Updates of the Windows Variety

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The other weekend I patched and rebooted my computer, as you do.

Except afterwards a whole stack of crap got broken or went weird.

I lost Irfanview from the right-click open-with.  Had to go select the application again to get it to remember it.

It changed all my window bars from blue to magenta.  Even tho it was still set to blue in the settings.  Changed it and changed it back again and it came good.

It finally killed all my scheduled tasks.  Ever since upgrading to Windows 10, the scheduled tasks I have that pop up reminders to do things at certain times/days stopped being listed in the Task Scheduler, and gave me errors any time I tried to open it.  The tasks all still worked but I just couldn't see or edit them.  Well after the last patching cycle they finally stopped working altogether, which is a pain because now I'll have to set them all up again.

I've had issues with my scanner ever since.  I don't know if it's a driver problem or a hardware problem.  But if I keep clicking ok to the error and trying again it'll scan.  Super annoying.

And Windows 10 is extremelly rude and reboots for patching without permission.  Often it'll pop up a thing and you can choose to schedule it, but you can only choose to schedule it for a few days before it insists on having to do it.  But the other day I came home and it had rebooted without my permission and no warnings.   #grunt

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