Tired = Bad Food Choices

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Was actually in a fairly good mood most of today.  Managed to get a few things working in preparation for a rollout tomorrow night which was good.

Went to Bunnings on the way home (Stu needed more whipper snipper cord).  I bought a new pool skimmer box because the old one has disintegrated, but unfortunately the new one is not going to work, so will have to keep looking.

Skimmer baskets

By the time I'd vacuumed the pool it was nearly 7pm and I didn't feel like more standing to cook.  So the sweetie ordered pizza. hrmmm.

I did another first aid module.  This one said it would take 15-20 minutes.  It took 7.  These guys have no concept of reality.

One year ago today we went out to the end of the old Kai Tak runway in Hong Kong, and had a look at the cruise ship terminal there.  Then we got up close to the checkerboard hill, and finally wandered around Kowloon Walled City Park.

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