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Paper bills are easy.  You have them on your desk, and you write on them when you pay them.

But electronic ones.. 

Aside from getting lost in the clutter of email I get every day (which I've remediated somewhat by automatically filing important ones into a "To Action" folder), you have no way of knowing if you've paid them or not, without hunting through bank statements.  So painful.

I do like having an electronic copy, as it does save paper and scanning time, but I really need a better system of processing electronic bills.

Some bills I pay by direct debit, and some that are fixed get an auto payment.  But some billers make it very difficult to setup direct debit (this is 2018 I should NOT need to have to fill out a paper form!!).

So fun times.


Other than bill nonsense, I was pretty impressed that my Monday night routine including doing my washing, cooking, eating and cleaning up after dinner was done by 7pm.  The sweetie helped cook which was nice :)

Then I watched a special Dad taped off tv back in 1988 about the Bicentennary.  At least part of it anyway.  And finally finished a 2000 piece jigsaw I've been working on for what feels like ages.

Oh, and I set a new high score for myself in 2048 - 80200!

Thursday night we went down to Kit's to play Cards Against Humanity which was a bit of fun.

Friday night Neil and I went along to Roz's 60th at the Abbey.  It was quite a nice night, although she asked me to be photographer which I wasn't super happy about - I like taking photos for myself, but doing it officially for someone else is way too stressful!

Roz's 60th

Roz's 60th

Roz's 60th

Roz's 60th

Roz's 60th

Roz's 60th

Saturday morning after waiting for the sweetie to get up and do some stuff for work, it was suddenly a lot later that I wanted it to be.  We went out to do food shopping for the evening - where we cooked a roast dinner for forty people at the club!!  Four kilos of pork, two kilos of turkey, a big potato bake, roast veggies, brussel sprouts with bacon, grilled zucchini, minted peas, and carrots, with my own apple sauce, and gravy using all of the pork drippings :)  It was pretty epic, but for forty people it was *just* enough food.  Still, everyone seemed happy, even though the turkey was a little dry on top because I forgot to put foil over it for the first part. 

Club Christmas in July

Club Christmas in July

Club Christmas in July

Club Christmas in July

We didn't get home til lunch time today.  I was a bit tired this afternoon so didn't get a whole lot done.  I did finally finish watching through Monty Python series four, so I've now half watched all of it, although it really is rather silly.

Tonight we just watched Voyager, and the new Ghost in the Shell, which I could actually follow, on account of it being dumbed down for American audiences, and me.

And just like that the weekend is over.  Sad times.

Chance to Win

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I just happen to know the winner of Ali Baba's $1 million giveaway.


He was the winner of a "chance to win".

Quite a different thing.

"The entrant selected in the Main Entrant Selection Draw will play a game of chance to win $1 Million"

As it turns out, he had only a one in five hundred chance of winning $1 million dollars after winning the main entrant selection draw.  We thought that he'd be there with a bunch of people, and one of those would win the $1 million.  But that was not to be.

Still, he didn't walk away empty handed, but Ali Baba really didn't have to part with much considering what was promoted..


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Last night after dinner, Doc came up for some gaming and Singstar.  We all played Buzz for a while, then some Mario Kart.  But during a race the picture on the tv fritzed out and died completely (still had audio).  Even a full reboot didn't help.  So then there was some drama with the other tv and cabling and consoles.  In the end we just did Singstar using the limited collection of downloaded tracks that I have, so ran through those and then called it a night.

Haven't tried the tv again today, but now we have to go through the drama of either getting the current one fixed, or getting a new one.  Blerf.

Today was just photo stuff, gardening stuff, pool stuff, shopping etc.


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Friday night we had dinner at home then headed down to Junee.

Played Cards Against Humanity for a while (it was dead even the whole game, and we had a couple of tiebreaker rounds before Stu finally won) before going to bed.

Playing Cards Against Humanity

Saturday morning we started a jigsaw.  Had some Aldi lasagna for breakfast.

Went into town (hacking portals).  Saw the Explorer arrive, then went and had lunch in the Railway Cafe.  Saw the XPT leave.  Jigsaw most of the afternoon.

Junee swan

Railway cafe tasting plate

Railway cafe lasagna

Junee XPT

Then we thought we'd celebrate Independence Day by watching Independence Day.  That was a lot of fun.

Independence Day

D cooked us up some curried lamb for dinner, and we did a Naked Gun marathon (I've never actually seen any of them).

This morning we finished the jigsaw, then packed it up to leave.  Silly really.

