Really need to scan Dad's slides..

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Finished watching that special Dad had on the bicentennary.  Some of it had the feel of a commercial video, some live news footage.  I don't know whether Dad had spliced stuff together or what.  

Mum had a few photos from the day.  I suspect Dad would have more on slides.  I also need to find the print I have of the *massive* firework that I watched going up and up and up and up like a rocket, before finally exploding in the biggest firework I've ever seen.  Part of it is seen in this photo..

I'm up to July 2000 in scanning Mum's photos.  Only about seven years to go before she went digital :)


Sylvia Johnson said:

It is quite possible that dad put a variety of clips together, he used to do that with things he wanted to keep.

February 7, 2018 2:52 PM


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