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I'm backdating this entry to a week ago.  I was sick last weekend so didn't feel like blogging, then it all got too hard.  I'm also using a View to a Kill quote even though I didn't watch it last week, because otherwise I would have had two to use this week ;)

Monday I got home and put on my washing and sat down at my computer only to find the internet wasn't working.  Rebooted the router but it didn't come back.  Messaged a few people around - turns NBN were doing work all day Monday resulting in various outages.  Damien's internet came back but ours didn't.  And there was *nothing* on Internode, iinet, Aussie Broadband, Telstra or TPG's websites about the planned (or, as it turns out, unplanned) outages.  Fricken useless ISPs.  Stu got home and logged a fault with Internode.  It ruined my plans for the evening (labelling photos) because you need the internet to see geo location of photos.  I did do a whole heap of filing of photos from the past few months though.  But even then I got frustrated because I couldn't check geo locations of photos I was filing, or Foursquare history to confirm locations. 

Also on Monday I had to drop the rent on my place in Sydney by $40/week.  Turns out there's a surplus of unit rental accommodation in Sydney and prices are dropping.  Hurrah.

Tuesday there was still no internet.  So no photo labelling, just more filing of photos.  Internode messaged Stu to say they wanted someone on site all Thursday morning.  #grunt.  

Wednesday someone accidentally broke everything, so stayed back til 21:30 helping fix everything.  The equinox sunset shone all the way down the floor which was pretty cool.

Equinox sunset

Thursday I flexed off to wait around for the internet to be fixed.  At about 10:20 a dude turns up and barges into the house wanting to see the modem.  I mean literally - he didn't wait to be invited in.  I was pretty cranky about this because this outage WAS NOT OUR PROBLEM.  NBN caused the outage, they should be able to fix it without even needing to come anywhere near our property.  So he looks at the modem and of course gets sad by the fact we have our connection patched into a patch panel and not a direct connection from outside.  Then he wanted to see where the connection came into the house and I showed him the corner of the roof and said way up there.  Anyway he had a bit of a sad and got on his phone and said he was going to go check the node.  Yeah you do that buddy.  I did a bunch of gardening out the front while I waited for him to come back.  About an hour later he came back.  He checked the line and plugged the modem back in.  Checked on my computer and all good!   Yayyy!  Yes, NBN had disconnected us on Monday and hadn't bothered to reconnect us.  Happened to a house three doors down too apparently.  Retards.

But.  Flowers!

Weeping cherry





Hopped straight on a bus to work (even got a free ride!).  Had quiet drinks and pizza leftover from Wednesday night for dinner.  Had a chat to Kit about her hen's night.

Friday met up with EffanC for drinks and pizza at the Pot Belly (pizza three nights in a row hrmm) then adjourned to their place for a while.

Pot Belly pizza redux

Pot Belly pizza redux

Saturday I woke up with a sore throat.  So a slow start and didn't get too much done.  Then it was hurty which stuffed up the afternoon.  Did food shopping quite late.  Realised that at some point recently, Microsoft FINALLY enabled control-backspace in Notepad!!  I've only been waiting for that for twenty years!!  Still not enabled in our work SOE though.  Watched The Crimes of Grindelwald in the evening which was a confusing mess of a movie.  

Sunday still sick.  Had a long lie in although very little actual sleep.  Played through a whole heap of escape room games.  The first few I found were really good, but after that the ones I played were pretty lame - incessant ads (even *in the middle* of doing puzzles) or would lose progess if you got out of the game you were in.  We had to cancel the hanami lunch with Nat and Andrew because Nat was worried about getting sick.  We did have a beer and some honey soy chicken chips anyway.


Tried to sleep in the afternoon but failed.  Stu cooked salt and pepper squid for dinner.  Watched the last episode of Veronica Mars season four.  I could see the ending coming like an invetible train wreck and I was NOT impressed.  It was a total slap in the face which ruined the whole last season.  Everyone on IMDB was *pissed* and I don't blame them.  

Early night Sunday, and decided I wouldn't be going to work Monday.

