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Had lunch with Scott and Kerry and most of the kids today after they saw Moana.  Probably the last time we'll see them in months :(

I spent most of tonight sorting out files on my computer so the backup would fit onto the smaller drive I have (which doesn't do big stuff such as photo masters).  I haven't done any DVD backups of my photo masters in several years.  I really should keep going with that in case of the zombie apocalypse.  Well really the EMP apocalypse.  Fortunately the chances of that happening are pretty remote, but it's a terrifying thought.  And if it *did* happen, probably a backup of my photos would be the least of my worries.  Staying alive for more than a couple of weeks would be our biggest concern.  

What a cheery blog entry heh.


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Some time after 7pm last night my blog went offline.  Tried it from a couple of different networks, including  It was dead.

Some time overnight it came back.

But it was missing the last entry and the last couple of comments.

Looks like the content reverted to was from about midday on the 28th, so would have lost about a day and half's worth of data.  Luckily my blog gets so little activity that this is hardly an issue.

So obviously Something Bad happened, and they've had to do a data restore.  Or perhaps they were moving data to a new host but it all took so long that content had changed by the time they were done.  Either way, I'm lucky to have not lost my entire blog (or at least since the last snapshot I did, and then would have had to reconstruct it from my rss feed reader).  So I'm doing another snapshot of it now.

It's a pity that the internal Movable Type backups don't work anymore.  They used to a long time ago, but I think there's just too much content now.  I'll look into automating an sql dump at least to give me a text dump at regular intervals...

Edit: I think they must have moved to a new host - suddenly response time for posting is super snappy - normally it takes like a minute to publish an entry, but this entry only took a few seconds to publish!

Edit 2: they seem to have broken the SMTP settings.  I used to be able to have my blog email me when I got a blog comment.  Now it tries but fails and generates a bounce message (which I *do* get).  But even worse, it turns out that *all* my mail is bouncing :(:(:(:(:(

Edit 3: I called their support number and spoke to someone who confirmed that they had indeed moved the site to a new host, and he was able to fix the mail setting for my domains on the spot.  And that he'd have to go and fix a bunch of other people's domains as well heh.

Realised yesterday morning that I've somehow managed to delete the resized and geotagged copy of our Hong Kong and Taipei photos from last year.  Dunno how or when.  And I'm not holding out much hope that they'll be on my backup disks, because I do mirroring and any deletions will be gone from them too :(  So that totally sucks because it means I'll have to geotag all my photos all over again :(  At least it wasn't the masters I suppose.  I should have done a dad and made 17 backups.

Also, we finished watching Veronica Mars season two last night, and started on season three.

Vacuumed the pool today and went in it.  It was pretty cold, under 24C, but very refreshing on such a hot day.


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So I've had a great Christmas break so far.  Mostly.

Christmas day was a fairly lazy start after staying up a little too late with Kit on Christmas Eve (I forced them to watch the carols hehe and then we half watched Frozen, oops).  Didn't get to Potty's til a bit later than I wanted to, which meant the pork didn't get on til a bit late, which meant it was going to be a late lunch.  But we brought heaps of nibbles so ordinarily that would have been fine.  But just as we were sitting down to eat lunch everything happened at once.  While serving ourselves lunch Annie and the family turned up (it was 2pm and they were meant to arrive after lunch, but lunch was late hrmm), and miss V took that as her cue to open her presents.  Next year I'm not putting labels on presents.  That'll learn em.  Anyway, so instead of a nice relaxing Christmas lunch it was all super rushed and stressful.  Grunt.  The rest of the afternoon was a bit better though.

Christmas selfie

Family photo

George really didn't like his Christmas collar and was so depressed he almost got run over because he wouldn't get out of the way when we came home.
Depressed George

Friday morning I got stuck into my holiday break.  Friday and Saturday I had really productive days, getting stuff done around the house, as well as some sorting out of *stuff* and sorting my photos and lots of sorting of Dad's photos.  

Annie got me this for Christmas - super cute, goes with the little Neuschwanstein Castle she got me last year.
Nanoblocks Big Ben

Cherries at Damien's

Sunday morning was more of dad's photo sorting, then we went over to Damien's for a Thermomix feast lunch.  Not a demo as such (he wasn't trying to sell us one), just a fun little banquet of dishes from it.

First he made up some pizza dough.

Damien and the Thermomix

Then he made a very nice dip of cream cheese, garlic, green onions and parsely.

Then a leek and potato soup

Thermomix soup

The leftovers of the soup made the base for a sauce that went with this steamed chicken and vegetables

Thermomix chicken and veggies

And here's that pizza

Thermomix pizza

And finally a sorbet to finish

Thermomix sorbet

So quite a feast in the end!

Afterwards we played a round of the Logo Game, which I won, then came home and did more photo sorting.

