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Nothing much happening.

Did a rather nice massaman curry on Sunday night, that was in the slow cooker all afternoon.

Tonight had dinner with the sweetie at Happy's.

Pretty sure the pool will be overflowing from all the rain we've had.


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Another night, another boring blog entry.

I've been working on a new Phizz ball.  Was hoping to get it finished tonight, but have to get up early tomorrow so didn't. 

I don't even have any photos to blog.  Well I do, but there's more on the camera that had to go with it that I haven't downloaded yet.

Sorry this week has been so dull.  Maybe as I recover it'll get more interesting.. hrmm... or not...

I have no life..

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Well not on a weeknight anyway.  Especially not on a weeknight.  Nothing interesting to talk about.  Haven't done anything interesting.  Boring boring boring.

I backed up my photo directory tonight.  Is that exciting?  Well all except the "masters" directory cause that's too big to fit on this particular disk.  And the UK photos don't fit either.  Good thing I have two other disks that *do* fit all those photos.  I have 38gb of Canon masters, and that's only 6106 files, excluding all the UK photos.  

I have four backup hard drives at the moment.  Two fit everything.  Two fit a subset of files.  I'm thinking of ditching the two smaller ones.  I mean what can you do with an 80gb drive these days *really*?  Besides, all four don't fit properly in my offsite storage location.

Ok that's enough with the boring talk.

Here's a boring picture of my dinner tonight - a lamb red curry with some very old lamb I found in the freezer, pak choy or choy sum or something like that, garlic, a chili off a Crust pizza, capsicum and mushrooms, with red curry paste and a tin of light coconut cream, topped with cashews.  Well it was yummy anyway.

Lamb red curry

I got nothing

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Between dinner, Masterchef and Lie to Me, and a bit of UK planning, I still haven't sorted out photos from the weekend .. 


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It's Thursday and I've had nothing interesting to say in two days.

So go read someone else's blog and their reaction to Vegemite... maybe I should send her some Tim Tams..? :)

Nothing to say

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Sorry I really have nothing say tonight.

Oh yes I do.  I think the pilot of Tuniter Flight 1153 got a really rough deal getting jailed for their plane crash.  

Bin night

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It's bin night tonight.  I don't think there's actually anything in the bin to be taken out.  One bag maybe.  And one or two inside. 

ok how boring am I when that's the most interesting thing I can think of to blog about tonight?  I don't even have any new photos..

oh all right, since you insist.. here's a photo Andrew took of us at Kinkakuji (the Golden Pavilion) in Kyoto.. :)

Kinkakuji, Kyoto

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