Don't expect perfection at first

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Hey!  Not backdating for a change! ;)

But I'm also not doing a full week - just last week before the weekend.

Tuesday.  Woke up at 5:57 - two minutes earlier than yesterday :)  Tried contacting the plumber again, and Sefton House in Tumut.  By Tuesday neither the caravan park or Sefton House had replied (story in previous entry).  But at least the plumber got back to me - had no idea what happened to my previous email.  Took ages in the evening to do UK photo labelling.

My little friend

Wednesday.  Woke up at 3:30 and didn't get back to sleep til well after 5am :(  Plumber came and spent ages testing stuff, and thinks it's most likely the waterproofing behind the tiles.  Which is exactly what Pete said.  I don't understand how *so much* water can leak through grout.  I mean I know it's not completely waterproof, but I thought it wouldn't leak like a sieve.  David hung around for much of the morning while I was at work.  Did I mention I have the bestest brother ever? :)  In the afternoon had a real estate agent over to give a bit of a valuation on the place, purely for interests sake.  Only took three goes to get all the movies off my phone in the evening.

Thursday.  Had better sleep.  Too much stoopid during the day.  Watched Whisper of the Heart in the evening. It was so real you could basically go to (almost) any of the locations and see them in real life.  Apparently one kid in a movie theatre was heard to say they could see their house!

Friday.  Tried to reboot my computer because it had run out of ram, and I wanted to do some more Tumut research.  But it sat patching for *hours* so lost the entire evening, which I really really needed.  #grunt

Short blog entry tonight, will do Tumut separately.  When I process the 940 Canon photos and 327 iPhone photos .. hrmmm!!

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