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Have a look at this trash I saw in a newsagent the other week.

So here we have one magazine saying Harry and Meghan are pregnant again.  And right next to it other one says they've split.  One of these magazines said they had split months ago.  Do they just make this stuff up?  I think they might be referring to a split from William and Kate's charity foundation.  But that's not what it looks like there.

Trashy magazines

Now have a look closer the the covers.  Both have a picture of Fifi Box and her new baby.  One of them thought they could just reverse the picture like noone would notice.

Trashy magazines Trashy magazines

And then there's this.  I don't know about you, but I remember seeing the first pictures of Suri as a baby and thinking she looked *exactly* like Tom Cruise.

Trashy magazines

I can't believe people actually buy those magazines.  They're utter trash.  I feel dirty even just looking at them.


Sylvia Johnson said:

It would be an interesting exercise if one could be bothered, but I'm not, to keep a copy of these fake news headlines and then show them a year later to show how much misleading information they put out. I agree they are trash and not worth buying.

July 21, 2019 4:16 PM


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