Monday I went shoe shopping for Kit's wedding.  Needed to get the shoes before I ordered the dress to get the right heights.  Found a nice pair of silver shoes but they've got a bit of a heel which would hurt my feet so Kit said probably not best to use those.  I might keep them anyway as I can wear them for other things.  Got up to 4000 out of 10500 photos labelled from the last trip.  Also found out that Foursquare killed their RSS feed for my checkins back in March.  How the heck am I meant to get an offline backup of my history now?!?  Stu said I should try IFTTT to get it.  So I did.  About half a dozen clicks later I had IFTTT downloading each checkin to a Google docs spreadsheet.  So disturbingly easy and I didn't touch the keyboard in the whole process.

Tuesday I had another go at shoe shopping after Kit said she'd be happy if we all wore nice thongs.  I sent her pics of a few and saw one she liked so I bought a pair.  Only $15 w00t.  Stu was sick Tuesday and we might have had Kingsley's for dinner.  Whoops.  Made up a tomato sauce with a big bunch of Kit's tomatoes I defrosted on the weekend.

April fog

Thursday I went back to the shoe store and bought another two pairs of the thongs so all three bridesmaids will have the same shoes.

Bridesmaids shoes

Friday a bunch of us went to Rashays for their $5 lunch special (just for the month of May).  Great value that's for sure!

Rashays $5 calamari

But they are seriously trolling people with their serviettes!

Rashays serviette

In the evening we started on MacGyver season 2.

Kit had picked up keys during the day as she was up for Katie's sister's funeral (kid was only 12 :( ).  She got home after 1am.  We hadn't slept.  Yay.  I was just uncomfortable and restless.  Torture.  When Kit got home Stu poured us a small nightcap and we chatted to Kit for a while and helped her finish her Big Mac.  Even that didn't help much, and it was after 3am before I got to sleep :(  Woke up at 5am with a sore spine so struggled to get back to sleep.  So that was a fun night.  Not.

Saturday had a little bit of a sleep in.  Kit spent much of the day sleeping and doing uni work (pyjama day for the win!).  I did houseworky stuff and jigsaw.  In the evening I cooked a lasagna with the tomato sauce I made during the week and we watched a Netflix (Stan?) show on street food, this one on Singapore, and The Imitation Game.

Kit lasagna

This morning Kit and I had a long chat about wedding planning.  I even took notes haha.  Stu and I went out to for lunch and food shopping, and Kit went off to her friend Sophie's wedding.  

Saigon Street Food chili beef

She came back for a couple of hours between the ceremony and the reception so we mostly just chatted.  And there may have been cheese.  Other than that I was sorting photos - filing photos into more logical directories.  Some work directories have 1000 or 1500 photos in them that need to be filed more logically.  And then I need to crowdsource labelling them.  Cooked a lamb roast for dinner and watched Death in Paradise.

So a fairly quiet weekend which was nice.  Achieved some stuff, although maybe not as much as I'd have liked, but it was generally quite relaxing. 


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I was hoping NBN would rock my world.  I think it did.

I was hoping CLR would rock my world.  It didn't.


This morning I managed to finish scraping old sealant off the shower.  So now it's ready to be regrouted and resealed.  I also had a go at CLRing the shower screen glass.  It did nothing to clear off the lime scale.  Seriously nothing.  I tried the recommended CLR and water.  I tried straight CLR wiping it off after not long.  I tried CLR and scrubbing hard.  I tried straight CLR just leaving it to sit there for hours.  Nothing. Zip.  I'm convinced *nothing* is going to move the built up calcium deposits on the glass.  *sigh*.

In other news.

After lunch our NBN cut in!  Ok so it's just fibre to the node and the node is probably 500m away, but 25Mbps!!!!   That may not sound exciting for many of you, but given that our top speed currently is 2Mbps we're stoopidly excited!  Tonight we watched a movie on Stan (Bridesmaids - not bad)  - since Stan is a lot worse than Netflix.  For the most part it was awesome.  The whole internet did drop out at one point.  But then again, it's been doing that in the past few months anyway.  Could be Internode/iiNet/TPG/Whoever bought them out.  But if I can watch YouTube videos without having to pause to let them buffer, or watch videos that don't drop down to the lowest possible resolution, I'll be happy.


