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So last Sunday night was epic lasagna night with Lana's recipe.  

Lasagna ingredients

Lasagna ready to bake

So awesome!  Although baking dish doesn't *quite* fit into the new oven! :(  Had to tilt it slightly.

Lasagna cooked

I didn't have the energy for greenery, but we did have greenery with the leftovers ;)


Monday David went home for the week - his knee had been giving him grief for a week.  Maybe gout from all the tomatoes I've been feeding him recently??  hrmmmm.  It was a glorious autumn day and went for a walk at lunch (I've been going for walks most days, and the weather for the most part has been amazing lately).  I've also been getting through the lemon "tea" (just flavoured sugar) I got in Turkey in 2014, having it in our pretty Cunard tea cups we got for Christmas on our last cruise.  

Cunard lemon tea

Last of the chrysanthemums

I also started the next section of the Disney Behemoth jigsaw - The Little Mermaid section, and got stuck into labelling UK 2010 photos.

Thursday morning I finished scanning roll 21 of Dad's slides - that was three boxes in one week!  Epic!  At lunch I cut up some potatoes to dry out for the afternoon, so that we could pretend to be a bit healthy and have potato wedges instead of pizza for dinner.  Then we watched the CGI Lion King.  Gosh CGI is amazing these days.  The movie was *very* similar to the original, some things were shot for shot exactly the same.  It wasn't quite the same without Jeremy Irons and Rowan Atkinson, although John Oliver was ok.

Friday Stu had an appointment so dropped me at work so I could copy and clear everything off my old laptop so I could give it back.  

Cirrus is coming along slowly.  Much *much* slower than Geocon.  I can't help thinking these are likely to be better quality than Geocon, as it seems like they're taking their time to do things properly.  Who knows..
Cirrus Belconnen

In the evening the sweetie had a hankering for Crust.  So much for a pizza free week! ;)  Then we watched the original Lion King because the sweetie had never actually seen it!!  *gasp*   If I'd known that we could have watched the original first.  

Saturday I spent the entire day alternating between the jigsaw and cleaning the house, with a little computer time in the mix as well.  In the evening EffanC came over - first time we've had anyone over for dinner in months!  (good incentive to clean the house!)   We had bubbles and cheese, epic roast pork and potato bake with veggies, Gluhwein and cinnamon scrolls for dessert that F made.  A lovely evening.

Wine and cheese

I didn't get a photo of the pork, whoops!
Gluhwein and potato bake

I'm super lazy with the gluhwein - rather than fussing about with the stove or slow cooker, I just nuke it.  A whole bottle will fit into four glasses, and I microwaved for about three minutes.

Gluhwein microwave

Cinnamon scrolls

Today I pretty much just did the jigsaw all day, and watched stuff on the internet.  Nice lazy day :)

Last Tuesday morning I started scanning Dad's slides. There's about 7000 of them. I'm aiming for one box of 36 a week (more if I'm not too busy), which should mean I could get it all done in about four years. If I don't die of Covid-19 first. I had a play with the dust and scratch filter and it pretty much works like magic. I should have used it on Mum's slides. Oh well. I'm still impressed how well my 14 year old scanner works (Christmas present from the sweetie in 2005). Tuesday evening was washing, blogging, Lego sorting, geotagging (some of Day 3 of USA 2004 trip). I also started to try and figure out the catalog numbers for the hundreds of Vic's minifigs, and what sets they go in. He sure has a lot that don't belong to any particular set he had, so he must have gotten large quantities of loose Lego not in sets.

Wednesday evening the sweetie took me out to dinner because he's the best sweetie ever.  Went to Kinn Thai and had softshelled crab again, and orange duck.  Yumm.  Then more Lego and minifig sorting and finished geotagging day 3.

Shiny cicada

Kinn Thai softshelled crab

Kinn Thai orange duck

It rained during the week.  A lot.  Looky at this - the new Belconnen swimming pool they dug out the past couple of weeks!

Belconnen swimming pool

Thursday was Gin night. Four of them tasted like, well, gin. One was a bit more interesting. And there were two flavoured ones - shiraz, and earl grey. They looked, smelt and tasted of those respective drinks. Cool stuff. Well the shiraz one was, the Earl Grey tasted like tea. We had F over for pizza and tv after.

