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Backdating, cause I'm a slacker ;)

Tuesday.  Woke up at 5am for over an hour.  Meh day at work.  Taco Tuesday.

Wednesday.  Woke up at like 4am.  Crazy intense day of meetings.  Rollout planned for the afternoon didn't work.  Part of it we had no idea why, another part we realised before we started it wasn't going to work so didn't go ahead.  Meanwhile all my other work is slipping.  Hrmm.  After the failed rollout Neil and I went to the Labor Club (first time since last year!) and debriefed over a bottle of bubbles.  We actually came up with some ideas.  For dinner I cooked chicken thighs, with a lemon/butter/thyme sauce inspired by @phonakins.

Lemon thyme chicken

Lemon thyme chicken

Had a game of Kismet with Kit and Pete, that Pete won, but no UK photo labelling.

Thursday.  No slide scanning other than finishing off yesterday's roll (*going* to work sux!!  Doesn't leave me nearly enough time in the mornings (or evenings)).  Watched the second episode of Against the Wind.

Friday.  Woke up at 4:40.  OK day.  It was actually pretty quiet (some hardware problems had a lot of people offline that would usually be sending me work).  In fact I wandered off for an hour and a half in the afternoon to get stuff done around the house.   See, working from home is much more efficient.  I can flex off for an hour or two when the workload is light.  If I was *at* work I'd have to hunt around for things to do.  Not that I don't have any shortage of things to do, my todo list is a hundred years long, but sometimes on a Friday afternoon you'd rather just be tidying the house.  Did a Bunnings run and some food shopping (omfg Coles was closed! Some eftpos issue affecting their stores nationwide, so we went to Aldi, and fortuntely they had a caramel mudcake that I wanted to get for David's birthday), and may have had the Scottish Restaurant for dinner.  Watched episode 3 of Against the Wind.  Had to laugh and the really bumpy camerawork while they were following people walking/on horseback - no steadycams in 1978!!  

Saturday.  Slept in til 6:20!!  Felt so much better.  Got ready then basically just started prepping lunch.  There might have been a slightly epic lamb roast for the little brother's birthday lunch :)

Lamb roast for David's birthday

A few peeps came over to wish him a happy birthday :)

David's birthday

David's cake

I might have eaten too much ;)  

Watched some more Against the Wind, but I have to keep stopping it to go look up the history (the series was based on actual events).  In the evening we watched David Attenborough's Witness Statement, which was completely depressing for the first half.  There was more of a message of hope in the second half.  Stop breeding.  Check.  Go solar.  Coming soon.  Eat less meat.  Need to work on that one.

Sunday.  Mostly decent sleep.  Just did All The Things all day.  Managed to chip one of the good bowls while doing the washing up which gave me an epic sad.  I searched and searched everywhere for that chip but never found it.  I was hoping to minimise the impact by supergluing it back on, but it vanished off the face of the earth :(  In the evening we shared a bottle of McGuigan's shiraz that I bought on our Hunter Valley trip in 2012, and funnily enough I was wearing the same tshirt Sunday as the day I bought it :) 


Watched the first episode of a French documentary on the sun, and episode 6 of Against the Wind.


Sylvia Johnson said:

I really like the photo of David with his birthday cake, could you please email it to me.
Can't explain any further the mystery of the wrong slide date!

October 18, 2020 10:18 PM


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