The only other thing I did today was translate the instructions for my model of Wartburg Castle, which I bought there nearly two years ago..


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It's been an absolutely glorious weekend.  Except I've spent most of it inside sorting holiday photos :/

We did go for a walk together on Saturday.  And go to Bunnings.  And ran into Kit there.  On Saturday night Annie and the family came over for pizza for dinner and Stu showed them some holiday photos from his phone on the tv.

Sunday Stu gardened for a couple of hours while I did holiday photos.  I cooked pork medallion roast for dinner, and it was possibly one of the best pork roasts I've ever done.  Every bit of the crackling was perfect, and the meat was lovely too.  Also cooked a whole heap of veggies.  In the evening we had to watch something Russian-inspired, so we watched The Hunt for Red October.

Epic veggies

Epic awesome pork

Today I woke up at 4am with a sore spine, took ages to get back to sleep and ended up sleeping in fairly late.  Stu gardened while I did holiday photos.  Felt like I was wasting the weekend away indoors.  Around lunch time we went to Officeworks to pickup a HDMI cable, had Hungry Cracks for lunch and instantly regretted it, then had a wander around John Knight Park.  And ran into Kit there.  Seriously it's like we're stalking each other heh.  At least I got a bit of vitamin D.

Lake Ginninderra

Water rat

Water rat

Lake Ginninderra

When we got home Stu had a voicemail that Telstra had fixed our line.  The stats on the router aren't much improved, but download speeds and latency sure are a lot better.  We'll see how it goes..

So after yesterday's pretty average day, we watched a free-to-air Air Crash Investigations and then we thought we'd watch a movie.

That was a very silly idea.

Our internet is so bad that Netflix is pretty much out of the question.

The DVD part of our PS3 died years ago so we couldn't watch a dvd on that.

My DVD recorder has recently been dropping out the video and it's been getting worse, dropping out all the time and making movies pretty much unwatchable.

So I dug out my old Toshiba DVD player from under the house but then I was looking at the back of the recorder and all the fricken outputs have cables hanging out.  So I couldn't even easily tell which outputs it was using to swap them to the other player.  So I went and lost it for a while.

Came back a while later and traced through some of the spaghetti.  There's standard video/audio out going into the tv, although I don't think we've been using that.  But I plugged those into my dvd player and set the tv to av mode and up it came.   W00t.  So we put Enemy at the Gates on, which I'd seen a long time ago, but could only remember the beginning, and Stu had never seen it.

Half an hour later it degraded so badly that we couldn't watch it.  I thought it was the dvd, but (after battling for ages to get it to even play) it played through that part of the disk on my computer.  I tried to get a little wifi dongle working in my computer so that I could Chromecast it, but it wouldn't work.

So I went to bed.


Got to sleep ok but woke up when Stu came to bed and stayed awake for ages.  And hurty kept me awake for a while too.

So I was still super grumpy today.

So I went into work to use the internet to geotag all my holiday photos.  About the only success I had all weekend.

Mostly did a jigsaw in the afternoon.  It rained, it even hailed, so didn't do any washing.

Around dinner time (Stu was still cooking and cleaning, bestest sweetie ever), I went down to Kit's to meet the new Ben, and after a glass of wine and a bit of socialising with Kit felt a lot better.  I was telling her the sad story of the dvd player, and she pulled an old one out of her cupboard and said, here you go, try that.  So we did.  And it did actually work for the most part, although it did have similar problems with audio and video a couple of times while we were watching it.  So it was a very frustrating experience.  But we did finally finish watching the movie.

I feel like I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.


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We've had a pretty quiet week.  We did go down to Kit's for a little while last night though which was nice.

This morning we got up relatively early .. scratch that.. Stu got up relatively early .. I'd been awake since 5:30am on account of having a sore spine from our dumb mattress.  Anyway.  Got ready and went to the farmers markets.  I actually find the farmer's markets somewhat stressful - too many crowds and too many transactions to get stuff from multiple vendors.  We had pies before we started, which were stressful in themselves due to having nowhere comfortable to sit to eat them.

