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  • decide on when we were *actually at* locations in local Japan time (except for Sydney and first plane trip photos which are on Sydney time)
  • put the date/time stamp on everyone's photos and put that into the file name of each file in consistent format
  • fix problems with cameras still set to Sydney time, problems with times being an hour out because of daylight savings
  • script renaming files by an hour or two or three where necessary (which included movies that didn't have exif data so were renamed in the first instance by date modified)
  • fix mistakes in renaming by adding back an hour where necessary
  • fix script problems that sometimes renamed 00 to 0
  • fix days that sometimes went into the next day
  • sort each day's photos into day directories
  • triple check I haven't missed any
  • fix problems with some of Sandra's files that lost exif data
  • sigh over Sandra's camera being twenty minutes slow
Yeah so that about sums up my brain.
On the plus side, I now have all photos with a consistent and accurate time/date stamp on them, so will make sorting them out and picking highlights that much easier .....  (for me anyway - anyone else would just pick the ones they liked and be done with it ;) )

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