Bran Castle

Stopped for some lunch at the Scottish Restaurant in Gundagai, and dropped in to visit Annie and co on the way home.


Gundagai bridge

The house was 7C when we got home.  There was still ice on the pool.  The heater has been running since we got home this afternoon and now at 8pm it's only finally 19C.  Craziness.

Freezing house

Cooked a thoroughly evil cauliflower bake for dinner.

Friday:  watched The Lego Movie with the sweetie (got a super awesome deal from JB HiFi cause they'd mucked up a specials deal, and it came out in my favour :) )

Saturday: quiet day, not much, watched tv, docos, sorting crap out, painting etc.  Watched Monsters Inc on tv, because that always seems more logical that popping in the Blu-Ray .... hrmm

Sunday: also pretty quiet.  Went for a walk with the sweetie to do an Ingress mission.  Went to Mishi's in the evening for a lot of chatting, and a game of Pandemic, which was a bit complicated but we somehow managed to win.  We'd need to play it a few more times to get the hang of the strategy.


Monday: got up at stoopid o'clock to see the balloons (sadly there was a bit of fog around so they took off and all but disappeared).  Watched My Girl on tv and docos while painting.  

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015


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I've been playing Candy Crush for probably the last year and a half or so.  But I've pretty much given it up.  I got thoroughly sick of hard level after hard level that would take days each to get past.  Some of the hard levels were interesting or took a little bit of skill, but most were just tedious, or you died too quickly (death by bombs urgghh), or were just plain impossible without sheer amounts of luck.  I got up to 690 in reality, a thoroughly awful level that pushed me over the edge of quitting, and 272 in Dreamworld, which I imagine would only be possible to with an awful lot of luck and/or boosters.

I wonder if King keeps stats on what levels people quit at.  Because they do change the difficulty of levels sometimes.  Maybe if they were to do that I'd come back to it.

Today I spent about six hours doing doco and change paperwork.  Didn't actually *do* anything :/

More Sydney.  More sorting.  More stuff.

Mum purges tupperware
Mum sorts tupperware

This pigeon was on the first floor of the George St KFC.  It made quite a mess.
KFC Pigeon

Queen Victoria statue

Caught up with Jo and Marc again at Jet at the QVB for drinks and pizza on the Tuesday which was great, but a bit of a disaster getting home as the trains were all stuffed up.  Took me an hour and a half to get home :(  

Jet pizza

Jet calamari

Also had a lovely lunch with @StuartCRyan.  

Peking duck with Stu

Came home Wednesday night with a car filled up with stuff to give away or sort through (including all Dad's slides and physical photos).  

Packed to the gunnels

Thursday after dinner and washing we went over to Kit's for a few drinks which was fun.  Friday I watched Air Crash Investigations and much of Gladiator while tidying up the dungeon for the car load of stuff.

Saturday I'd originally been going to help out with the big Christmas party, but I decided a few days out that I really needed a day at home for my sanity's sake. I have just had so little time at home in the past two months that I think I might have died if I hadn't stayed home.  So I was up early and spent the morning tidying up the dungeon, then emptying my car.  In the afternoon I did more sorting, cleaning and put up the Christmas tree.  I got nearly 10000 steps without even leaving the house.

In the evening we went to Mishi's for lots of eating and chatting and a bit of Pirate Fluxx, which I won two games of, and Mishi won a game.

Today I'm back in Sydney.  We went to Ikea to pick up a china cabinet, and she bought a mirror as well.  Then back to Taren Point to pick up her tv unit.  Squeezed the whole lot into my car.  Hatchbacks are pretty awesome really.

Tonight was Carols Under the Stars at Como church, but it was all thunderbolts and lightning, so it was inside under fairy lights which was pretty cool.  

Listed more stuff on Freecycle.

Mexican Train

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Last night we went over to EffanC's place for cheese and dinner of some very yummy pizzas.


After dinner we played a few games of Mexican Train, which is played with dominos that go up to thirteen dots.  It was a fun game, will have to play it again some time.


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When I first saw mention of 2048 in xkcd I didn't really pay any attention.

It was only when a guy at work mentioned it again that I had a look.

Then I had to play it until I got 2048 :)

Did it eventually while in Sydney.


I've since gotten it out quite a few times - been on a mission to get 4096 .. I'm getting closer ..



6.4.14 - 15.4.14

Sunday night after the Turkey meeting I got super frustrated because I checked the seat allocations we had against the type of aircraft we were getting and found that we were right over the wings on all flights.  After I'd asked specifically for NOT over the wing, and then asked again was she really sure when I first got the seating allocations back and she said the seats were definitely not over the wing.


