I'd let a fish lick me if it would get me out of this wheelchair

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Backdating, cause I'm a slacker! ;)

Monday.  Slept well.  Ok day at work, although I felt like I was waiting for everyone for stuff, and I was just in limbo.  Leftover brisket and salad for dinner.  Got kitchen cleaned and UK photos done by 19:30 so got stuck into blogging.  An hour and a half later and still not caught up.

More golden fields

Tuesdsay.  Went to the chemist at lunch.  But the markets are closed Monday/Tuesday which made for an eerie place to go.  But they did have Floriade there too!

Deserted markets

Deserted markets

Floriade at Belconnen Markets

Floriade at Belconnen Markets

Floriade at Belconnen Markets

Floriade at Belconnen Markets

Floriade at Belconnen Markets

Floriade at Belconnen Markets

Wednesday.  Woke up at 4:30 and never got back to sleep.  Another day of stoopid meetings.  Was going to wait for the sweetie, but I'd had enough by 4pm and went to meet the sweetie for a drink, followed by dinner at Happys.

Rain drenched poppies

Happy's salt and pepper squid

Happy's shandong chicken

Thursday.  More expensive drinks at Pot Belly.

Friday.  Woke up at 3:30, think I only got about fifteen minutes more sleep just before 6am.  Hurrah.  Lunch with Tony/Jess/Keira at Herbert's, but I'll stick that in another post.  In the evening headed into Belco for C's birthday pot luck barbeque.  A whole crowd of "neurodiverse" people, such as are her friends :)  A very pleasant evening by the lake, and we were among the last to leave, and still managed an early night :)

Birthday bbq at the lake

Birthday bbq at the lake


Saturday.  Logged into work to try and finish off some work I didn't have time for on Friday (too much stoopid) but Notes had crashed, so it was a sign to just shut it all down.  Then we headed out to the club.  Stu read a book outside while I did another coat of primer on the main benchtops, and started some more of the cabinetry as well.


The boys had stained the dick as well

Oiled dick

Happy hour started super early (like 15:30!) and Rob and Lyn brought *heaps* of food, which ended up being our dinner.  We avoided the various parties around the place and had a nice quiet evening by the fire (not that we needed the fire - the day had been super hot!).

Sunday.  Woke up at ~1am and didn't get back to sleep for like four hours, and then only had a little more.  Heard people going home from parties at 3am new time (2am old time).  Headed home in the morning (we could have stayed another night but Stu thought we should go home). 

Found out all that yellow stuff around Canberra is Cape Weed, an invasive species from South Africa.
Fields of Cape Weed

I was so tired it was a bit of a nothing day.  All I managed to achieve was towel washing and jigsaw.  Had roast pork for dinner and watched Ponyo.

Monday.  Woke up at 5am (new time, so really 4am old time).  But!  All the things!!  Had a really productive day.  Started watching Against the Wind (more on that in another post).  Did some blogging catchup, although no UK photo labelling.

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