Gin night

Coloured gins

Friday evening I had to work. My work was only about a minutes' worth, but I stuck around in case they needed my help with anything (or if I'd missed a firewall rule somewhere). Bailed at 11pm.

Saturday I checked in at work and everything seemed to be going ok. So midmorning we headed down the coast (via Belco to pick up a present for Pete). The blackened bush started at Nerriga (most of the town was saved) and stayed black the entire way to the coast. Absolutely heartbreaking. It was actually amazing to see just how much property had been saved though. In places it was completely burnt bush all around, and in the middle there would be a house intact. Amazing job done by all involved, especially the firies.

And because it's Australia, you have bushfires one week, raging floods the next.

Shoalhaven in flood

Shoalhaven in flood

Blackened bush

We headed straight for Huskisson and went to the beach briefly because, coast.




Then had some lunch, picked up some supplies, then headed for Kit's. Their place was basically completely surrounded by fires, but their street was saved.  At Bewong it looked like the firies stood on the highway and said "you shall not pass" .. 

Bewong fires

We setup the house then waited for Pete to get home. It wasn't a complete surprise because his mum spilled the beans, but he was expecting just his sister and maybe a couple of his local mates, but instead he got a small crowd so that was pretty cool :) So yeah nice party, and only one tantrum haha.

Pete's ice cream cake

We had dessert first.  Because that's what adulting is all about.

Pete and cake

Akubra party!

Akubra party

The itty bitty bbq gas bottle ran out, so they hooked up the house one to it.

Big gas bottle

Deviled eggs

NYE recreation

40th party food

I was up at normal time the next morning, but then had to wait hours for everyone else. Eventually Kit got up and I could copy all the wedding videos for them. Had some brunch, then we headed home.



Shoalhaven in flood

Was too tired to do much Sunday arvo/evening so just had a quiet one and an early night.

Monday it was full steam ahead rearranging the house. Stu had been wanting some study space for quite a while. He tried setting up a space downstairs last year but he never really liked it. So we emptied out the dumping ground room, brought up the couch and swapped the tables around. It took all day. And now everything from the room is spread all around the house. Which is stressful in itself. hrmmm.

Junk room before

Junk room after

We also went out at lunch to do our food shopping.  We hadn't been in three weeks so we were pretty bare.  Of course the empty shelves were something to behold.  No toilet paper, almost no tissues or paper towel (people thinking they could use that instead of toilet paper??).  Very little rice, pasta and long life milk, no flour.  Just madness.  

Corona virus panic buying - longlife milk

Corona virus panic buying - pasta

Corona virus panic buying - flour

Corona virus panic buying - tissues

Corona virus panic buying - paper towel

Corona virus panic buying - toilet paper

Cooked curried sausages for dinner (to use up some of the curry powder that's been sitting in the spice cupboard for ten years or more).  They were pretty good.  I'll put the recipe separately, because I have this feeling I'll be using it again heh.

Tuesday woke up at 1:30 with hurty and never got back to sleep :( So zombie day Tuesday. It took about 14 goes of disconnecting and reconnecting my phone on Tuesday night to download the seven videos I'd taken at the party. Fricken HATE Apple.

Wednesday we finished season 6 of Big Bang Theory - half way through!

Tonight I've been watching the 1970 Ned Kelly which I've never actually seen.  There's not much on IMDB about it, but it does note it was filmed in Braidwood, and look at that!  So it was!  Fifty years later and all the buildings are still there (screenshots from the movie and Google Street View).  Enjoyed it more than My Brilliant Career.

Ned Kelly - Braidwood

Ned Kelly - Braidwood

Ned Kelly - Braidwood

Ned Kelly - Braidwood

I brought some glow sticks home from the party.  Six days later and they're still actually glowing.  !!   Although very faint now.  The first couple of nights the phone could still take pretty decent photos of them.

