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Tuesday I finished labelling day 19 of our holiday photos, and at five and a half thousand photos, officially half way through.  And I was hoping to be all done by the end of June.. hrmmmm

Wednesday morning was freezing.  Literally.  I mentioned this to the sweetie who was in the study looking out the back window, and he said "The pool didn't freeze over"  *cries*.  

Also on Wednesday I finished scanning all of Mum's analogue photo prints.  Nearly eight thousand of them!  

Thursday morning I started scanning Mum's slides.  She wasn't quite as obsessive in the beginning - they don't have dates on them!!  Best some of them have is a month and year. 

During the day went for a little walk with Neil and a bunch of others.

Lake walk

Might have had Kingsley's for dinner.  Whoops.

Friday was week three of Rashay's $5 lunches.  I went back to calamari this time.

Rashays $5 calamari

In the evening was pretty sad to hear that they finally had to put Pookie to sleep. 

Might have had pizza for dinner.  Whoops.  (and here I was thinking we got out of it by having takeaway the night before.. hrmm).  Watched Solo in the evening, which we'd both seen on the plane on our last trip.

Saturday was pretty much just regular weekend stuff - housework and shopping.  Although we did go get our democracy sausage.

Knead creme brulee

Gold leaves

Democracy Sausage

In the evening EffanC came over for election night event.  The sweetie made pea and ham soup for dinner.

Election night party

Sunday was pretty quiet.  Spent a good chunk of the morning cleaning the house again.  Just did a bit of photo filing in the afternoon.  Also on the weekend finished watching through Lego Masters.  I was pretty happy with the result, I think those guys deserved it.  Cooked roast pork for dinner and watched Death in Paradise.

More vegemite scrolls

Epic roast pork

Today another busy day at work.  Got home and started working and at 20:30 I'm still not done working, and I haven't even *started* doing any photo labelling.  Stop the world I want to get off.

Finished labelling Day 11 of our East Asia trip tonight.


Still 3000 to go.. 

Also finished scanning another album of Mum's this morning.

I might get everything done before I cark it..

Thursday was whisky night, and opened the new bar.

Whisky night 2018

Friday we took the day off to go do shopping for the club Christmas in July, which we've now cooked for the past four years.  Headed out Friday arvo and fired up the pizza oven and had some yummy pizzas.

Saturday was FIRE all morning which was pretty awesome.  Not so awesome: having holes burnt in my jumper - that I wasn't even wearing!!  It was a ways off, but not protected from the raining leaves of fire from the other gentlemen being a little too enthusiastic piling stuff onto the fire.  At least my fire was civilised.  Pork into the oven early afternoon but it just would not get hot.  Even though it was in for five hours, the crackling didn't get properly crackling.  It was ok, but not great.  Anyways, everyone else had a good time and enjoyed the food.  Came home with a 1L decor container of leftover pork and mashed potato.

Came home Sunday morning and then tried to have an actual weekend.

This afternoon I had the spaced-out feeling and cough that could indicate only one thing - that I'm getting sick :(  Not happy.  

Didn't get much done tonight on account of not really feeling like it.

But I did scan twelve more USA 2004 photos of mum's, including this one, which is quite fun.

Bald Eagle Attack

Taken in Montana, near Glacier National Park.  Apparently it's not there anymore which is pretty sad.

Error in Scanner

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So this is the error I've been getting ever since the October 2016 Windows 10 updates:

"Error in scanner.  Turn off scanner and follow instructions in manual.  Scanner driver will be closed.  Code : 47,1130,0"

Error in Scanner

I get it at least half the time I attempt to scan.  If I hit OK and hit scan again (I don't bother rebooting the scanner), it'll give me the error up to a few more times, but will eventually scan.  It's really pissing me off.  I've yet to try it on a different computer to see if it's a problem with the scanner or with windows.  

But there's literally no other pages on the internet (that I could find) with that exact error code.  So if you come here looking for a solution, sorry I don't have one.  But if you do find something, let me know and I'll post it here.

