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The Day After

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This morning was super frustrating because apart from about fifteen minutes scraping old sealant off the shower, all I did all morning was housework - cleaned the kitchen, dusting, vacuuming, put away washing, did another load of washing, cleaned up the dining room, cleaned up the bedroom.  Seriously it was just boring housework and nothing actually useful.  Soo annoying.

Went out so Stu could get his degree framed, then had some lunch at Can Tho, then got some new fishies (five black neon tetras for the two foot and a bristlenose for Chrissie's tank).

Black neon tetras

Chickens crossing the road

Also went and saw Serkan's fish room.  It's a pretty impressive setup.  He has one big air pump that does the whole room with bubble filters in each tank.  He has a hose which fills aging tanks at the top, and they are plumbed with irrigation to all his tanks below for easy water changes.  Very cool.

Serkan's fish room

Then home to do silicone sealant scraping and not much else of any consequence.

Went into the city (via Mt Ainslie) for dinner at Hero Sushi, which, like last time, was super disappointing.  Never go there when it's not crowded - all the hot food is cold and disgusting.  Then we saw The Last Jedi, which I'll save for another post.

Mt Ainslie in the rain

Clouds over Canberra

But I did want to post these photos today.  A year ago I mentioned that after our church burnt down in the Como bushfires in 1994 I retrieved a page of one of our hymn books and a piece of the baptismal font I was baptised in.  This is them..

Hymn book page

Baptismal font


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This blog is fifteen years old today.  Fifteen!!  I've been blogging for a third of my life!

Quiet day today.  Mostly alternating between scraping grout in the shower and trying to get email inboxes under control. 

Also, the kitchen is probably the cleanest its been since we moved in.  All the cupboards under the bench have been cleaned out and decluttered, and the entire benchtop cleaned.

Kitchen panorama

The sweetie cooked barbeque pork for dinner (with a nice chinese bbq marinade), roast beetroots (from Serena's garden) and a peach crumble (also from Serena's garden).  Then we watched Discovery, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Twenty-four years since the Como bushfires; David Bowie would have turned seventy-one.


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Tonight the sweetie and I celebrated our anniversary and went to Bella Vista for dinner.  We had a lovely evening and talked about life and travel and finances and *stuff*.  Love you sweetie :)

The sweetie on our anniversary

For entree, I had Quaglia e Prosciutto - "San Danielle" prosciutto wrapped semi-boned quail, filled with a parmesan and mortadella farce, roasted, and served on a warm smoked pepper and spinach salad with pan jus.

Bella Vista Quaglia e prosciutto

Stu had Cestino di Pollo - chicken pieces sauteed with bacon, and mushrooms in a mild chilli and seeded mustard sauce, tossed through garlic rice and served in a crispy breadbasket.

Bella Vista Cestino di Pollo

For mains I had Panciale di Maiale - pulled pork neck slow roasted with rosemary and garlic, coated panko crumbed and fried to crispiness served with a creamy asparagas and scallop brandy sauce, and grilled mushrooms.  Not sure what I was expecting for this, but this wasn't it.  It was delicious though!!

Bella Vista Panciale di Maiale

Stu had Pesce del Giorno - grilled NT barramundi fillet set on bacon and caramelised onion potato mash and asparagus, and prawn cutlets

Bella Vista Pesce del Giorno

As always, an amazing meal.


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January 8.  Always a day I think about three things..

1.. David Bowie's birthday.  Still sad he's not with us anymore..

2.. The 1994 Como bushfires..

3.. My blogiversary.. fourteen years old today!

Here's a couple of photos I scanned a couple of months ago.  It's dad in front of our church as it was burning down in 1994, taken by one of the firies (about the only unit that actually made it to the scene - most were out at Bangor and weren't able to get back across the old Woronora bridge due to congestion).  This photo appeared in the local newspaper in the week after the fires.

Como Presbyterian Church January 1994 bushfires

Another from the series..