Glow sticks after 24 hours

Glow sticks after 48 hours


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So Monday was a much appreciated day off.  Caught up on all my blogging.  The internet died for three minutes between 13:22 and 13:25.  Didn't get a whole lot done in the afternoon, although did tidy up the plants on the kitchen window sill and plant some more seeds.  Started season four of The Good Place, and watched Oblivion which was a little confusing, but not too bad a movie.  

Tuesday went and got photos for my new passport and submitted the form, although botched my signature and wished I could redo it - I'll be stuck with that for ten years hrmm.  In the evening we were going to go to Raijin in McKellar with EffanC, but they were full so we ended up at Malaysian Chapter.  Which was somewhat disappointing because I was looking forward to Japanese and I really don't like the menu at Malaysian Chapter (I never remember which curries are which, and which are hot or not (and they don't indicate how hot they are on the menu)).  And it was nearly 7:30pm and I was *hangry*.  Grunt.  But did get some food into me and felt a lot better.  For reference I had the Chef's Special Curry with fish, and Stu had the Mamak Mee Goreng which was very nice.

Malaysian Chapter chefs special curry.jpg

Malaysian Chapter mamak me goreng

Wednesday was a Lighthouse farewell for our director, and churning through Hong Kong photo labelling in the evening.

Oh we also finished season 5 of Brooklyn 99 this week, and I watched a couple of episodes of Murder in the Bayou at a recommendation from someone at work, but listening to that much bad english got very grating and I found it hard to sympathise.  Getting through season 2 of Big Bang Theory.

Friday was a Lighthouse farewell for a contractor, two pub lunches in one week, oops.  But did share a pizza with Connor both times to avoid overeating.

Saturday morning I did all the houseworkey stuff then did the design for the invitation for Kit's Hen's.  My ~23 year old copy of Photoshop wouldn't run on this computer (it loaded but just spinning wheels and stopped responding) so I downloaded Gimp.  All the tools are much the same as Photoshop, but I had to dredge up the memory on how to use them (and Google a few too).  Mid afternoon David came to visit, and we started a jigsaw.  A couple of hours later Scott and Kerry and the kids came over (they'd been planning to stay a lot longer but got stuck doing a longer bushwalk than they intended, so only stayed for a short while).  Then we headed out to dinner.  Labor Club, with Chicken Kiev for me yumm.

David at the Labor Club

Labor Club dinners

Then back home to work on the jigsaw for a little while.

We also finished off a couple of liqueurs that had been in the house *forever*.  That bottle of Midori I bought when I first moved out of home.  In the year 2000.  The Creme de menthe I've had for nearly as long.  Silly really.

Green spirits

This morning David and I headed out to Gungahlin for brunch (and was shocked to discover the parking under BigW is now paid parking (first two hours free) even on Sundays - how rude!)  David had a chicken and camembert grill and I had a rosti eggs benedict with chorizo that was quite nice.

Coffee Club breakfast

Coffee Club breakfast

Then we moved the car up to the Coles carpark and went and hopped on a tram!

I'd still never been on the tram, so thought it would be a fun thing to do with David.  Do you think he's having fun? ;)

David on the tram

I remember when this was just a grassy field.  Now there's apartments and a Woolworths..

Woolworths at Franklin

Passing the Mitchell depot.  I was shocked that there wasn't a tram stop at Mitchell.  Why on earth not?

Mitchell depot

Ticket inspectors got on around Dickson.  In twelve years of catching buses I don't think I've ever had my ticket checked, but today they checked it on my first ever tram ride (and indeed my second ride on the way back!)

In the city we got off and took some photos, couldn't think of anything worthwhile to do in the city, so jumped on again for the ride back.

David photographing the tram

Tram in Civic

It was a little less crowded on the way back.  The ticket inspectors gave a warning to the drughead behind us who didn't have a ticket.  We wondered how many "warnings" he'd been given.

Interior of the tram

All up from start to finish it took an hour to go into the city and back on the same tram.

On the way back on the tram we saw a house bedecked for halloween, so went and had a closer look at it.

Halloween spider hosue

Halloween spider house

Halloween spider house

Halloween spider house

While we were there the owner came home and we were chatting and she said we need to come by again at night to see it all lit up.  

And we saw another tram go by :)

Tram in Gungahlin

Then back home, finished the jigsaw, and David went home.

