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Friday night mum came down from Sydney.  Chrissie and Zac came up and we all went out to the Dumpling Inn for dinner (slightly late on account of mum getting lost on account of road closures on account of accidents).  Had shallot cakes, crispy skin duck with pancakes, garlic prawns, xiao long bao and mixed chow mein.  All very nice.

Saturday morning we hopped in mum's car and headed down to Junee, arriving around lunch time.  The others watched some taped Home and Away while I finished up the holiday finances to figure out how much I owed mum.  Then mum, David and I played a game of canasta.  I got off to a good start, but David caught up and won.  Then we channel surfed Foxtel and ended up watching Under Seige 2.

For dinner we headed out to the Junee Golf Club.  Very strange venue.  I had to keep reminding myself it's a small country town.  Eftpos is that new fandangled thing didn't you know?  At least they took credit card when ordering food, if not at the bar.  Also had a cake for mum's birthday. 

Cheesy goodness


Then back to the house where mum dozed through Arctic Tale and Ice Road Truckers in India.  I half watched and half did jigsaws on Kat's ipad.

This morning we headed home.  Cloudy morning, but no rain, so actually a very pleasant drive, otherwise we'd have been headed straight into the sun.  Got home, then mum continued on home as well.

This afternoon I went food shopping, then came home and cooked all afternoon.  Cooked a roast pork for dinner with lots of roast veggies, then a "breakfast lasagna" from a recipe Lachie gave me.  Stu's brain has been suffering from processed flour the past couple of days so we really want to try again to cut out the processed sugar and flour.  This recipe of Lachie's is about 150% fat though, so it really goes against everything I consider to be "healthy".  Maybe just a very small portion with some tomatoes for fibre?  I could easily have halved the recipe I think, as it did two baking dishes full of food.  The pork roast for dinner was nice too.  Watched some Homeland, did a day's worth of photo processing, and suddenly it's 9:45pm.  Weekend?  What weekend?  I think I completely missed out this week :(:(:( 

Pretending to be healthy

Pork roast ingredients

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