This is the same woman who gave me this seat on my Sydney to Hong Kong flight ..

Travel agent fail

And this seat on my Cairo to London flight ..

Travel agent fail

And yes, I'd specifically asked for a window seat NOT over the wing for those flights too.

I was absolutely furious.  So I mailed her *again* and said the seats were in fact over the wing and could they please be changed.  (I tried to do it online myself but couldn't, presumably because of the group booking).  She did adjust the allocation a little further back, but not nearly as far as I would have liked.  Might have to ask at the airport when I checkin if there's any option to move further back.


Monday I met up with Luc at the Baxter Inn, but I'll save that for another post.

Also on Monday I *finally* got a game of 2048 out.

Tuesday was lunch with @StuartCRyan at Super Bowl - Peking Duck!!

Peking Duck April

Wednesday was takoyaki day at Sushi and Grill.  I asked them if they make their own, but she said they didn't.. oh well.  Still, they're not too bad for pre-made.


I also had some potato croquettes that day, but they weren't as nice

Sushi and Grill

After lunch was reading about Heartbleed and getting scared.  If you haven't changed your passwords yet for things like Yahoo and Flickr DO IT NOW!

Also on Wednesday there was a "signal failure" at Mortdale, so trains were "late and out of timetable order".  The announcement at Martin Place was "the next three trains will be terminating at Hurstville and the next Cronulla train will be at 17:22".  This was at 17:10.  So I did what any sane person would do - hopped on a train to Kings Cross and caught it from there.  Window seat :)  I was on the wrong side of the train to see how crowded it was on the platforms at Martin Place and Town Hall, but I think it was pretty insane.  It wasn't meant to stop at Como, so I was just going to walk from Jannali, but they said after Oatley it would be stopping at Como, so I got off along with quite a lot of other people.

Also got a nice view of the city coming back from Kings Cross.

Sydney from the train

Thursday was sad cause there was no 4:51.

Friday was social club drinks so stayed for a couple of beers.  I came home and wanted to watch To Kill a Mockingbird that mum taped for me last year, but mum wanted to sort through stuff in the study, so we did that, and by the time we were done, it was too late to start watching a movie.

This is a box full of clip art that dad had compiled and printed out.. he had an obsession with clip art..

Clip art

On Saturday, mum and I went and visited dad's little spot in the cemetery, where he had been buried that week.  He's there next to his grandmother and parents.  We also went and found Chrissie's mum.


Saturday night I went Chrissie's and we went to Rhodes.  We had dinner at the Phoenix Chinese restaurant.  We had some duck noodles which were nice enough

Duck noodles

.. but we also had these slow cooked pork ribs .. oh my they were delicious!  The meat was fall off the bone tender and the sauce was really yummy.  Loved this.

Pork ribs

Then we went and saw The Lego Movie.. because Everything is Awesome .. even a second time :)

On Sunday I went to church with mum.  In the afternoon we tried to figure out dad's photo filing system.  He made so many fricken backups of things, there's up to ten copies of some files, on multiple disks, with copies made for "slide shows", some with labels, others without, some full sized originals, others resized.  Some files don't have full sized originals, he only has "enhanced" or labelled copies.  Which is a bit of a poo.  So I backed everything up onto one little portable disk and brought it all home, and if I ever get time (yeah right) I'll try and sort it so there's a minimal number of copies in one organised location.

On Monday Uncle Colin and Sandra and Uncle Ian and Aunty Janet came over for dinner.  At the beginning of the evening I was freaking out about how similar my uncles are in some ways to dad.. just their attitudes to a lot of things and even some of their mannerisms.  It was a good fun night (it was Ian's birthday).

Ian's birthday

Family gathering

On Tuesday night I came home and cuddled my sweetie for a long time.

Invasion Day Weekend

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Friday night the little brother came to stay for the night before running a train to Sydney on Saturday.  We watched the last episode of Sherlock (and he stayed up and watched All the President's Men).

Saturday morning Potty and the family came by to see all the Lego.  I think they were impressed.  They stayed for quite a while, so as soon as they left we got ready and headed out to the club.  I finally took a few photos of Stonehenge off Macs Reef Road.


At the club we had a bit of a swim then chillaxed for a while before heading up for dinner.  C&G did meat pies for Australia Day, and there was even some haggis for Robbie Burns' night.

Australia Day dinner

For dessert we decorated four pavlovas

Australia Day dessert

In the morning I finished dismantling the Lego I'd brought along, and did some work on a jigsaw in the club house before coming home in the afternoon.