This afternoon mostly finished up the hen's night invitation, but didn't get a whole lot more else done, which was a bit distressing as I've got a *lot* that I *need* to do (like tax).  We did do food shopping though.  And I cooked a lamb roast.

Lamb roast

And so endeth the weekend.

Last Drinks

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Last night was the last night of our work drinks in its current location.  To be moved upstairs next month.

To celebrate the end of an era I invited everyone I had a phone number for, and *heaps* of people came - the place was packed!  It was a pretty epic night, and we nearly succeeded in the mission to drink the bar dry so things wouldn't need to be moved.  Everyone that came had a great night.  

More backlog clearing

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Just some more photos gathering dust that need blogging.

These were all the dried up paint-by-numbers paints I threw out.  In February.

Paint by numbers paints

This was taken during a walk around Lake Ginninderra. In May.

Belconnen peninsula

Italian thick white hot chocolate in a Hug Mug.  OMFG soooo good!

Hug mug

After a very long lunch to farewell our team as it was, I built this.

Everything is Awesome!

We brought this box of Cadbury Creme Eggs home from Junee with us (they'd been sitting in David's pantry for about five years).  We're still getting through them.

Cadbury Creme Eggs

Stu got kitty snuggles with George

Kitty snuggles

This was my lemon meringue mush a while back.  It tasted great but the recipe needs work.

Lemon meringue mush

Lemon meringue mush

This time I got George (and Petal) snuggles

Me and the menagerie

Holy beer it's your birthday!

Holy Beer

We had a bourbon night a few weeks ago.  They all had fairly unique smells but tasted relatively similar.

Bourbon night

Cute little flowers we saw on the walk up the Owl to complete a mission




I totally love daffodils



So the week at work started out ok, got worse, got hopeful, release went ahead anyway, a moment of panic on my behalf, a moment of panic on everyone else's behalf, and finally an early mark to go to the pub for Connor's birthday.  Phew.

But going back a little.  Last Sunday night I decided to use up the last of the potatoes we had in the house, and some leftover sour cream and some past its use-by date thickened cream to make this potato bake.  It was a bit of a case of "would you like some potatoes with your cream and cheese?" and it became our entire dinner.

Potato bake

Tuesday I tried out Le Wrap's nachos.  There were ok, but nothing special.  The cheese was a little cold when I got it, so had solidified and glued all the chips together.  Salsa and guacamole and a bit of salad on the sides.

Le Wrap Nachos

Thursday I snapped this using Dad's telephoto lens from Aranda oval.

Black Mountain Tower

Neil has been doing various winter drinks over the past few weeks.  There's been hot cider (with or without rum), mulled wine and last Thursday there was hot mead.  I'd never had mead before.  It was very drinkable warm!


After work Friday, met up with the sweetie for a drink at A Baker.  I was surprised how uncrowded it was for a Friday night.  There was a DJ playing, but the music wasn't loud, so we could chat which was nice.  Then we went over to J&Y's for drinks and nibbles.  We chatted for ages before discovering their extensive collection of eighties music, so we put on a stack of songs from 1988/89 and Y and I sang our hearts out.  It was like singstar without the microphones or words.  Lots of fun :)

The weekend was pretty quiet.  We went on a mission to buy a new dishwasher yesterday (our old one blew up just before I went to Turkey, did I mention that?).  Was successful in that mission.  In the evening we enjoyed an incredibly rare Saturday night to ourselves and watched The Wind Rises, which was sweet and sad, as per most Miyazaki films that I've seen!

Today the mission was food shopping and feeding Potty's fish.  We mostly bought food from the edges of the supermarket, which always looks like we're pretending to be healthy (it doesn't show the six different kinds of cheese we bought!)

Pretending to be healthy

Tonight I cooked a roast pork and I'm still quite full.  I also forgot to properly document it.  Oops!

Before shot

Sort of after - missing crackling

Baxter Inn again

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Met up with Luc after work for drinkies at the Baxter Inn.  We split four different whiskies so we could try some different kinds, although we mostly stuck with the Islays.

First up a Longrow Campbelltown limited edition ($19).  Only 9000 bottles made in small casks.  Very smooth.  Strong smell, but not peaty.  This was Luc's favourite of the night.