Did a load of linen washing, fixed the hinge in the laundry door (the pin had almost worked its way out), and fought with our network for ages.  I still can't get the NAS working on the Cisco switch (which turns out to be unmanaged, so can't see any sort of logs), and one of the network cameras (which I swear was working this morning) is also being a poo.

Went to Coles in the afternoon and remembered why I hate it so much - there's still no trolley bays in much of the car park, so you have to walk your trolley all the way back into the shopping centre to get your money back.  Fills me with so much rage.

Got invited over to EffanC's, but we're still potentially contagious, so decided not to go.

Have been resizing holiday photos, but geotagging is super painful due to our super awful internet right now.  Our SNR Margin is 15.  Our loop attenuation is 66.  According to Draytek our internet shouldn't work at all....


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So a pretty good weekend.  In that I got to spend most of it at home doing *stuff*.

Yesterday I installed Windows 10 on my puta.  After one false start I tried again and it installed.  Took most of the day to download, install, fail, try again and install.

Some notes so far:

* video adapter was not found straight away so had to download an updated driver for it
* ugly window frames.  seriously.  ugly.
* it kept all my task bar settings which was nice of it
* gadgets are gone - but logitech motion sensor still works
* images defaulted back to opening with microsoft, had to change back to acdsee
* geosetter had a spaz about Internet Explorer, but I'm not sure it was that - could just have been our internet which has been mostly dead all weekend, or the file on the site just wasn't there anymore.  Coincidence?

Other than that yesterday was fish tank stuff, housework and food shopping.  Chrissie came up in the evening for a roast pork dinner, and we just chatted for ages after dinner which was nice.

Today was some food cooking, holiday photo processing, a walk with Chris, pool maintenance, more food cooking etc.  I'm sure there was more but it escapes me right now.

Our internet has been epic fubar this weekend.  Usually it's bad when it's windy/rainy, but it's been especially fail this weekend.  

Oh we also bought some danios to be dither fish in my upstairs two foot, which they did splendidly for.  The rummy nosed tetras coloured up beautifully and have been swimming around not just hiding.  The danios I have in my big tank look *huge* in comparison - I think they're all girls!  Stu bought some worms which I've fed to all the fish.  The angel knew exactly what to do, but the danios took a while to figure out they were food!


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Ten years ago I was a massive fan of Dave2.

Today I still am.


Ten years ago tonight I was meant to be packing for a holiday to Queensland, yet I somehow found time to make up this Lego mosaic.  

Blogography tshirt and lego

It will surprise you all to learn that I haven't actually dismantled that mosaic.  It's still in the spare room.  



Check out the timestamp of that photo! Just then!

So for reasons that I might elaborate on in a couple of days time, I have a bit of sentimental attachment to that mosaic.  I know I really really should make something new, I mean that was the whole reason I bought the mosaic sets to start with.  Maybe one day.  Before I get arthritis and/or die ... 

Incidentally, I'm still wearing that t-shirt too.  Although it's been relegated to winter-only wear, on account of staining from wearing it for so long.  Although I do have another one that I haven't started wearing yet, so I won't be out of Blogography t-shirts for some time yet :)


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So the sweetie has signed up for a Netflix trial.  The price is reasonable if we go ahead with it, certainly a lot better than the dvd-rental trial I did back in 2007.  

Our internet is so crappy here we didn't think live streaming of tv would work very well, especially since we can barely even watch YouTube videos (and Vimeo is right out).  But Stu tried it tonight and it worked quite well.  So there's already a few things I've seen on there that I'd like to watch, starting with Rake I think :)  Stu wants to watch more House of Cards.


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The head of this little guy is what I use for my avatar all over the place. While I was sorting photos a little while back I found the original photo.  Here he is!

Kazza's Avatar

Pretty crappy night tonight.

Well it started off all right.  Went to Alice's with the sweetie for dinner which was nice.

On the way home I started getting anxious about stuff I have to do and unknowns I have to face and strangers I have to call.

