picture on the box, and a puzzle to solve (which we failed at - the bomb would have gone off!)

Bomb jigsaw

Saturday morning had a nice sunrise.

Coast sunrise
Saw this interesting pigeon which we weren't 100% sure of identity.


Went for a walk to get the papers, and took a heap of photos.

Seagull in flight
Seagull in flight
Seagull in flight
Seagulls in flight
Seagulls in flight
Gak Gak birds
Vacuumed out the spa and found a chunk of glass from the thermometer.  Hopefully we got it all.

Dinner was a delivery of pizza from the Sandy Foot.  A small Zorba and a medium ham and pineapple.  We finished them both.

Zorba pizza
Ham and pineapple pizza

Today we went to Bateman's Bay to get some tubing for the bath-tub spa, which was full of crud cause it doesn't get filtered.  So got that and drained that spa out.

Were a bit later leaving that usual, because I wanted to finish this 1000-piece jigsaw of Neuschwantstein.  So basically finished it, photographed it, then pulled it apart again.  All those hours and hours effort and noone got to really enjoy it heh.

Neuschwanstein jigsaw
The drive up the Clyde was quite pretty cause the clouds were right down on the mountains.

Clyde fog
And that was that.  

Driving back gives you plenty of time to ponder life.  I've decided I spend way too much time on the computer/internet just mucking around, and other things around the house and my hobbies just aren't getting done.  So going to try a forced break from the computer for a while in the evenings to get stuff done.  Will see how we go.. 

Coast Trip

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Left fairly early on Saturday (9am) for the coast.  It rained.  It was rainy there.  We saw the remains of one accident, Neil ended up being stuck behind a couple of accidents and some bicyclists so had a very long, slow run.  

Coast Trip October

DC and I played some Wii Sports Resort.  It's not too bad, I might get it.  Maybe if I can get a good price on it in a couple of months ;)

When Neil arrived we did a 500-piece jigsaw of a fairy that he'd brought down.  DC timed us, but we don't know if it was 1.5 hours or 2.5 hours.  Shrug.

At beer o'clock DC and I played some Mario Kart and some olympics. We stopped when I kept winning :/  Started watching Young Frankenstein. It was .. ok.. heh. Paused in middle to cook and eat dinner (pasta and herb bread).  Then jumped in the spa. It was too hot but cooled down after having the blowers on for a while. Went to bed around 12:15.

Sunday had a little bit of a sleep in. Played a few hours on the Wii. Started my "Fish and Chips" jigsaw with Neil before he went home.  The day went very fast because of daylight savings.

Coast Trip October
Coast Trip October
Coast Trip October

At beer o'clock lost three games of pool to DC so played some Wii. Pizza for dinner. More Wii. Spa til 1am.

Monday was just doing more jigsaw and wiiing.  The sun came out for a little while, and might almost have been worth going to the beach, except it clouded over and started raining again before we got around to it.  Oh well. 

Ever want to know where all the "i" info dots are on Wii Sports Resort?  We found them all :)
Coast Trip October
Coast Trip October

Run home wasn't too bad.  Lots of crazy clouds around from all the storm activity (which I'll post separately).  

Coast Trip October


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Blogging from Batemans Bay Maccas for no other reason than because I can.  Well sort of.  It's so slow it's almost unusable.

Have had a rainy but quite relaxing weekend at the coast.  On our way home now.

Weekend away

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Had rather a late start on Saturday.  We headed out around 12pm to do our shopping, but of course being Anzac Day, shops weren't open til 1pm.. not even Coles (which I thought might have opened round 12).  So had to waste a bit of time before doing our shopping.  Stocked up on supplies, came home, got ready, and eventually headed out the door round 3:50pm. 

Had a nice easy drive down to the coast, arriving just after 6pm.  Whereupon it was decided it was beer o'clock.  We cooked a store-bought quiche for dinner (I mustn't have been with real men ;) ).  Eventually got in the spa and stayed there for the next five or so hours.  Ooops.  :)  DC mostly kept up with me drinking-wise.  Not quite, but I was still impressed :)

Quiche (3.6 servings per package??? who divides quiches up like that??)

Bottlecaps Mine, DC's and Stu's efforts (one Quadruppel beer is the same alcohol content as two heinekens)

Sunday was a bit of a sleepin (as you do).  Spent a good chunk of the day doing a jigsaw of Neil's.  And later played some Super Mario Galaxy.  It was ok, but was really only one player so not as much fun (oh, played a bit of Lego Star Wars too, but really don't *get* it). 

Malua Bay

Dinner was a lamb roast with lots of veggies, and our wedding cake for dessert.  And a Mount Majura Pinot Gris, which was very fruity.  Watched Mythbusters and Iron Chef and Rockwiz and then fell asleep when Dave put on Keating the Musical.  So abanoned that and got in the spa.  Where we turned off the lights and sat and just watched all the stars.  Was extraordinarily pretty.  Stu and Dave saw the same shooting star, but I missed out :(  Was determined to stay there til I saw one, but in the end Dave wanted Ben to get some sleep, so I got booted :)

Today we played some Mario Kart, went for a walk then cleaned up, and left for home.  Dumped our stuff then headed straight back out again, this time to Ding's for a very civilised dinner.  He'd been cooking up a storm all afternoon - he did a pretty amazing paella with mussells and calamari and prawns and crab and chicken and saffron.  Jo also did a highly nomorific salad.  Definitely ate far too much :)  And had some Mount Majura Pinot Noir.  And then there was dessert.  !!  Definitely need to have more dinner parties.  Need to get a dining table...