Baxter Inn

Then a Laphroaig Triple Wood ($13).  Not a strong smell to start with, although released more vapour after being warmed up a little.  This was nicely smokey, but a bit bitey.  Luc wasn't as much a fan of this one.

Baxter Inn

Askaig ($20?).  A bit smokier and smoother than the one above, I liked this one as well.

Baxter Inn

Bowmore ($17).  This one had some very interesting flavours.  Luc said honey and herbs and sweet - would go well with dessert or Christmas cake.  Kinda like burnt ginger snap.  I found it a little bitey and quite interesting.

Baxter Inn

We also shared a cheese and nibbles platter, which became my dinner.

Baxter Inn

Then I had their signature drink, which is half a shot of this drink, mixed with the juice of one apple.

Baxter Inn


Baxter Inn

Look at the bottle of Monkey Shoulder!

Baxter Inn

I finished off with a Big Peat ($11), a blend

Baxter Inn

And Luc had The Peat Monster ($16)

Baxter Inn

Fun times :)


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Had a mini whiskey night last night.  Three whiskeys.  The Hazelburn was probably my favourite, and the Balblair was very easy to drink.

January whiskeys

Then met up with Gaelian at the Wig & Pen.  Then to the Dumpling Inn for dinner, but I forgot it was Chinese New Years Eve, and the place was *packed*.  Oops.  Did some food shopping afterwards, then came home.  The house was super hot, but I think it was hotter outside than in :(  So jumped in the pool to cool off.


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Had a whiskey tasting night last night.


Order of perference:

  1. Connemara Peated Irish Whiskey
  2. Longrow Red Cabernet Sauvignon Cast 11 Year Old
  3. Glenmorangie Extremely Rare 18 Year Old
  4. Glendronach Revival 15 Year Old
  5. Arran Malt 100 Proof
  6. 1986 Adelphi Cragganmore 26 Year Old Cask Strength

The last one was just too sharp and bitey to enjoy drinking.  The others weren't bad.  I liked the peaty ones the best of course :)


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Today we went out to Fyshwick after work to do some outdoorsy shopping (directors chairs etc).

Had leftovers for dinner and watched Carols by Candlelight.  Someone might have spiked the eggnog as well.
Friday night the little brother arrived in town.  There was beer and pizza and Advocaat (I'd never even *heard* of Advocaat!!).  Saturday morning he fixed our en-suite's leaky loo, and then went home again.

Domino's Chef's Inspirations

Friday Friday

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In what is becoming almost a weekly tradition of going to drinks on Friday afternoon, we headed to the Ha Ha Bar.

Ha ha Friday
This is posted outside at the moment

Commit No Nuisance
Then I headed into town and met the sweetie at Asian Cafe for dinner.  We had Five Spice and Honey Duck (yumm!) and some Peking King Prawns

Asian Cafe
Asian Cafe
Civic's trees are covered in fairy lights - so pretty :)

Civic pretty lights

Then we went and did our grocery shopping.

Queensland 2012

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As is now a yearly tradition (slightly late this year), the sweetie and I headed up to Queensland to visit Chay and David.


We left work just after lunch on Thursday, as our flight was 4pm.  Two flights for the day - Canberra to Sydney, then Sydney to Brisbane.  So weren't scheduled to arrive in Brisbane til after 7pm.  Then our flight from Sydney to Brisbane was delayed for half an hour due to heavy traffic in Brisbane.  We did three big loops around the coast off Ballina/Tweed Heads.  But to keep us entertained, they announced that Cate Campbell and Emily Seebohm were on the plane, and they wandered down the aisle showing off their medals!  It was amazingly cool!  Got to touch Emily Seebohm's silver and gold medals!  They were very heavy!  But not as shiny as I thought they'd be! heh.  Finally arrived in Brisbane, picked up our hire car then headed out to Chay and David's.  Fairly quiet night.  Only stayed up til 12:30 drinking and chatting :)  But did get to meet their new bird - Ichy - an Indian Ringneck, who is amazingly cool :)

