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So this week I was literally the only one in our team to do our work.  Although Dave5 did help me out which was very much appreciated.  Being the only one to do the work would be fine, as one person could probably do it.  But.  Not when everything happens at once.  Like I'd be looking at one problem when four others came in all at once.  Or the stupid.  I couldn't deal with the stupid.  The first three nights this week I came home completely stressed out with work.  And then depressed.  Thursday I was so depressed I didn't even go to drinks. 


Had a beer with Aquila on Friday night which was nice though, and Saturday, on account of not having to go to work, I felt much better.  My body responded to the drop in cortisol (maybe) by giving me a cold sore.  Yeah thanks body.  And in a place I haven't had one in probably thirty years.  So it's either something new I picked up, or my immune system was really shot to hell this week.

So we had a pretty quiet weekend.  I spent the better part of Saturday cleaning and tidying the house while listening to movie soundtracks.  We watched Babe while eating duck (there's gotta be some irony in that) and then The Rock (the soundtracks of which I'd listened to that day).  Today was nothing much other than food shopping.  I made chicken kievs from scratch which turned out pretty well, and we watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and Frozen.

So I think the mission for tomorrow is to stay depressed.  At least that's better for the blood pressure than stress.

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