At home we found that the third brake light on Stu's car wasn't working.  After we had just gotten the car back from a service *today* in which they assured us it had been fixed (this was the second time they've looked at it).  So I'm like, you've got to be kidding me.  One more stress.  More money wasted.  More hassles.  I mean I like Mick and all, but sometimes I think he's not a particularly good mechanic :(:(

The Old Reader has died, hopefully only temporarily.  They did a migration to new hardware on the weekend and it all failed in a heap today.  They're still hoping to get it back within a couple of days.  So using Comma Feed in the meantime which has all the same stuff in it, but isn't as good as a reader.

And then the real drama started (yeah the rest of it was just a warm up).

I tried booking the lunch I'm having on Saturday.  But because there were more than ten people coming we have to choose a set menu and pay $20 deposit each per person.  Except I don't actually know how many people are coming yet because quite a few people haven't rsvped.  And it's fricken expensive - with a set menu there's no choice of having a smaller cheaper meal if you wanted.  And heaven help you if you're vegetarian.  And also, because they're a "restaurant", people can't just pop in for a while during the afternoon for a drink - they have to dine as well.  So I've had to change the plans a bit, and then email everyone again asking *again* for rsvps. 

I fricken *hate* that sort of drama.  It's made me stressed/depressed about the whole thing.  


Oh yeah, and I forgot to call dad *again* tonight.. wonderful daughter I am .. *not*


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Tried three new RSS feed readers tonight - Comma Feed, Feedly, and The Old Reader.  

Stu suggested Comma Feed to me.  Its layout is ok, keyboard shortcuts work and I could rearrange my feeds, but I couldn't figure out how to not automatically mark things read as you scrolled past them.  But it was super sluggish with its response times and it also hung in my browser - flash crashed or something.  If it keeps doing that it'll be unusable.

Feedly rated highly in LifeHacker a while back.  I could rearrange feeds pretty easily, but the default layout is terrible (I like full articles - but to get full articles you have to click on that option for every feed - super annoying - and it's just inconsistent).  It imported pretty much everything as read, which didn't give me a lot to work with in terms of usability.  So far I hate it.

The Old Reader is my favourite of the three.  It's designed on Google's feed reader from a couple of generations ago.  Settings for not auto marking things read and keyboard shortcuts work, and those settings are retained between feeds.

Will keep up all three for the rest of the week, see how they behave.

I really think this could be the beginning of the end for Google.  How are they ever going to get market share on a product when the market simply doesn't trust them not to pull the service after a couple of years?

So I open my Dilbert RSS feed this morning to see this:

"Dilbert readers - Please visit to read this feature. Due to changes with our feeds, we are now making this RSS feed a link to"

So that's another feed I won't be moving to a new feed reader this weekend.

Letting Go

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I decided last week that I needed to stop reading my three busiest news feeds - Boing Boing, Life Hacker and Neatorama.

They were basically becoming a burden that was killing me.  They'd only take twenty minutes or so a day to do a basic skim through, but if you missed a day the next you'd have to spend forty minutes, and the next day would be an hour.  But then there'd be the "interesting" articles that I'd want to read or look at later, which meant either dozens of browser tabs, or dozens of unread articles I'd have to scroll past until I got around to looking at them.  I found I was spending what seemed like hours on the weekend just trying to keep up.

So I'm letting them go.

Boing Boing is usually the quickest to get through because I don't need to read many of the articles.  But at 30-50 items per day it was a struggle to keep on top of.  This feed I held onto for a long time, simply because it's my only source of internet "news" (albeit very biased).  How else was I going to find out about the bigger memes and general world news?

Lifehacker was usually the hardest to let go because there are always so many interesting articles.  But I figured if I need to find anything about the topics they cover, I can always search it later.

Neatorama always has lots of cool stuff, especially for travel, so I found myself leaving them lying around so I could add them to the travel todo lists. 

And I think I'll unsubscribe from Dooce as well.  Ever since she stopped putting full articles into the RSS feed (presumably to make more money from click-throughs) it's been a pain to read them (plus I feel a bit used by *having* to go to the site to read her content).  I'll just read the ones she links to from Twitter.