Have I ever mentioned how much I love flying? :)
Queensland 2012
Pretty clouds over NSW
Queensland 2012
Sydney shining
Queensland 2012
Look mum, I can see your house from here!
Queensland 2012
This dude is taking this plane for a walk
Queensland 2012
I was quite surprised by the *glass* bottles!
Queensland 2012
Cate Campbell and her gold medal
Queensland 2012
Emily Seebohm and her two silver and one gold medal
Queensland 2012
Cate Campbell and Emily Seebohm on our plane!
Queensland 2012
The girls had some cool "Australia" luggage
Queensland 2012
Brisbane Airport
Queensland 2012
Queensland 2012


After a fairly slow morning, we headed out to Ipswich for lunch and went to the Hog's Breath Cafe for lunch.  I didn't feel like anything too heavy, so had a "side" of caesar salad, and a "side" of curly fries.  Because if you go to the Hog's Breath Cafe you *have* to do curly fries :)   Stu had a pretty awesome "finger food" platter.  On the way back, we stopped in at Dan's to pick up supplies for the rest of the weekend.  Dinner was lots of Eagle Boys pizza.  There was drinking.  There was Buzz.  There was Singstar.  And it was very good.

Finger food platter
Queensland 2012
Caesar salad and curly fries
Queensland 2012
Supplies for the weekend
Queensland 2012
Stu and Ichy
Queensland 2012
Queensland 2012
Queensland 2012


Saturday after a bit of a sleepin (and the sweetie had headed out to meet a friend), C&D and I headed over to the markets next to Orion.  But they were pretty boring, not much there.  So headed into town to wander around South Bank and the markets there.  Was a very lovely wander.  Dinner that night was some roast chicken that we picked up from Chay's mum, along with the kids who were quite sick with the flu.  (David did his "best potatoes in the known universe" which were pretty decent :) ).  Their friend Storm came over after dinner too which was pretty cool.  There were mojitos.  There was drinking.  There was Buzz.  There was Singstar.  And it was very good.

Near Orion
Queensland 2012
Queensland 2012
Brisbane from Southbank
Queensland 2012
Queensland 2012
Southbank (taking after Japan, much?)
Queensland 2012
Bored lifesaver. The water looked lovely.  I'd have liked to have gone for a swim.  But I didn't have any swimmers.  And I think they'd have arrested me if I went skinny dipping!
Queensland 2012
Brisbane from Southbank
Queensland 2012
Lizard at Southbank
Queensland 2012
Nepalese pagoda at Southbank
Queensland 2012
Queensland 2012
Queensland 2012


After a bit of a sleepin, we packed a picnic lunch and headed out to Wivenhoe Dam.  We'd thought of this too late last year which was a bit sad as we would have seen it spilling over.  As it was this year, they'd closed off the viewing area so you couldn't even see the front of the dam.  But I did walk over most of it while the others took photos of me heh.  Dinner was roast pork, along with a stack of pork skin.  But after dinner I started feeling a bit off-colour.  Thought I was coming down with the flu the kids had.  But also felt quite queasy.  Didn't even feel like drinking!  Tragic I know!!  Storm came over again and we played a card game called "Frustration" which I think I'd like to play some more.  There was no Buzz.  There was no Singstar.  There was no more drinking.  And it was very sad.

Wivenhoe Dam
Queensland 2012
Extra spillway at Wivenhoe Dam
Queensland 2012
Blue-faced honeyeater
Queensland 2012
Isn't he a cutie? :)
Queensland 2012
Wivenhoe Dam
Queensland 2012
Wivenhoe Dam
Queensland 2012
Wivenhoe Dam
Queensland 2012
Wivenhoe Dam
Queensland 2012
Wivenhoe Dam
Queensland 2012
Wivenhoe Dam
Queensland 2012
Queensland 2012
We'd bought a big bag of purple carrots.  If you boil them, their water turns bright indigo!
Queensland 2012


The last day is always a quiet day.  Didn't really do anything before heading off with ten baby plecos and three baby guppies in tow at 11:30am.  Pretty uneventful trip home (two flights - Brisbane-Sydney then Sydney-Canberra, and Lake George looks very full!).  After a long weekend of entirely t-shirt weather it was a bit sad to get home to the freezing cold.  

