Last Week

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Last week wasn't quite as bad as the week before.  And then Neil came back which helped.  BBQ at @CLBradley's on Thursday.  

Huge steaks

Friday night Chris and Zac came down.  We had wine and pizza and chatted which was nice.

Saturday morning we hung out at home in the morning.  I made a tomato bake for breakfast.

Tomato bake

Went into Civic and got some lunch at the Curry festival (meat on a stick!), then ice skating at Skate in the City.  It was fun but it was super crowded and the ice was all lumpy and rough.  But towards the end a lot of the little kids got tired and left, and the people that were left were getting better at it, so it was a lot better.

Zac in Canberra

Meat on a stick

Skate in the city

Zac skating

Chris skating

Skate snow

Came home and cooked up a lamb roast for dinner, and Chris made a lemon meringue dessert thingie which was delicious.

Wine and cheese

Chris' Lemon Meringue

Sunday not much in the morning, then tried to get organised in the afternoon.  Went over to EffanC's for some delicious soup and boeuf bourguignon and watched Force Majeure which was somewhat cringeworthy.  And the footage of completely empty ski slopes irritated us hehe.

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