Wins and Losses

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Had a fairly decent weekend last weekend.  Got quite a few things done on the todo list, including renewing my domain names ( has been in existence for fourteen years today!), vacuuming and cleaning out the pool, washing the sheets, installing windows 10 on my little laptop (and the GPS software still works hurrah!), cleaning the kitchen, some fish tank work, food shopping and cooking.  Didn't do the house vacuuming though.

In between we had our work ball, which I'll get some photos online for eventually.

This week was a very strange week.  We had several farewell events for the Chrises including a long lunch on Wednesday.  Gonna miss them.  It also seems certain that we will lose literally the best bar in Canberra.  And our carpark.  All very depressing.  Got some work done in between, although wasn't terribly motivated.

I also got grumpy this week at Insight Vacations who have been ignoring my emails.  And at myself for not registering for the last Ingress Anomoly - which means the hundreds of jarvises, adas, cubes, bursters etc that I donated to the cause will have been for nothing :(

Our pool froze over twice during the week.  And yesterday the power tripped early in the morning which means the fish tank heaters didn't work all day, and we lost some fish in the smallest tank :(  

Pool ice

Have been spending mornings scanning mum's photos.  Two weeks to scan each album, give or take.  So one down this morning, four more to go until the next swap-meet when I can get some more.

And I have this odd sort of feeling that I'm coming down with something.


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OK not really.

I've only finished scanning three of mum's photo albums.  She has dozens more.  But I've finished until she can come down with more for me to scan.

In the meantime, I'll start scanning the thousand photos of dad's that got lost somewhere along the line (which, considering how obsessed he was with backups, is very surprising).

Lord Howe Island

So we had last night out at the club.  But it was a pretty quiet night for us.  In fact we were struggling to even stay awake til midnight.

Today we came home and I did mostly housey stuff.  Setup dad's slide scanner with the idea of maybe scanning slides while watching the 900 or so episodes of various documentaries he'd taped off tv (I'm sure I can toss most of it).  But after a couple of test scans I'm not happy with the slide scanner.  The drivers are super fussy and aren't working properly, which means the "intelliscan" isn't working - just quick scan.  But the quick scan is pretty down and dirty and the scans are very "soft" - focuswise.  Really not happy with the results, and don't want to put in the effort of scanning seven thousand slides for less that great results.  Might have to investigate a better quality scanner.

Other than that took care of the puddle, had a swim in it (finally), then watched some Veronica Mars with the sweetie.

Also we might have had bacon and eggs for brunch and pizza for dinner.  Such a healthy start to the year.   Hrmmmm.

Duck Duck Duck

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Had lunch with @StuartCRyan today.  We did the usual.  That is, we went to Super Bowl and had Peking Duck.  And argued over whose fault it was that we were having Peking Duck yet again :)

Peking duck

Tonight we just scanned more photos.  We're up to 2006, although a lot of holiday photos haven't been gone through yet.  Pretty soon we'll be in digital land so won't need to scan anymore anyway.

Scanning 1995

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The latest album holds 300 photos (gah!!) so doing it in pieces.

This album (so far) has a trip Hao and I did to an IFES conference in Queensland, 21st birthdays for Chris Pascoe, Nicola and Hao, and some touristy things we did in Melbourne after Hao's birthday.

Firstly, a comparison of Brisbane in 1995 vs 2010 from Southbank.  Few more buildings there now!

Brisbane in 1995
Brisbane in 2010
Then there was the fig tree growing out of the side of a building in Foveaux St, Surry Hills.  In 1995 it looked like this
Foveaux St fig tree
(in 2002 it looked like this)

Melbourne CBD from Rialto Tower

Melbourne in 1995
And Sovereign Hill, Ballarat

Sovereign Hill mine

Scanning 1993-1994

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Scanned another 72 photos tonight.  These ones were from mid 1993 to mid 1994.  The album included a lot of miscellaneous photos, and Hao's visit to Sydney and my subsequent trip to Melbourne with him.

When Hao came to Sydney he had arranged to meet Linton, who was at Summer School with us.  Linton worked at the airport (for Qantas?) and was able to show us around a 747-438 (VH-OJG) under maintenance.  It was way cool!!