Anyways.  So that was the weekend.  Think I need a weekend to recover from my weekend...

So Friday night we left work early and headed down to the coast.

The eastern side of the Great Dividing Range, especially closer to the coast, is remarkably green at the moment.

Arrived in Bateman's Bay around sunset.

Sunset over the Clyde River

Got to the house, but decided to go back to Batehaven for dinner.  Went to Ra-Cha, which we'd been to before (where previously we waited *forever* for takeaway service), but this time it was better.  Ordered too much food, considering that I'd had a big lunch and several wines and beers.  Oh well. 

Got back to the house and was bedazzled by all the stars!  So much better than even Canberra. 

Got settled in, then played some Mario Kart on the Wii with Dave.  I did pretty craptaculour to begin with, but then got the hang of it and was mostly equalling Dave and even won a bunch of races! 

We'd been waiting around for the spa to heat up, so when it finally did we hopped in.  Except it was far *too* hot!  Oops.  The cold spa next to the main one offered some relief so was pouring water from that one all over myself heh.  Stayed up til about 1:30 and chatted (well Dave did most of the talking heh).

Saturday morning at 6:30 it was raining, so that didn't bode well.  But by mid morning it had cleared up beautifully so we went for a walk down to get the papers.

Malua Bay

View from the house

Came back and then just vegged out.  Stu mostly read and slept.  Dave and I played Wii Play and did a 750 piece jigsaw in 2.5 hours.

Naughty jigsaw

Later in the afternoon we went for a walk to buy ingredients for dinner.

Malua Bay

Going for a walk

The weather started closing in, and saw this cool waterspout out in the ocean..


By the time we'd gotten dinner and got back to the house it had started raining.

Stu cooked dinner and we all got stuck into some beer.  I lost three games of pool to Dave before deciding I'd rather play him on the Wii where I had half a chance of beating him ;)

Much beer goodness and Stu's good cooking later. 

The spa had cooled down significantly by later in the evening, making it just pleasant.  So we all hopped in.  And stayed there til 2:45 .. oops!  The poor dog (who doesn't like to miss any action) was completely wasted from trying to stay awake with us!

Sunday was grey and miserable, so we just stayed in and did pretty much nothing.  Did the big sudoku and some crosswords.  Played Wii.  Had leftovers for lunch.

Then cleaned up and came home.

So it was just a lovely relaxing weekend.  A bit tiring on account of staying up half the night ;)  But very peaceful.  Definitely need to do it again some time!

Weekend Away

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So Friday afternoon, we all meandered down to the coast. (If you're reading this in Google feed reader you might want to jump to the page as the page goes a bit screwy with the way MT4 does things..)

Trees alongside the highway (King's Highway??)

Forest by the Kings Highway

We arrived with enough time to wander down to the beach to play in the sand.

Sunset over Long Beach

Stu and I on Long Beach

When we got back to the flat there were kangaroos in the front yard

Kangaroos in our front yard

Kerry cooked a nice stir fry for dinner, and we drank beer.

Saturday morning saw Kerry up before dawn to get photos of the sunrise.

Sunrise over Long Beach

Sunrise over Long Beach

And this nice shot of a seagull.

Seagull on Long Beach

The flat has a bird feeder and visitors are encouraged to feed the birds.
So we did.
There were lots of birds.

Rainbow Lorikeets

After breakfast we all drove up to Myrtle Beach. It's a nice walk to the beach..

Forest on the way to Myrtle Beach

And we saw this cool lizard looking at us and catching ants.

Lizard on the way to Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach.. covered in seaweed.

Myrtle Beach NSW

Unfortunately it was very rough, so we couldn't really swim there. So we went back to Maloney's Beach. Had a nice swim there. Saw this nifty hexagon-shaped house on the way back..

Hexagon House

This is the view from the flat.. nice huh? :)

View from our flat

After unhealthy lunch of fish and chips, we headed down to the beach again.

Tollgate Islands

Saw this.. thought it was a spider pushing a bug, but it was a bug dragging a spider!

Bug dragging spider

Found a sand worm in the sand (strangely enough!)

Sand worm

And dug a big hole for Jake to play in.

Sand hole

Kerry and I went for a walk up to the end of the beach.

Rocks at the end of Long Beach

Seagull footprints

There were more birds back at the flat.


Crimson Rosella

Kerry cooked dinner again Saturday night, this time pasta. And we drank beer.

Sunday morning still more birds. The most so far.

Bower bird


Juvenile King Parrot

Rainbow Lorikeet

Juvenile King Parrot closeup

King Parrot

After bacon and eggs for brekky, we went up to the end of Long Beach again to go snorkelling, but couldn't see a thing due to all the crap in the water from the onshore wind.

But Scotty caught a couple of fish, which he let go.

Scotty with a fish

And we dug another hole for Jake.

Jake in a hole

And then we came home.

A very pleasant and relaxing weekend. And cheap too - the place was only $85/night which we split between two families. Definitely need to go more often wethinks.

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