Dramas in Geotagging

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Yesterday was pretty much rinse repeat of Saturday, except we didn't go out.

At one point I was filing some of Stu's photos from a couple of our Hong Kong trips.  For some reason I'd just dumped them in my "in tray" but never actually put them in with the holiday photos.  So was trying to sort out that mess.  And of course those photos haven't been renamed, resized, rotated or geotagged so there was all that to do.  So there I was geotagging our 2016 trip and got into a total mess on Peng Chau.  Some of the photos from that day seemed to be five minutes out, so adjusted the tagging accordingly.  But then later photos were in the wrong locations for those times.  And then it seemed that some in the middle were out of order.  And in fact they were.  When I'd renamed them based on their timestamp it'd placed later photos before earlier photos.  It seems that the camera was on long enough to get a GPS signal, and adjusted its time from being five minutes fast to being the correct time.  Will have to exif-adjust the first lot, and rename them with the correct timestamps.

In the middle of all that drama, I thought I'd compare those photos to mine, that I'd already geotagged.  Except my photos didn't have any geodata! Horror!  Turns out I'd geotagged the actual masters, rather than the resized masters.  So none of the photos I use for distribution (blog etc) are geotagged.  Sigh.  I might try and find some scripts to export and import geodata.

Did a lamb roast for dinner, and left the sweetie to work on his essays while I went down to Kit's for a while.  Slightly late night.  Whoops.

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