Qantas Longreach 747-438 VH-OJD
747 engine
Another shot of my room, with a new book case.

Karen's room with bookshelf
We did quite a bit of touristy stuff when I went down to Melbourne, including wandering around the Yarra and Southbank, Old Melbourne Gaol, the Shot Tower, the Museum and out to Healesville Sanctuary.

Victorian Arts Centre
Wedgetailed Eagle at Healesville Sanctuary

Cooked a lamb roast tonight.  Got some stuff done around the house, but not as much as I would have liked (and no cleaning :/ ).  Got a bit frustrated with GPS Photo Tagger which seems to think my photos are all an hour out to when they were really taken.  I've used this successfully before with correct times, so no idea why it's having a spack now :(  Most frustrating. 

Hump Day

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Slightly less crazy day at work, and Windy figured out something that I never could last year, so that was pretty nifty.

The sweetie cooked dinner tonight, so got my news feeds read early, and scanned another eighty photos mostly from 1993.

That album had another St Clements bushwalk to the National Park, Rock by Megalite concert, a trip to Barrington Tops Guest House, a Sydney Harbour cruise, Easter Camp 93, and a trip to the zoo with my mum.  

The Barrington Tops trip was really cool.  I wouldn't mind going back there again one day.

Barrington Tops Guest House
Me with crimson rosellas
Horse riding
February 1993 saw me rearrange my room again.  The previous arrangement had the biggest open area in front of my desk and bed, but in plain view of the door.  This became problematic because whenever I had any mess on the floor, it was clearly visible to anyone walking past.  So I swapped the desk and bed, leaving the biggest area nicely hidden behind the bed.  It stayed in basically this configuration until I moved out of home in 2000, although a big bookshelf was added, I got a new desk for my first computer(s), and I had a budgie on the drawers on the right for five years..  It's weird because it felt like I didn't have it that way for very long, yet it was probably that way for the longest of any room configuration.  I guess that's what happens when you get old and time speeds up heh.

My room

I was also determined tonight to get the Jackstone right.  So watched this video again and figured out which step I'd missed.  So it turned out relatively well.  Although I did manage to get grease on my fingers from somewhere, maybe the scissors, and ended up with a couple of grease spots on it :/

Blue Jackstone

Scanning 1992

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So tonight I walked up the hill, debugged the pool, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned the kitchen, did a load of washing, had dinner, put on the dishwasher, watched two hours of tv, and scanned eighty photos.


Talk about a productive evening :)

Tonight's scanning job was the album that had photos from my first camera, the Ricoh, I got for Christmas 1991.  The album had most of the first two rolls from that camera, and included such events as Easter Camp, a trip up Sydney Tower and the Harbour Bridge Pylon, the Harbour Tunnel walk, a St Clements bushwalk to Ruined Castle and some photos of my room before and after one of the rearranges I did.  It was also the year I was dating my first boyfriend so there's quite a few pictures of him throughout (and all the flowers he sent me that year)..

My models, as of 1992
My models in 1992
The Bismarck at Scarborough Park.  This was a regular thing in Sydney but I only ever went once.
Cousin Itt.  I had a couple of better versions when my hair was a bit longer.
Cousin Itt
Joyce Jacobs aka Esme Watson from A Country Practice.  She came to just a doll/teddy bear competition at my old primary school.
Joyce Jacobs

People lining up for the Harbour Tunnel Walk
Harbour Tunnel Walk
Darling Harbour from Sydney Tower
Darling Harbour from Sydney Tower

I'm wishing there were more photos taken of my bedroom over the years.  There's a few like the ones I scanned tonight, but really not any from earlier years when it was less cluttered (and had much less personality).

Before a rearrange, late 1992
My room My room

After a rearrange, late 1992
My room My room
Yasi is finally petering out...

Yasi update

Spent a good chunk of today scanning more photos.  Today it was mostly holiday photos.  USA 1983, Western Australia 1984, Central Australia 1985, Warrumbungles 1986, Lord Howe Island 1987.  These were pretty much all "reject" photos of my mother's that I kept for myself.  So there's still hundreds more at my parents' place I'll need to scan one day (or better yet, get Dad to scan them ;) ).

