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There's camels and jumping castles in Civic at the moment..

Camels in Garema Place

Anime Night #3

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Had the usual anime crowd over tonight.  

First up we watched this odd episode of a show Stu has been watching.  No idea what it's called :)

Then pizzas arrived and we watched this way cool dvd of our Japan photos that Stu put together with all these funky transitions and stuff.

Then a couple of episodes of Speed Grapher, and a couple of Abenobashi.

Finally some Mario Karting, which I actually won two rounds of! Pretty freaky!


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Ponyo Tonight Stu and I met up with Nat and Andrew for dinner (APK - had lasagna - nomm!) and then went and saw Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea.

I'd not even heard about it until mentioned on Blogography the other day, and then last night The Pen also gave it a mention.  So organised to go tonight.

As per the several other Ghibli/Miyazaki movies I've seen, it's beautifully animated and unbelievably *sweet*.  Quite enjoyed it :)

Anime Night #2

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So peoples came over for another anime night. 

Decided to cook a bucketload of pasta, with two different sauces for dinner (as we'd had pizza last night ;) )

Watched another couple of episodes of Abenobashi, then a couple of Starblazers (!!! haven't seen Starblazers in like twenty five years), and one of Speed Grapher. 

And then we played Mario Kart, which of course Nat won most races of ;)
Tonight N&A and Gaelian came over for our first anime night. 

Watched a couple of episodes of some thing set originally in Osaka but then in parallel universes that played out like a computer game.  Weird.  Can't remember what it's called and Stu's gone to bed.
(Magical Shopping District Abenobashi Stu says)

Then pizza arrived.

Then we watched Tonari no Totoro.  Which was the obvious choice after going to the Ghibli museum a couple of weeks ago :)  Stu made fun of it for being too sweet.  The english dubbing was a bit icky, but the "dubtitles" were worse.  So we stuck with the english speech so we could at least watch the movie (my biggest complaint with Appleseed Ex Machina was that I couldn't actually *watch* any of the movie cause I was so busy trying to read the subtitles).

Finally we watch an episode of Speed Grapher, which was a bit "huh?" and a little to resemblant of Eyes Wide Shut heh.
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