Broccoli and cheese penne with garlic and lemon crumbs

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This was the second thing I've made from the Women's Weekly Gratins and Bakes book.  

There's very little I can make from there at the moment, having to not use tomato and all.  So the other week when we had some gluten free pasta in the house, I made this.

I really didn't follow the recipe too closely - I kinda winged it with most of the measurements - and we didn't have any parsely so skipped that.  But it turned out pretty well.

Broccoli bake

Broccoli bake

Broccoli bake

Is the juice worth the squeeze?  I think so.  The base of it is very similar to any other veggie bake I would make, but the parmesan/breadcrumb/lemon rind topping was very nice.  

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