A little later we headed out again to Mishi's for a games night (which is really just an excuse to sit around and eat and chat).  We did actually play a game - the Logo Game I'd borrowed off DC.  It was good, but the game play was a little confusing and we weren't quite sure how far we could go around the table each round.  Mishi won that game.

Today was a super quiet day.  The little brother came back on his train and dropped in for some lunch and a snooze before he went home (and he fixed the broken fan switch in our bathroom and wired up our aerial system a bit better, but sadly one of the light switches in the caravan is playing up again).  I just played with Lego for the afternoon.  Tonight we watched The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

And all too soon the weekend is over..

Catchup Weekend

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So the house has been a disaster this week.   Got back from Hong Kong then turned around and headed back to Sydney.  Got home Wednesday night and collapsed.

Thursday and Friday nights, rather than face the mess, I played Diablo with the sweetie.

So Saturday was full steam head cleaning the house and geotagging photos - I alternated between the two.

In fact I was planning on not going anywhere or do anything else all weekend.  But after getting pretty much the whole house tidied up and some of the cleaning done, and a lot of geotagging done, I decided to meet the sweetie out at the club.  There were quite a few ex members there for a pizza night - they'd all left en masse due to conflicts with another committee member.  They were a nice group of people, hopefully they might come back one day.

This morning we came home again via breakfast at the Scottish Restaurant.  Spent the afternoon geotagging (all the photos from the Canon and Random Camera are done now) and playing Candy Crush and also did the dusting and vacuuming.  

Tonight we played some more Diablo before Elementary.

Still haven't downloaded any photos from the past week.. should really do that..

Whoops so it's been like a week since I last blogged..

Friday night the sweetie and I watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

Saturday we went to Pulp Kitchen for breakfast.  I ordered a small breakfast raclette with a side of Pulp Kitchen bacon.  Except the waitress thought I said streaky bacon.  No, I said I wanted the chunky bacon (like I'd seen on the RiotACT).  The sweetie ordered a regular cotechino sausage meal.  Well I got streaky bacon after all (not that I'm complaining - it was really good), but the sweetie only got a small meal.  But the food was awesome and I don't think they charged us the full prices that were on the menu.

Pulp Kitchen Breakfast Raclette

Then we did our food shopping and went home.

Fiona arrived in the afternoon, and we sampled the caramel slice I'd made for the evening to make sure it wasn't poisoned! ;)

In the evening we went to Mishi's for a games night.  Chatted for quite a while before playing Citadels which Stu brought along and wanted to play.  I think I might have played it years ago, but I didn't really like it - it was a bit confusing to start with.  And then I got all my gold robbed three rounds in a row, which was completely demoralising (and, as it turned out, game changing - that loss of gold was the deciding factor in where I ended up placing in the game (fourth out of six)).  So yeah not a game I'm enthused about playing again.

Sunday morning we took Fiona to Pulp Kitchen.  This time I had "eggs anyhow with three sides", and this time I made a point of specifying the chunky Pulp Kitchen bacon. The sweetie had savoury granola and Fiona had the breakfast raclette.  The chunky bacon was pretty good, but possibly not as good as the streaky bacon :)

Pulp Kitchen egg and three sides

Went to The Front afterwards for more coffees (I had a babycino)

Stu and Fiona

Stu and I didn't do much else for the rest of the day while Fiona did her own thing.  We had a beef stew for dinner that had been slow cooking all afternoon.

Monday night we (us and @phonakins) met up with @chrispycon and @NathanaelB at King O'Malley's for drinks.  I'd actually met Nat a couple of weeks ago at Jamo, but I wasn't 100% sure it was him so didn't say anything.  Tweeted him later and it turns out it *was* him heh.  So nice to actually finally "meet" him :) Came home afterwards for leftovers.

Chrispycon and Phonakins

Tuesday was a very weird day.  The fog didn't lift all day.  This was the back view at 5pm:

Foggy Tuesday

And then later in the evening some bogans came along and rolled our neighbour's car onto its side :(:( I heard something odd and looked out and saw it, but nobody around it, they must have cleared off pretty fast.  Neighbour called the police but not much they could do.  Fortunately there was very little damage - even the side mirror had just folded itself flat and not been smashed off!

Rolled car

Tonight we just ordered pizza for dinner.  It was that kind of a night!