Como Presbyterian Church January 1994 bushfires


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Today marks:

* twenty years since Como Presbyterian Church reopened after the January 1994 bushfires

* twenty years since the Port Arthur Massacre

* fifteen years since Alan had his first heart attack.

Memorable day for me.


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The sweetie and I have been married eight years today :)  Happy anniversary sweetie, love you!! :):):)

Ten Years

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Ten years ago tonight I met the sweetie for the first time in real life.  It was that meeting that changed the rest of my life.  Had it not been for that meeting I would not be sitting here in Canberra, having just watched through Sherlock, listening to my neighbour's loud music.  I wouldn't be in the job I am now or have a whole stack of friends that I have now.

In short it's been a pretty great ten years.

Kazza, Stu and Aurelius

Aquila saw that picture of the sweetie today and said he hadn't changed a bit.  Neither have I really, although I did point out that I'm a lot fatter now hehe.  And the reason I haven't dismantled the mosaic is that it reminds me of that trip to Queensland where I met the sweetie.


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So the sweetie and I have been married for seven years today :)

This morning I cooked cheesy potato hash browns.  Then while the pan was still hot I cooked dinner.  Then it was after 11am, and I was about to head out (to the movies with Kerry). 

Cheesy hash browns



This afternoon I did lots of housey type stuff.  But no photo sorting.  My holiday photo blogging is about to come to a screaming halt.

Dinner was beef stroganoff, then we thought we'd watched something a bit romantic, so we watched The Notebook on Netflix.  Urrgh.  Slowest.  Movie.  Ever.  Ok not really but was super slow and a few minutes in and I'm like, is this thing over yet?  I didn't really even care that much who she ended up with in the end.  Then we watched Frozen.

Three years ago today I had to celebrate our wedding anniversary without the sweetie which was super sad.  But they did give us champagne at breakfast because it was the Israeli Independence Day.  Then we went to the Garden Tomb, and the Tower of David museum, and wandered around Jerusalem.

One year on

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Last night was one year since dad died.  I've been listening to the list of "Dad songs" I posted last year.

Mum is doing well, and loving her new life in the retirement village.

There's some things I miss about dad (his technological knowledge and some of his quirks), and some things I certainly don't (his grumpy personality).  

I still have dreams that he's still alive, or that he recovered and came home to a house/garage that we'd cleared out of all his stuff.  The number of times I said "sorry dad" while we were getting rid of his stuff.. I think it haunted me slightly.

Yeah so what a marathon effort that cleanout was!  It took us about sixteen months, although it really accelerated in the last two months when mum had to move out.  I well and truly lost count of how many trips to Sydney I did!

Parents' Garage

Garage cleanout

Dad's workshop

Workshop cleanout

Dad's workshop

Workshop cleanout

Back alcove Back alcove

Back alcove Back alcove

Front alcove Front alcove

Anzac Day Weekend

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Generally had a quiet weekend.  Stu was still sick (yeah two long weekends and three days leave in between and he was sick the entire time :( ).

Friday I did a bit of house cleaning and watched Four Weddings and a Funeral in the afternoon.  I might have also made some Anzac Biscuits.

Anzac Biscuits

Saturday we celebrated our anniversary by going out for brunch at Pulp Kitchen.

Anniversary brunch

Anniversary brunch

The we did some food shopping and came home (via the church where we got married six years ago)

Ainslie leaves

All Saints

I put dinner on to slow cook (beef stew nommm).  Didn't do much at all in the afternoon (that I can remember).  

White eye

White eye

Enjoyed our dinner and watched Twister together in the evening.

Sunday I did a bit of stuff around the house then went to the War Memorial to see the model of Gallipoli, except the whole section is undergoing a big renovation at the moment til the end of the year :(  So had a bit of a wander around and had a play with Dad's camera there.