But there was only fifty-odd of all those.  The real work today was the hundred and forty or so photos of our Victoria and South Australia trip that we took Hao along for (that summer Hao and I managed five states in about five days..  We definitely managed to wear Hao out that trip - he wasn't used to the fast pace my parents keep heh).  

It was the first big holiday I'd been on with my own camera (which I got for Christmas in 1991) so I took plenty of my own photos.  This is just a small sample of them.

Ettamogah Pub, Albury
Ettamogah Pub, Albury
Great Ocean Road entrance (I believe this was destroyed in bush fires some years back?)
Great Ocean Road entrance
The Twelve Apostles
The Twelve Apostles

Elephant Rock (or Mutton Bird Island, or The Camel) 
Elephant Rock (or Mutton Bird Island, or The Camel)
London Bridge
London Bridge
Sunset over Victor Harbour
Sunset over Victor Harbour
Dolphins in front of the ferry to Kangaroo Island
Dolphins in front of the ferry to Kangaroo Island
My dad took this super cool pic of a pelican on Kangaroo Island
Sea Lion pup that crawled right up to us
Sea Lion pup
"Fish Hook" at Kelly Hill Caves
Fish hook rock formation
The Remarkable Rocks
The Remarkable Rocks

Kazza the Baby One

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Tonight's project was scanning the oldest of the "evil" photo albums.  You know those albums where the sticky stuff deteriorates and sticks to the photos :(  Not sure where this album came from.  It might have been one of the grandparents'.  I seem to remember inheriting it a few years before I left Sydney. 
**EDIT** -  more than a few years! I actually first scanned these (at very low resolution) in 1999!!!

It contains mostly baby/toddler photos of me from birth (obviously) to about 1983 when I was ten.  But only ~64 photos in all of that.  These days a kid would have 64 photos on their first *day* let alone ten years!!  There's probably more around, certainly of later years, but there just wasn't that many taken of my in my first few years.  And they did lose about six months of photos through some mishap as well.

The album is now to be thrown out, and the photos stored in a box somewhere (with clean paper between each one to stop the sticky residue sticking to the photo behind it).

I'm feeling quite old doing this.  Remember, when I die *noone* is going to care about these photos.  No kids and no nephews or nieces are going to exist to be interested.  Our family will history will die with my brother and I.  When I die someone is just going to throw all these photos out and format my hard drive and that'll be the end of me.  It's kind of a weird feeling.  Especially since I have this feeling that I'm probably half way through my conscious life so it's all down hill from here.. 

But anyways...

I guess I was kinda cute as a baby .. where did it all go wrong..?

Kazza the baby


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I cleaned my desk a bit more today and decided to attack a folder of photos that my mother had sent to my grandmother over the years.  Mum had put some baby photos and all our school photos into folders with nice labels and everyone labelled!  She would have done this with three copies of photos - one for her and one for each set of grandparents.  Dozens of names repeated over and over again over the years.  (In case you were wondering where my obsessive-compulsiveness comes from!!)

** EDIT: actually I think most of these were actually mum's originals.  When she pulled apart the old evil photo albums that destroy photos I think she separated them out for us, and gave my photos to me and my brother's photos to him **

Anyways.  I scanned the couple of baby photos and all the primary school photos and typed up all the names on the backs for each of them.  I then uploaded the group photos to Friends Reunited.  When I get the energy I'll do the high school ones as well.  

Como Public School, 1984

Seeing the faces and names brought back all sorts of memories.  I've been thinking I should have some sort of "memories" blog where I can write down everything I can think of about my past.  Not sure who it would really benefit though.  Certainly noone else is going to care about what I thought about people thirty years ago.  It could be interesting for me when my dementia gets worse.  Although chances are those old memories will be the last to go lol.

Nat and Andrew came over this arvo and we spent ages in the pool, then I cooked a pasta bake for dinner (no leftovers tho - doh!) and then we played a few games of Bananagrams (which is a lot like Take Two) which I won all three of, then a two-board game of Roborally which Stu won.


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