And so now I'm caught up :)

Run That Town

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Pretty quiet day today.  Didn't do nearly as much as I wanted to :(

Dropped by Annie's, had lunch at Fortune Box and did our food shopping.  Spent seemingly half the day starving - in the lead up to lunch, and in the lead up to dinner :(

Later in the afternoon I downloaded and spent entirely too much time playing Run That Town.  It is, as described, quite addictive, completely drawing you in.  It starts off a bit slow.  You have enough money but not "clout" to get things done.  Your ratings go up or down based on the popular decisions of your area's demographic.  Which means turning down an airport in a Canberra suburb might get you a big down vote!  Once I got the hang of reading the popular opinion, I tended to get rated favourably.  Plus I was spending lots, so my popularity went up, peaking at 84%.  But then I started to be spending more than I was earning, which meant if I was going to last the ten years, I had to fuss about not paying maintenance on things, but then having to turn it back on before the things fell into disrepair.  Towards the end there were less proposals so pretty much just sat there watching popularity slowly dwindle.  Finished off with 17426 points, 63% popularity.  No idea if that's any good!  Think it was pretty mediocre.  The game crashed on me twice.  And a major annoyance was having to scroll a *lot* through all the public works to look at them and turn maintenance on/off.  Don't know if there was an option to do it any more efficiently.  Not sure I'd play it again.  I probably would with somewhere in Sydney where I've lived.  So yeah a couple of hours wasted there.  Whoops.

Getting there..

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Saturday was still feeling a bit blah, but by the afternoon was starting to feel better.  Did our food shopping and in the evening we went over to Mishi's for a games night.  As usual most of the night was chatting over food, but we did end up going and playing some Fluxx and Monty Python Fluxx.  Damien won several games, and Geoffrey and Liam won a game each as well.

Today was feeling more back to normal (still a lot of phlegm) and was actually up to doing some housework.  But otherwise it was a pretty nothing day.

And so that's the end of that.. 


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Friday night, the alarm went off to go out and see the ISS.  Magnitude -3.1 .. Super bright! Super cool!  Didn't have time to setup my camera - was too busy with work :(

Yeah so work.  Was online for about four hours on Friday night making sure they didn't break things.  Then again on Saturday morning while they did in fact break things, and even had to go in :(:(  Would have been a nice day to go out to the club but I was on call :(  On the up side, I'll get a bucket load of money for all the overtime.

Last night Nat and Andrew came over and I cooked a pasta bake and we chatted and ate dinner and then played a couple of games of Fluxx (Stu won one and Andrew won one) and then a couple of games of Buzz (I won one and Stu won one), finishing off with some Singstar which my still-slightly-sick-throat did *not* thank me for afterwards.

Missed the -3.3 ISS pass - phone was in another room while I was doing dinner stuff so missed the alarm.

Jigsaw-piece shaped ice
Jigsaw ice

Dinosaur pasta!
Coles dinosaur pasta

We went on a mission to see how many rules we could get onto the table at once.  We managed twelve.
Fluxx rules

Better Sunday

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Alternated between doing jigsaws, cleaning the house and catching up on blog entries.

Andrew came over this afternoon and we played a couple of games of Roborally, then a few races of Mario Kart, then had a nom nom nom roast pork for dinner, then some Buzz and some more Mario Kart.  Quite a nice evening really :)

So one of my cousins has lived in Canberra for something like three years, yet we've still only managed to catch up with them once. Definitely something that needed to be rectified!

So today we went over for lunch - some thoroughly delicious pizzas (that were also so filling I didn't need dinner!)

Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pizza

Yum yum yum!

And there were Magnums!


After lunch we played a game of Alhambra


So yeah, a nice relaxing lunch/afternoon. 

Sugar Sugar

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The other day someone linked to a game called Sugar Sugar 2 on the RiotACT and I proceeded to play through all thirty levels.  Tonight I went and found the original Sugar Sugar.  Sadly now that's over, maybe there'll be a third? :)  (looks like there's a Christmas version, will have to have a play of that).

So work today wasn't toooo bad.  Afternoon wasn't that productive though, on account of our director wandering out a bit before lunch to say lunch at the pub?  The walk back in the heat was a little painful though!
Tonight Annie and the kids came by for a swim.  Why do kids get so excitable/noisy when put anywhere near water? Just wondering :)
Watched some House with the sweetie, played a game of dominoes, a game of cribbage, and did some of a very evil jigsaw from work.
Just look at this thing.  One thousand pieces of white and grey and black - and all the same shape!  No odd pieces and no differentiation between horizontal and vertical.  I suspect this one will take me a while...  (anyone wanna guess what it is?)
Evil jigsaw
Have a stack of water freezing in the freezer for use in cooling down fish tanks in the next few days ...
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