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Last Drinks

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Last night was the last night of our work drinks in its current location.  To be moved upstairs next month.

To celebrate the end of an era I invited everyone I had a phone number for, and *heaps* of people came - the place was packed!  It was a pretty epic night, and we nearly succeeded in the mission to drink the bar dry so things wouldn't need to be moved.  Everyone that came had a great night.  

Thoroughly demoralising week at work.  Still got issues with the app that went out last week.  Painful.

Thursday night a small group of us went out to 2 Yummy again - two weeks in a row!

Friday after work the sweetie and I had a drink at Capitol Bar and Grill.  I'd been there before when it was still just the Rydges hotel, but it's gone all funky now.

Capitol Bar and Grill

Capitol Bar and Grill

Then we went and fed Potty's fish and picked up some frozen stuff on the way home to cook for dinner.  Watched Downfall with the sweetie which was pretty good.

Saturday morning said goodbye to our old dishwasher and the new one got delivered and installed.  After lunch we bought the sweetie a new car.  Then did our food shopping and came home.

I made a white chocolate caramel slice out of my Women's Weekly "squares and slices" book.  Had some of that after dinner, was pretty yummy.

White chocolate caramel slice

Caramel slice

I also cooked some duck breasts with roasted veggies for dinner.  I've never cooked duck breasts before.  They turned out pretty well!

Duck breast

Watched 12 Monkeys with the sweetie, and then a doco on Queen.

This morning I cooked an imitation breakfast raclette, cleaned the kitchen, downloaded and blogged some photos, and put dinner on to cook a bit after 1pm.

So a very foodie weekend that's for sure.

But the sun is out.  I know we should really get out and get some exercise and some vitamin D ....

So what else has been happening?

On Tuesday night we went and tried the bar under A. Baker.  We had a beer each, which were local beers.  As we were sitting there I noticed a Clonkilla wine on the shelves.  So I asked the bar tender if all the drinks there were Australian (excepting maybe the spirits of course).  But he said that the majority of drinks were in fact Australian - certainly the wines and beers, and where possible from near the Canberra region.  Even a lot of the spirts were Australian, although they did have some imports for the Scotches and Tequila.  We'll have to go back some time and sample some other stuff.

A Baker

After a drink we met up with Stu's old friend Katie in Dickson for dinner.  We got a selection of bits and pieces that included dumplings and pork buns and peking duck.

Dickson Dumpling House

Last night we went with Neil to the "Mapping our World" exhibit at the National Library.  It was good but a bit too crowded - really hard to get up close to read the info boards.  And it probably should have been called "Mapping Australia" because that's what it mostly focussed on.  It finished off with a lot of Captain Cook and Matthew Flinders' maps of Australia.  

National Library

Fra Mauro World Map

Captain Cook Botany Bay

Captain Cook New South Wales

Captain Cook New South Wales

Matthew Flinders Port Phillip Bay

Matthew Flinders Australia

Then we came home and watched The Shipping News.

I had a terrible week for sleeping.  Sunday/Monday/Tuesday I simply couldn't get to sleep and was a zombie most of the week.  On Wednesday I was desperate and took everything in the house that might help me sleep, including magnesium, a "sleep" vitamin pill, a valdoxan and a shot of scotch.  It had the desired effect and I got to sleep very quickly for once.  Although I woke up at 5am. Sigh.  Thursday night after drinks was also much better, although woke up at 4am with hurty so that ruined that.  Last night I finally got a good night's sleep - getting to sleep early and waking up late.  

Baxter Inn

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Tonight after work I went hunting the Baxter Inn on Clarence St.

You'd only know it was there if someone told you about it.  

And warned you about dark alleys.

Baxter Inn

 And unmarked doors.

Baxter Inn entrance

Baxter Inn

But it was totally worth it!  The bar tender I talked to was super helpful and I ended up sitting at the bar.

What a bar!

Baxter Inn

Baxter Inn

I ended up trying two scotches - a Longrow CV ($11) and a Caol Ila Distiller's Edition ($17).

Will have to drag the sweetie along some time :)

After that went to Luc and Lizzi's for dinner so could take a donut photo of Ryan.

Three months ago today we took a tram from Central to Victoria Park then did a Central and Sheung Wan foodie tour.

Where was I?  Wednesday .. 

Dealing with a crap crisis meant not getting any "real" work done today.

Drinks with Neil and Simon at Ha Ha, then La De da, and some very yummy fries.

La De Da fries

Then home to fight with technology.  Couldn't even get the old DVD player to play - could get audio to come through, but not video.  Which is a big stinking poo.  So we ended up watching the first couple of episodes of Firefly on Bluray.  Can't believe that series is over ten years old now.  And Neil is watching Veronica Mars again .. maybe I should too! heh :)


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Last week the sweetie and I went for a pre-dinner drink at Bellabar under Rydges.  Nice quiet little bar, although it felt a little too fancy for me walking in off the street heh.

Two years ago today we went to Brighton (noisy, not very tourist friendly, and a pile of rocks instead of a beach), saw the other the end of the White Cliffs - the Seven Sisters (it rained), Dover Castle (it rained) and the Battle of Britain Memorial (it rained).

Crappy Movable Type and crappy hosting meant I got an error when I posted this last night, and didn't notice til now, so back dating to last night.

Ha ha Friday

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So after having a pretty awesome week mostly just cleaning up a super messy system (it's a work of art now!) today everything came to a screeching halt.  In the form of HTTPS problems on our newly upgraded proxies.  Not. Happy. Jan. 

After a morning of fighting with it, Neil and I went to lunch, deciding we should go somewhere licensed.  

We settled on the Ha ha bar, and had a very nice lunch and several mulled wines.  Not very alcoholic, but super tasty.

Yummy mulled wines
Ha ha Friday
"Beef Tagliata" - rare beef, rocket, parmesan, capers, balsamic reduction and olive oil - yummmm!
Ha ha Friday
Monster clouds
Ha ha Friday
So back to work but I wasn't in the mood for any more crap.  So answered a few queries and phone calls, and went and annoyed people.  I went and annoyed Fred for a bit, and he had this big pile of 5c coins on his desk.  So as I do, I went through them looking for 1972 5c coins.  Not expecting to find any.  Because I've been collecting coins for probably nearly thirty years and I've never seen one.  In fact for years I didn't think they existed because I'd gotten every other minted coin until the eighties, but never a 1972 5c coin.  But a while back I found out they do actually exist, but are pretty rare.  In fact they sell for about $5 each on ebay.  But we were just chatting and I was going through the coins, and holy crap I found one!!!!!  So was super excited by that.  I kept chatting and looking and OMG ANOTHER ONE!!!  I've never seen one of these coins in my life and suddenly there's two in one place?!?!!!  I was spinning out at this point but kept looking AND THERE'S ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!   THREE!!!!  IN ONE PLACE!!!!!    Do you understand how amazingly unlikely this is?!?!!?  The last one had a super big scratch across it, so not worth anything, but the chances of finding three of these coins at once absolutely gobsmacked me.  


Sent out the word early that we'd be at the Ha ha bar from 4pm, and invited the usual crowd.  It was quite peaceful for a while, outside by the lake, quiet, not windy.  Very pleasant.  Then the heaters or refrigeration turned on so it got noisy.  Oh well.

Ha ha Friday
Afterwards Tony and I were going to walk home but it was getting a bit late, so cheated and took the bus that goes half way.  Then I stayed for a very yummy mac&cheese dinner.

So a nice end to what started as a super crappy day.
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