But with google reader meeting its demise, it was time to do a big declutter, and take a stack of dead blogs etc out to minimise what I have to take with me elsewhere.

The other thing I'm unsubscribing from is FlyLady.  I joined this list at the end of 2005 when I first met Annie.  But it also has dozens of mails per day and I found I just wasn't reading them anymore.  Well I never really read them all that much all along, but now I rarely read any at all.

So now I just need to make sure I use the spare time wisely, and not just playing mindless games...


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Went to an IPv6 "training" day today.  Well not so much training.  Sort of a seminar.  Not sure what to make of it.  Was good to be reminded of lots of things though.  And funny that in the year since the last time I did some IPv6 training, attitudes to things like DHCP have changed.  But not to NAT, which is still considered evil.

The worst part was sitting in quite uncomfortable chairs for the entire day.  After lunch my legs made things pretty miserable.

And apart from two APNIC staff, there was only one other female in the room.  hrmmm.

Two years ago today, the sweetie and I travelled from Lockerbie, through the Lakes District of England and finished up in Wales.  It rained.  

Fiona is in town for a couple of days (and staying with us this time!), so we met up with @chrispycon for dinner at Gus'

I had quite a nice tomato and roquette pesto penne, along with a very nice glass of Two Tracks Pino Gris
Chatted for a while before Chris very nicely gave us a lift home (the sweetie is still sick and was out of action today)
Since the weekend I've been keeping my news feeds under control.  A typical day takes about 20 minutes to read all the news feeds for (it was a lot longer before I culled lots and lots).  Which doesn't sound like a lot until you miss a day or two, then it adds up very quickly.  So got today's feeds read and spent the rest of the evening geotagging.  Well sort of.  Finding photos taken over Japan, Russian and Germany and tagging them in Google Earth.

Just for fun, here's some pool freezage we had on July 30 - the best we've had this winter.  Solid enough to hold up the bird seed container easily.

When I came back an hour or so later, it had refrozen!

Had to smash through the ice on the bucket of water - and the crystals forming underneath the surface were amazing!

Bucket crystals
Bucket crystals

So I stayed home from work this morning so a Telstra tech could come and look at our lines.  He turned up about 10:30 and went downstairs and ran some tests on the line.  Then he said he was done, he was going back to the exchange, he thought the problem was there, and we'd get a call later from our ISP.

er. OK.

So Stu did get a call later to say that the problem had been fixed.

er.  OK.

Got home.  No internet.  Go and reboot the router.


Well sort of.  The modem came up, link came up, but couldn't get to web pages.  Tried pinging something.  It worked.  And then the web did too.  Go figure.

No idea of our line speed is any good.  But I did do an FTP download of some files, that come down around 400kbytes/sec, so I suppose that's ok.  

Here's hoping it stays working.

Maybe we'll fill out our eCensus tonight.  8 days to go peoples! :)

This whole lack of Internet at home thing is getting really old! Basically two whole weeks now except for a short while last weekend. My news feed reading is back to being completely out of control. Blog is two weeks out of date. I dread to think how much data I've used on my phone this month (actually probably not that much because Optus' reception is so crappy all over Canberra that I can't even get data half the time). Someone from Telstra will be out to look at the line tomorrow. Here's hoping they actually fix it...

Radio Silence

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Yeah so I've been offline for the better part of a week.  Our internet which has been really flakey lately (mostly during wet weather) finally died completely last Sunday (Monday?) night during all the wet weather.  Stu convinced Internode to come and have a look and sure enough, as suspected, our phone line is so noisy it's practically unusable.  So they've reported a fault with Telstra and we may or may not get it fixed soon.  Our internet actually started up again last night so I immediately took the opportunity to watch last week's Amazing Race (which only stay online for seven days :( ) and read some news feeds.

Other interesting stuff that's happened: the little brother and Conny visiting, skiing, and lots and lots of photo sorting (because what else am I going to do without the internet??).  They'll get their own blog posts.  One day.
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