War Memorial

War Memorial

War Memorial

War Memorial

War Memorial

War Memorial

War Memorial

War Memorial

War Memorial

War Memorial

War Memorial


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Also today ... significant day ..

I've been blogging for eleven years today .. happy blogiversary to me!

Also today marks the twentieth anniversary of the bushfires that tore through Como and Jannali in 1994, destroying our church and many of our friends' homes.

And it's David Bowie's birthday.

So for our anniversary we both got the day off work, and decided to go for a drive out to Captains Flat.  Cute little town, although really not much there.  The pub didn't open til dinner time on a Friday - only open for lunch on weekends.  So we had some "lunch" at The Outsider cafe.  There was only SOS mobile reception there, presumably only Telstra has a tower there.  We went up and look at the old entrance to the mine.  But sadly we didn't go out to the radar, which was half the reason I wanted to go.  Stu says "next time".

Captains Flat sign, including ducks and horses
Captains Flat sign

Residents can get emergency water supplies from here
Captains Flat water supply

A photo of the mine on an info board
Captains Flat old photo

A memorial for miners who lost their lives
Captains Flat memorial

Stu inspecting the Molonglo River (that little bit of brown in front of him)
Captains Flat Molonglo River

Isn't he a cutie?
The sweetie

Captains Flat from Beazley Street
Captains Flat

The Outsider cafe
The Outsider

Captains Flat hotel
Captains Flat Hotel

Lake George Mine entrance
Lake George mine

Lake George mine

Captains Flat from the mine
Captains Flat

Old railway bridge
Railway bridge

Church at Carwoola
Carwoola church

Five Years

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Stu and I got married five years ago today.

I still feel like we're newly-weds :)

Love you sweetie pea, happy anniversary :)

and the sweetie.. love you :)

So yesterday, it being our wedding anniversary and all, we decided to go out somewhere nice for dinner.  

We decided to go to Courgette in Civic.

I even wore a blouse .. *gasp* !

That didn't make me feel any less like I didn't belong there.  I'm just not a fancy restaurant kind of person (not that I wouldn't like to be - I do like nice food, I just feel out of my depth).  

Please excuse the crappy iphone photos.  It would just have been too weird to pull out my real camera, and it wouldn't have focussed on my meal anyway without standing up from the table.  Maybe I should have stolen Dave's camera heh.

We ordered a pre-dinner cocktail (Kir Royal) each, which was a blackcurrant flavoured champagne.

Courgette Dinner
They also brought out these mini cups of crab and seafood bisque with a prawn foam - really really tasty!

Courgette Dinner
We ordered a bottle of Southern Highlands Wines Pinot Gris which amazed Stu.  Will have to find some more for him :)

For entrées, Stu had the "Hand picked mud crab and rare yellow fin tuna sausage, wasabi mayonnaise, crisp rice wafer".  This was cold which surprised me.
Courgette Dinner
And I had "Prosciutto wrapped pan seared scallops, confit chicken wings, pea purée, lemon olive oil, balsamic reduction" which was delicious and tender, although I don't recall seeing any actual prosciutto.
Courgette Dinner
For mains Stu had the "Roasted corn fed chicken, sautéed livers with apple and sherry vinegar, braised lentils, Jerusalem artichoke crème, truffle brioche, brandy jus".  The chicken was delicious but I didn't try any of the chicken livers (should have saved one for Nat ;) )
Courgette Dinner
And I had "Sticky pork belly with roasted loin, caramelised apple pear gallette, celeriac mash, pomegranate seed, white balsamic and cider vinegar split jus" which was pretty awesome except that the big two pork pieces in the middle were actually a bit tough to cut through - I almost had to hack my way through it with the knife when cutting it up.  That would be the only complaint I had for the whole evening.
Courgette Dinner
There was a group of six people on a nearby table, and I swear one of the girls looked naked.  All I could see out of the corner of my eye was flesh..
Courgette Dinner
While thinking about dessert, they brought out some watermelon sorbet which was *amazing*!
Courgette Dinner
We ordered desserts, as well as a glass of Penfolds Grandfather Fine Old Tawny port.
Courgette Dinner
We both had the "Vanilla crème brulee with seasonal mixed berries and short bread finger".  Yumm yumm yumm. Real vanilla, crunchy top, super awesome.
Courgette Dinner
And the sweetie got a coffee as well
Courgette Dinner
So all in all an expensive but lovely night out.

