Who needs sleep?

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Woke up around 3:30 this morning and never really got back to sleep, except for a little while between six and seven.  Blerf.  Stoopid spine and stoopid brain that wouldn't shut up.


Had a fairly cruisy morning getting things done, then everyone wanted everything at once.  I hate that.  Super stressful.

And I forgot to do my clothes washing tonight.

And my feet are *freezing* which will probably mean it'll take me forever to get to sleep.  


On a lighter note, we thought our hot water system had died because we ran out of hot water this morning.  But it was ok tonight.  So maybe the sweetie just needs to take shorter showers....

Three years ago today we explored Bethsaida, went up Mount Bental, went to Caesarea Philippi, and explored Tel Dan.

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