Ugh, I smell like a human

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Backdating, and also no photos yet, I just haven't processed them yet.  At some point you should reload the September page, as there's going to be a bunch of backdated posts and updates with photos.

So Monday had peeps over for pizza for Stu's L'th.  So no UK photo labelling.

Tuesday.  Back to work.  Sigh.  Also.  David is sick with a cold.  Spent the entire night processing photos and blogging for previous weeks, so no UK photo labelling.

Wednesday.  David went for a covid test (it's not going to be covid), picked up supplies, then went home.  Once again photo processing and blogging so no UK photo labelling.

Thursday watched Herbie Rides Again, which was very silly, but the best part was Helen Hayes playing basically the same sweet little old lady as in Flying High.  David's covid test was negative (we knew it would be).

Friday.  Awake for hours in the middle of the night.  Hurrah.  Ok day.  Watched Princess Mononoke, which I found really quite irritating.  Normally there's good guys and bad guys in a story, but in this one everyone is a bit of both, so it's like, do we like these characters or not?  And ultimately no consequences for being evil, the "bad guys" (if you can call them that) win and carry on as before.  Urgh.  So annoying.  

Saturday.  Ploughed through the todo list.  Lost the my angel fish which was pretty sad.  Happy one day, dying the next.  Sigh.  Watched the original Mulan (we don't have premium so can't see the new one yet).  

White pea plants

Sunday.  Ploughed through the todo list. 

Blue tongue in the back yard

Dragonfly in the back yard

In the afternoon cooked for three hours straight.  Cooked up taco mince for during the week.  Cooked up a kilo pack of mince with onion, garlic and bacon to be used with whatever takes our fancy.  Cooked up some chicken thighs to have with Pataks later in the week.  And also cooked the sunday roast - tuscan drumsticks, potato bake, roast pumpkin, zucchini and carrot. 

Cooking all the food

Tuscan drumstick roast

In the evening watched My Neighbours the Yamadas.  Man the Ghibli films keep going downhill.  Not even a movie as such, just an animated comic book where each character gets a chance to show how it sux to be them.  I had restless legs the entire way through, and made the sweetie come sit with me instead of just playing his game so he could see what I had to suffer through.  Yeup.

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