Seek and ye shall find

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Or .. once what was lost.. was found .. or some such nonsense..

Today I took a cake to work.

(Neil 40 years at work.  Really.  I know right.)

But after the cleanup I couldn't find the Tupperware lid anywhere.  So thought maybe it had been thrown out.  So went down to the dumpsters and found it!!  I was so excited.

Then we kicked on, and I accidentally knocked off one of my Batman earrings.  I *knew* it had to be *around* but couldn't find it.  But after ages of searching found it.  It was basically the same colour as the ground which made it a bit tricky.

So was a great day, and the boss' boss' boss' boss' boss did a thing cause I arranged it and totally made Neil hate me and it was all good :)

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