Curried Sausages

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We've had several tins of curry powder and mustard powder in the spice cupboard since before we moved into this place eleven years ago, and probably then some.  So I thought I should find a recipe to use some of it up.  Found this recipe on Taste.

What I did was start cooking some sausages.

In another large pan, cooked an onion (finely chopped) and a heap of garlic (crushed) until soft.  Added a big mound of curry powder.  Added a couple of carrots (thinly sliced), some fruit chutney to finish off a jar we had, and two cups of chicken stock (salt reduced).  Cut up the sausages into bite sized chunks and added them to the mix. Then cooked some rice while the curry simmered down.  At the end chucked in a decent handful of peas and heated til they were warm.

It turned out pretty well.  So well that Stu thinks I should make it again.  Which defeats the purpose of using up all the curry powder if I have to buy more ;)

Curried sausages

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