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The sweetie and I tried out Master Hin Dumplings at the mall in January.  They literally do one thing - dumplings.  You can have regular dumplings or cheesy dumplings, pork, prawn or chicken (I think, something like that), or a combo of all three.  We both tried the regular dumplings, mixed.  They were.. well... average.  If you're going to do one thing you better get it right.  This place.. not so much.

Master Hin Dumplings

On 26 January we went to Chong Co and had Thai.  Because this is Australia.  Had the Duck Salad (Sliced roasted duck with coconut shredded, chilli jam, coconut milk, cucumber, mint, shallot, coriander and cherry tomatoes), and Prik Khing crispy pork belly (Stir fried with prik khing curry paste, green beans and kaffir lime leaves).  It was delicious!

Chong Co Duck Salad

Chong Co crispy pork

On 1 February Neil and I were going to go to Red Rooster to avoid the mall because, kids.  But!  It was closed for renovations!  Disaster!  So we went to Zambrero's.  I thought I'd get the kids nachos ($5) to compare against Mad Mex and GYG, and because the full sized nachoes were like $13.90.  They were nice enough, but what I should have done was gotten *two* kids nachos for $10, which would have been the same amount of food as the $13.90 version.  Ridiculous, guys!

Zambrero's Kids Nachos

The next morning the sweetie and I had late brunch at Gus' Place in town.  I had "Fritters" (corn, sweet potato and zucchini fritters, grilled halloumi, rocket, romesco, tzatziki).  The sweetie had "Huevos Sucios (Dirty Eggs)" (fried eggs, chorizo, potato and cheese croquettes, black bean and corn salsa, tortilla, paprika, spicy aioli).  Quite yum.

Gus' Fritters

Gus' Dirty Eggs

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