Monday and today was primarily photo sorting and a bit of house stuff.  And shaking my head over dad's "system" of backups.  So much waste.

Here's the "before" pile.  The offsite backups, the archives, the working copies, backups of mum's photos, unsorted cds, copies of other people's photos, and an entire large spindle of unfiled duplicates.

Dad's backups

And this is everything I'm chucking out.  Over four hundred cds :(  Such a waste.  They would never even have been used either.  He would have just burnt them, filed them, and that was the end of that.  And I swear about fifty of those cds were from their Gulf Savannah trip in 2007.  Sooo many copies of everything.  Sigh.

So much waste, dad

Last night we went to EffanC's for dinner, and after dinner we watched Labyrinth on the big screen (aka their lounge room wall).  It was super awesome.

David Bowie big screen

So I've gotten a lot done this break, although not nearly as much as I wanted to.  There's still so many things on the todo list.  Life is too short.  Holidays are too short.  Sigh.

I never tire of taking crazy light photos.  I really should practise more and try different things..

Light painting
Light painting
Light painting
And here's a pic of the moon last week (full pixels - the 105mm would make this smaller :( )

Other than that a pretty standard Monday.  Actually had a bit of a lull in my crazy todo list so did some operational stuff.  Not much tonight other than a full backup of my hard drive.

I have no life..

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Well not on a weeknight anyway.  Especially not on a weeknight.  Nothing interesting to talk about.  Haven't done anything interesting.  Boring boring boring.

I backed up my photo directory tonight.  Is that exciting?  Well all except the "masters" directory cause that's too big to fit on this particular disk.  And the UK photos don't fit either.  Good thing I have two other disks that *do* fit all those photos.  I have 38gb of Canon masters, and that's only 6106 files, excluding all the UK photos.  

I have four backup hard drives at the moment.  Two fit everything.  Two fit a subset of files.  I'm thinking of ditching the two smaller ones.  I mean what can you do with an 80gb drive these days *really*?  Besides, all four don't fit properly in my offsite storage location.

Ok that's enough with the boring talk.

Here's a boring picture of my dinner tonight - a lamb red curry with some very old lamb I found in the freezer, pak choy or choy sum or something like that, garlic, a chili off a Crust pizza, capsicum and mushrooms, with red curry paste and a tin of light coconut cream, topped with cashews.  Well it was yummy anyway.

Lamb red curry

Some good news

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The data back up I did last week was done the night after I finished renaming my Japan photos. I also did a backup of those Japan photos to the same disk (which I wouldn't normally do because I do photos to a different disk).  So even though I was able to recover those files off my dying disk, I know I have a clean copy of them.
So tonight I thought I'd have another go at installing Windows 7 but as a new install instead of an upgrade (which wouldn't work because you need to be in windows in order to run the upgrade).

But after some time of it extracting files, it gave this lovely friendly error:

Windows cannot access the installation sources. Verify that the installation sources are accessible, and restart the installation.

Googling tended to indicate that probably the hard drive was fubar.  Fine.  Well lets see if I can boot off a live CD and mount my drive and see what can be salvaged.

The two knoppix cds I have refused to boot (the old Neither of my Knoppix cds boot. Can't find KNOPPIX filesystem, sorry. error) so tried a Suse cd Simon burnt me last year.  This thing *just worked* first go, even on the network. 

So figured out how to mount the internal drive  (
mount -t ntfs /dev/sda3 /mnt ) and then attached a memory stick.   Was able to retrieve the file I most wanted to.  But had all sorts of problems with the drive staying online (and getting lots of I/O errors in the syslog).  Stu brought home a large hard drive for me to copy files to, but Suse kept wanting to make the NTFS drive read only.  Tried a few things, but in the end just formatted the disk as linux.  Will be able to copy off from a live CD if need be.

So I'm currently copying off what I can from stuff I know I've modified in the past few weeks.

The plan is to buy a new drive as soon as possible, install Windows 7 on it (Windows will be on a separate partition this time!!), then restore/retrieve my data from backups.  The medium term plan is to get a file server so can actually do daily backups, instead of backups every couple of weeks when I bring home hard drives to backup to.

I kinda like this Suse thingie too.  May even setup a virtual machine with it on at some point.


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So I found out today that Robocopy comes native with Vista! W00t!

Previously I've been using the old windows xp copy of ntbackup.exe, but that was a bit painful, so thought I'd give robocopy a go.  It worked pretty well, except for my profile directory.  Then it barfed all over the place and I had to fuss around with it to get it to do backups of well-buried stuff like Google Earth's myplaces.kml file. 

So anyway I have a bunch of command line options that I can script, which will make future backups to this backup disk much quicker. 

Now if only I had a bigger external hard drive that actually *fitted* everything I want to backup, and a usb hub so I don't have to ferret around the back of the computer to get the computer to recognise it...
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