Jaffas at the Brisbane Qantas club
Queensland 2012
Citrus lemon shortbread on the plane
Queensland 2012
Northern beaches of Sydney
Queensland 2012
Drinks with Libby Trickett at the Qantas Club in Sydney
Queensland 2012
A-380 taking off
Queensland 2012
Been to a couple of parties down there
Queensland 2012
Sunset over Botany Bay
Queensland 2012
I've never seen Lake George completely full!
Queensland 2012
Queensland 2012

I dumped all the fish into the two-foot tank.  The next morning (Tuesday) I couldn't see any of the new fish at all - alive or dead.  Wednesday morning I saw one of the plecos swimming around.  So who knows if any others have survived.

Also fought the infection for a couple of days, but I think I have beaten it and not really gotten sick.

As always, same time next year guys, it was fun :):):)


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Had a repeat of last year's floor party this year (wherein the entire floor came for booze and Kingsley's chicken before watching the race).  Was pretty awesome.  I was *slightly* better behaved this year (in that I made sure I got enough to eat at lunch unlike last year where not enough food meant champagne went to my head a lot more).  

Then walked henrch home only for him to discover he'd left his keys at work and had to go back - doh!!

Fun times

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Last night D&Y came to stay the night and there was a bit of drinking and much chatting and a bit of watching of Monty Python.

Tonight was Pizza at Chris B's place (after drinks, bacon chips and a little red wine).

Fun times :)

Scrivener Open

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The quest for ACT dams continues.  This time Scrivener with one of its flood gates open!

Scrivener Dam
Scrivener Dam
Molonglo River in flood
Scrivener Dam
Scrivener Dam
It was pretty awesome!! :)

Tonight we watched James May's Toy Stories (Airfix) and a documentary on Berlin.

And opened the Laphroig - yum!

And am attempting to delete my failed Recycle Bin ... hopefully it'll clear 31gb ..

More sing

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So yesterday had me doing the housework to tidy up and clean before Dave and Alex came over for a late lunch (of nomm pasta bake).  Much beer and wine was drunk over the course of the afternoon.  Then the original plan was for them to go home and put The Mighty Angus to bed, but someone had the idea for us to go over and play Singstar :)  Where of course we drank quite a lot more wine.  And sang lots.  And I got beaten! :)  These guys are pretty good :)  Wasn't a hugely late night, but the effects of ten hours of drinking kinda made itself known heh.  

Today played some wii for a bit, then went over to Scott and Kerry's, then did our grocery shopping.  And watched quite a lot of tv.  

And so now the weekend's over :(

Which way is up?

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Nice drinks tonight with a couple of other on-call officers :)  Go team!! :)
So we had another bunch of single malt whiskies to try at work tonight..

Whiskey 2009
The Suntory (Yamazaki) was very clean and easy to drink - "Soft" as Dave and I called it
The Hellyers was Australian and pretty raw and pretty average really - and the last one left at the end of the night
The Balblair was a nice and interesting Scottish whiskey
The Ardbeg was my favourite - a nice smokey Scottish whiskey - I *love* a good smokey whiskey
The Connemara (the Irish one) was a bit hard done by because it was my fifth drink and I'd already had a few to drink, so can't really comment on it ;)

Another missed post..

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man, I'm getting slack!! ;)

On the go all day today pretty much.  First up headed to Yarralumla to pick a couple of goldfish.  Then went shopping on the way home.  Then my parents came over for lunch on their way back through town.  Then Annie and kids came over to pick up the fish. 

Suddenly it was 2pm .. oops!

Spent a bit of time tidying up the house, then Tom came over and we had several beers while Stu cooked dinner (better than my stir-fries cause he's talented that way ;) ).  Watched (well sort of watched cause we were mostly chatting) Prototype This and Iron Chef, then we settled down and watched Spiderman 2, which Stu and I had not seen before.  It was pretty good as suggested by reviews, although a few very cringe-worthy moments (which got even worse in Spidey 3).

So it made for a very pleasant evening, although I do suspect Stu might regret his overindulgence in alcohol tomorrow ;)
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