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Misc Pics

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Just a few pics that have been floating around..

I enjoy Heather Armstrong's writing, and have been reading her blog for probably eleven or twelve years since Chay introduced me to it.

But I HATE having to go to her website to read it.  Just look at this crap.  Where's the actual content?  On this page there is literally one line of content.  The rest is adverts and links to other posts.  And the adverts aren't subtle either, they're animated in-your-face monstrosities.  Urgh.  Hate it.

Hate Dooce

A poppy that actually grew as a weed in one of my pots out the back.


This is pretty cool.  A model of Belconnen Mall in Belconnen Mall!  From when it was first built in the seventies.  Remeber Venture?  And Franklins?

Belconnen Mall in Belconnen Mall

Belconnen Mall in Belconnen Mall

I love Canberra.  These guys just minutes from work!


These miniature roses never really did very well .. until we removed the oak tree and gave them some light.  They totally went off this year.

Miniature roses

Yesterday was a lame all day at work :(  Load testing, finding problems, fixing problems, finding more problems, fixing more problems, finding yet more problems, but all having had enough to not properly deal with them.  Blah.  The money's good, but it kills me not getting a full weekend :(

This morning was up at a very uncivilised hour (that is a shock coming from me ;) ) to get to Scope at Mt Stromlo by 9am.  Coppins Crossing road was closed for a cycling event, but we didn't see the sign til it was too late, and ended up having to continue 5km out of the way before we could turn around legally, and then back again to go the other way.  Epic grunt.  So ended up arriving ten minutes late.  And nearly got blown off the mountain by the wind - it was insane!!

Mt Stromlo and rainbow

So we went to Scope to meet up with Fiona (aka @phonakins aka The Little Lioness) and Rish, Lisa (aka @bakebikeblog aka Bake Bike Blog) and Chris (aka @chrispycon), who turned out to be an ex colleague of Stu's from Queensland!  It was a great little twitter/blogger meetup.  We talked about various topics, mostly things like Canberra life, food, travel etc.  

Lisa and Fiona

I had their eggs benedict which was pretty decent
Scope's Eggs Benedict

Scope has a fantastic location, it'd be nice to go back in weather that was good enough to sit outside and enjoy the view.  And plenty of gluten-free options which made Fiona and Lisa very happy :)Scope interior

Scope interior
Cotter Dam from Mt Stromlo

Popped into town to pick up Stu's car which had been there since Friday night, then did our food shopping, then came home.

Having a busy afternoon catching up with stuff.

I separated the jigsaw into its six identical 999-piece sections and stacked them up so they don't take up as much space, to give me room for other things I want to do.

Jigsaw split up
Jigsaw stacked
Jigsaw stacked
Planning a roast dinner tonight, and hopefully an early night!


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It's Thursday and I've had nothing interesting to say in two days.

So go read someone else's blog and their reaction to Vegemite... maybe I should send her some Tim Tams..? :)

Fricken Dooce

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Has decided to only to put abstracts in her RSS feed.  Maybe forcing people to go to her site to see the ads? Not happy Jan!

Edit: hurrah she's fixed it!! :)

Two links

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The first, a completely crazy thing Jake sent me last year while we were in our hotel in Narita trying to decide if we were going to go all the way into Tokyo or not. I sent it to Natto today and freaked her out slightly :)

Greater Tokyo train map

And the cutest story ever, that I've not had the heart to mark as read in my feed reader..

Shreve saves a calf

Dave rocks!

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I haven't had the energy to even download today's photos, so here's some of yesterday's...

The first bit of exciting news was the arrival this week of my Blogography package, consisting of t-shirts, a Try Evil cap, and ten (!!) packs of playing cards.

Blogography cards

I've been hanging out for these just to see what the stories were on them!  They're pretty sweet!

Blogography cards

Although the Queens with five o'clock shadows were somewhat disturbing!

Blogography cards

Even the backs of them are beautifully done

Blogography cards

Apparently there were problems with the printing of them so I seem to have a couple of extra packs.  The pack I opened seems ok though.  I have a lifetime supply of playing cards too!  Ten packs for the price of the single pack we got at Frankfurt airport!


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For the last (many) months I've been a long way behind on my blog reading.  For many blogs, especially the "usa" ones, I'd been hovering at a month behind - any longer than this and the entries disappear out of my feed reader.  But now I'm finally caught up!!

A most momentous occasion!

Now maybe I should get on with researching Dresden and Prague .. hrmm.. :)
So recently I've been reading through the archives of Bête de Jour as recommended by Dave a while back. On one particular post I read through all the comments. First up I noticed a comment from Penelope who is a reader of Delmer who is a reader of Dave's. So not hugely surprising (since Penelope reads Dave's too). But much more surprising was seeing a comment from Suburban Hen. Surprising because I've never linked there, and yet she is there. So she would have found another path there. SH linked to some Javaira's recent posts and this morning I was reading "Patricia's" responses to them. It still spins me out how things people say on their blogs end up half way round the world touching other people's lives.

They say everyone is linked to everyone else on the planet by "six degrees of separation". I reckon it'd be much much less in the blogosphere..
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