Our wedding anniversary is the same date as the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.  In the past couple of weeks, in the lead up to the 25th anniversary, there's been a heap of articles on English Russia, and other places as well.  For some reason this disaster totally captivates me.  No idea why.  Silly really.  I even wrote a time travel story in high school that mentioned it.  I was in year 12 at the time.  It was about a girl who suddenly woke up in April 1986 - she'd gone back in time five years.  She remembered that April 1986 was when the Chernobyl disaster happened and was trying to warn people.  But of course noone believed her (except her older brother who realised she couldn't suddenly know calculus overnight unless it were true).  The disaster happened and she went into hiding because suddenly everyone wanted to talk to her.  A month later she woke up back in her own time.  I actually scanned that story (and some others) before I threw out all my school work before leaving Sydney.

Happy ..

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.. birthday David Bowie!
.. blogiversary to me!
Saturday was rainy and miserable, so felt no guilt at all sitting on my computer most of the day, and cleaning the house in between.  

Saturday arvo we went and fed Yoda before heading to Mishi's for a games night.


Had some nibblies and then some yummy chicken wings and sausages at Mishi's.  After dinner played a game of Trivial Pursuit (in teams so we had half a chance) except everyone else got questions that generally we could answer, yet the three or four times we actually got a go they were stoopidly hard questions that not even Stu knew the answers to.  So that was all very depressing, but at least the game was over very quickly.  There was then talk of playing Ticket to Ride, but there were seven people which made it too hard, so just had some tea and chatted for a while longer.

Sunday we got up and went over to Potty's cause Jeff and Ruth were in town and visiting.  Helped do some hedging, but Potty came along with his electric trimmer after we were done and redid the whole lot, so we needn't have bothered *sigh*.  At least we got a nice lunch.  Did our shopping and came home.  

Lego Creator House

Sunday evening we headed over to Windy's for eating and drinking and being merry.  Lots of yummy roast pork and potato bake.  I made a caesar salad and most of that got eaten which was a good thing.  Then played some Singstar until got booted off so the kids could do High School Musical.  So that was pretty meh.  But Windy and I had a couple of games of Monty Python Fluxx before everyone left and we were finally allowed back on Singstar.  Had a great time at that until everyone else got too tired.  Surprise of the evening was doing exceptionally well at Aqua's Barbie Girl.  Who knew I could be so good at a song I've barely heard in twenty years!

Kazza's caesar salad
Roast pork

Today we decided to have a quiet day at home (with a quick trip to Bunnings thrown in).  Did some gardening and a bit of tidying and watched last night's Bones and Castle online.  Then cooked our anniversary dinner.  $50 worth of ingredients!  Would almost have been cheaper to go out! heh.  I did Lana's stuffed chicken (the recipe that has won her a trip to Sydney to cook for Margaret Fulton!), which was yummy, but a little over cooked and a little too salty.  Also did an asparagus bake (another one of our new favourite recipes) and for dessert did these mini pavlovas which epic rocked!

Anniversary dinner
Anniversary dessert

Still very full, but quite sleepie and thinking about going to bed soon...

16th May

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The 16th of May is burned in my brain for several big occasions.  In 1999 Gavin and Fran got married.  In 2004 we flew to America.  In 2001 my flat in Sydney settled. 

Also in 1999 I went over to Vic's place and had my second ever beer.  In honour of the occasion I went and got some of the same beer.  Cheers Vic! :)

Hahn Premium, 1999 Hahn Premium, 2009

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